How is Weight Watchers and where did my motivation go?

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Posted: 06 Dec 2011, 08:31
Hello all! I continue to run into setbacks and out of time. How do I overcome these excuses? I have an overall lack of energy and a constant question as to which diet to tackle.

Any input would be great! I am considering Weight Watchers due to the success of a friend of mine. She is getting married in August and has spent the last couple months doing Weight Watchers and has had a lot of success. I will be at her wedding and would like to look in better shape than I am now.

My excuses are always that I run out of time and energy. I work 8am-5pm M-F and my hour-long lunch break is picking up 2 kids (1 from high school and 1 from elementary school). I also get them up and drop them off at school before I head to work. My mother-in-law is currently residing in my home - uninvited and over welcoming her stay - and I have to clean after 5 people who refuse to help out. Yes... my mother-in-law refuses to help with household chores - other than her own laundry. Our 1st grader is below standards on reading so I spend the evening helping her with reading and spelling words. The 15 year old is pretty "self-sufficient" but has recently acquired her learner's permit so obviously wants to go out driving Smile So, I have little to no spare time.

My membership at a local gym is getting dusty. And, by all means, I am not complaining about the idea of being a parent (I am a step-mom to the kiddos as my wonderful hubby has custody of 2 beautiful girls) I am just frustrated at my lack of motivation. I need to find a healthy approach to dieting and I need to become friends with the gym again.

I am considering re-starting Atkins (I failed miserably on my last attempt) Weight Watchers or Body by Vi. Funds are limited but I know health is a very vital part of living!! Smile I need some advice on how to get back on track!


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Posted: 06 Dec 2011, 09:15
I am a single Mom with 3 daughters & basically the same routine SmileEvery little bit you can squeeze in helps. Try doing crunches in bed in the am & pm (50-?), and some push ups (25-?) (I just use the bathroom counter for my "girl push ups"Wink before brushing your teeth morning and night. Increase as you can. I actually have hand weights at work, and squeeze in another 10 min there (and my arms now look awesome...took 3 months but I'm so happy!) It's a start and really helped me.
Weight Watchers is great if you have someone to do it with. If your friend already belongs, maybe she could just lend you some of the material to get you started and it wouldn't cost a thing? The support at the meetings and weigh ins is pretty good though.
As for the mother in law situation...good luck ugh...

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Posted: 06 Dec 2011, 11:54
Hey mysterywolf, If you have never tried WW then give it a try. Go to the WW boards look around it dosen't cost anything to look. Your house sounds a lot like mine a couple of years ago. I have 2 step daughers, a daughter and a son. Also have a mother n law that get on my nevers. My MIl use to live behind us. She would stay at our house most of the time help herself to eating, wash her clothes,etc...still to this day only time she calls or come by is to want something.
I just wanted to let you know your are not by youself in weightloss.

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Posted: 06 Dec 2011, 12:17
A suggestion to help a little on the time spent on household chores. The 15 year old can cook dinner or do chores to trade in for time out driving. Have the 15 year old drive you to the store to go food shopping, she can help get the food and in return have more time driving, take a longer route getting there if possible to make it seem worth it to her, its worth it to you as you get help shopping, split the list in two and meet up at a set point when you have each gotten what you have on your list.

Your hubby will have to put the foot down to his mother. If she is staying she needs to help out around the house. Can she do a few more loads of laundry, say towels and bedding? Make dinner once or twice a week? Clean some rooms, say the 1st graders room and a bathroom?

Get the 1st grader involved in helping out too, with age apropriate tasks, sure it might take a bit longer the first weeks but then it should free up some of your time.

Make the gym a priority. Its better with a dusty house than a dusty gym membership. Maybe if the house is dusty you could more easily get help around the house? Make your weight loss and gym time a priority.

Hope you found some of my tips helpful, and if they weren't, at least make yourself priority some times. To help others you got to take care of you first.


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Posted: 31 Dec 2011, 09:16
Hello there! I am a young weight watchers member (like, only a few years younger than your new driver) and I say, by all means, give the program a whirl! If you don't want to pay for membership and meetings, I am sure that there are members on here (including myself) that would be more than happy to help you get started on the program. The whole deal with WW is that it's a lifestyle change, not a diet. You don't have to count calories or restrict yourself to the point that you doom yourself to failure. Just count your PointsPlus as you eat, and don't go over your limit for the day! It is really very easy, and not at all daunting or impossible. If you'd like a little intro to the program, then just ask! Smile
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Posted: 31 Dec 2011, 10:12
I have done WW a couple of times. The first time I went to meetings, and it worked for me. I lost 35 pounds. The leader told the same stinkin' stories every week, though, and wouldn't let anyone else share their stories, so it got so very boring, and I stopped going.

I tried it online, and it was all right. I lost 15 pounds, but was never very motivated using the online program.

I like the idea of going to meetings, but I think you have to find the right meetings. The program is smart, too. I know they change it up a lot, so I'm speaking from past experience. It seems to be nutritionally sound.

What the heck with the MIL? I would be the unhappiest woman in the world if my MIL overstayed her welcome at my house. Ugh! And, I don't hate my MIL!
DISCLAIMER: I expect to lose this weight over the next 6 months to 5 years. I'm not going to feel like a failure if it takes an entire month to lose 1 pound. I'm going to feel like a success when that happens! I may offer advice that I'm currently not taking myself. Feel free to call me on that!

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Posted: 31 Dec 2011, 10:15
I, too, am a WeightWatchers' member! [lifetime] I lost 90 lbs about 3-4 years ago on this program, and "lost my way" and gained 20lbs back over the course of those 3-4 years, but I "returned to the fold" before it got way out of hand... and once again, I'm below my goal weight and a lifetime member [that means you don't have to pay for meetings/weigh-ins as long as you remain at least within 2 lbs (over) your goal weight].

But I MUST say THIS: the MEETINGS are the reason the program is so successful!!! Studies have shown that members who attend meetings regularly, lose three times as much weight as those who don't!!

So TAKE THE PLUNGE AND JOIN a meeting near you! Losing weight IS an attainable goal! [and WeightWatchers is the road to get there!!]

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Posted: 31 Dec 2011, 10:22
P.S. It DOES have a lot to do with your leader - we have a leader who sometimes takes up all the meeting time talking with and listening to members' stories/questions...She really makes it RELEVANT and she changes it up every week... Just "shop around until you find a good leader at a location near you... They even do meetings at work [if you have enough people to support it].

Anyway, it's a nutritionally sound, non-depriving food plan to follow. You can even utilize e-tools and do the whole program online!! There's nothing stopping you now!!! DO IT!!

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