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Posted: 14 Jan 2010, 09:15
Hi All,

I was wondering if anybody else deals with food intolerance issues. I have been tested and shown to have potato, seafood, fruit/sugar combination of eight hours (meaning I can have fruit or sugar, just not together and not within eight hours of having eaten either) issues. It makes life really interesting in trying to find things to eat. Any kind of processed, refined, or premade food is out usually because they will add potato as a thickener, or it will be sugar with a fruit, or algae which is considered seafood by my ND; which is all fine because I eat whole food most of the time. Except that, I use honey or pure maple syrup as a sweetener which would automatically kick me out of the Belly Fat plan. One serving would blow the whole day Evil or Very Mad ...The ND I go to and the way they test do not consider honey or maple syrup to be a 'sugar'... I have done Atkins in the past, but got to where I was sick all the time....after going to the naturopath, I figured out it was probably the upping of supplements (fish oil) and not knowing that 'enriched' foods (potatoes)who ever knew they cultured B Vitamins in potato (niacin, thiamine, riboflavin, I CAN'T HAVE THEM) Shock were bad for me. When I first started eating the way my naturopath told me the weight was falling off without me watching anything other than my intolerances. That has since stopped...

I am attempting the Belly Fat Cure because it allows a little more than Atkins which I found I just couldn't tolerate the idea of salads all the time....y'all know what I mean...Razz But I do so with fear and trepidation because I really, really have to be careful with foods that have the potato or seafood in them. They say food intolerances are no biggie compared to allergies, but I say I would rather have an allergy. You can at least get rid of them sometimes. According to my naturopath I will never have the enzymes to digest my intolerances. If I eat something with potato or seafood, I break out in rashes, have horrible mood swings, retain so much water as to gain 10 lbs. in one day along with bloated, puffy eyes and face, and can barely walk as it causes 'arthritic type' pain in the joints. Anybody else dealing with these kinds of issues?

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Posted: 15 Jan 2012, 09:18
Wow! I'm kind of in the same boat as you are. I was ill for more than two years, they suspected everything from me being hysterical to MS. My allergy doctor was a joke- told me I didn't "look" like I had allergies. I'm on injection vitamins because I lack enzymes to absorb vitamins from what I eat.
I was told to cut this or that out from my diet, until a month ago I decided to cut all of the items out and miraculously I'm "recovering." I didn't know that combination sensitivities like yours even existed- thanks for sharing.
Have you looked into agave as a sweetener? Or even just fruit? (you can make cookies by hydrating figs and using them as the binder and sweetener both.) I've been playing around with recipes and would be happy to share or experiment with new ones for you at any time.
And yes, my symptoms come back immediately when I cheat on my diet.
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Posted: 15 Jan 2012, 09:41
While I haven't done this diet there is something called the GAPS Diet. GAPS = Gut And Psychological Syndrome. The premise of the GAPS diet is to heal your gut. It is believed that a lot of allergies are caused by something called 'gut permeability' which means that the lining of your gut is weak and foods that are supposed to stay in your gut will 'leak' into the rest of your body and cause a whole host of problems. Also known as a leaky gut.

You can read about it here:

and check out the diet here:
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Posted: 17 Jan 2012, 13:37
I have food intolerances: wheat, most grains, sugar, soy, milk/lactose, nightshades (green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes), peanuts, just to name a few.

I do Atkins mostly because it is grain-free and I read a lot of paleo websites for dairy free and grain-free recipes. I make a list of all the foods I CAN have and I shop accordingly. I do all of my own cooking but I do resort to salads when I go out to eat.

I found that by avoiding the foods as much as I can, I am not as sensitive to them if they accidentally get into my food once in a while. I have to always avoid sugar though because it is my gateway drug to getting on the sugar and grain craving cycle.

I would not suggest Agave or anything with fructose as you are sensitive to sugar. Honey and Maple syrup have sugars in them. I would suggest trying stevia extract (not truvia or stevia with fiber or anything else, just plain stevia in liquid suspension). It takes a little getting used to but I find it is the sweetener I tolerate the best and it is an herb. I personally tolerate splenda, but not everyone does and you have to kind of test it out for yourself. With sweeteners it is kind of a "lesser of evils" kind of decision. You have to see what you are least sensitive to, by doing an elimination diet and then use that one sparingly.

I also have Crohns Disease (IBD/IBS type autoimmune disorder) which by avoiding the foods I am sensitive to, I have been able to control a lot of the inflammation for many years. I have a lot of experience (8+ years, in fact) of rewriting recipes so that I can eat them. Let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to help you.

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Posted: 21 Jan 2012, 10:53
I too, have a food intolerance to many things and some mild allergies. Almost every single disease out there is due to some sort of inflammation somewhere in the body. Heart disease, Chron's, IBS, Asthma, RA, allergies, auto immune disorders, to name a few are caused by an inflammatory process. Having an allergy or insensitivity to a food or foods does make following a specific "diet" challenging, but it can be done.

Typically anyone with an allergy or sensitivity can eat most green veggies, which fortunately are allowed on Atkins. You don't have to eat just iceberg lettuce but you can have kale, spinach, broccoli/cauliflower, green beans, collards, cabbage, etc.

Unprocessed meats and poultry can be eaten. Poultry is a good choice for sensitivities as it is easier to digest than beef. Ideally salmon with the omega-3's is optimal, unless you cannot eat it.

Great fruits (I know it's forbidden on Induction) for reducing inflammation are cantaloupe, berries (raspberries have the highest amount of fiber of any fruit), and blueberries.

If you can eat eggs, these are a great way to great protein and fat into your diet. EVOO is also good. But the all time BEST oil to use is coconut oil. The medium chain fatty acids increase metabolism, reduce body fat, protect brain tissue. In recent studies, this oil has also been found to reduce ALL kinds of inflammation in the body from arthritis, IBS, Chron's, to inflamed skin tissue, joint pain, and and injuries. Coconut oil has been shown to kill viruses (including HIV), bacterias, and fungis.

Anyone with a current medical condition should take 5 Tbsp of coconut oil daily which can be ingest by using in cooking or drinking it. I take it in a shot glass. It can also be rubbed on your skin and hair (helps reduce wrinkles, acne, scarring, and dandruff).

So in summary,

Add plenty of dark green veggies (even cauliflower and cabbage even though they're white/light green). Add some bright colored veggies that you are not allergic or sensitive to (like orange and yellow peppers). Eat lean poultry (eggs) and meats cooked in coconut oil. Eat berries (specifically blueberries and raspberries if not allergic or sensitive) and cantaloupe (not on Induction, but the vit A is very important for reducing inflammation) or if you like eat 1/2 of a sweet potato or plain pumpkin. If you can eat fish, salmon is the healthiest in way of omegas. A dab of raw honey is a good sweetener (no more than 1 tsp daily).

If you can't pluck it, grow it, catch it, don't eat it!

Having sensitivities and intolerances to foods is challenging but it doesn't mean you can't eat a variety of tasty foods. It does take pre-planning and creativity but food can be enjoyable and nourishing.

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Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 07:00
My first post on fat secret.
I am reading Primal Mind, Primal Body. It goes into great depth in regards to intolerances and the science behind them. I recommend it for those who want to know more about the science behind Paleo. I follow it as much as possible but I cant afford the grass fed totally organic that the author recommends. So I do the best I can.
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