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Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 17:47
I feel exactly the same way about my scale. I hate it and I don't think it tells the truth! I've done everything I can to lose weight, but I'm stuck ay 150-153. Like you, I feel good and I look OK but I am a slave to it. So, I get to 145. Then what?

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Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 17:50
it's a love hate thing, but the truth hurts.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 18:33
Hijacking this thread.. @heathnutmom, I know you are doing WW (or your profile says it) so I am assuming you are eating food within your points but looking at your deficits and what you are eating you may not be eating enough... they say (i am not sure who THEY really are) that you should be eating at least 1200 calories for women, also if you pick a limit and eat to it you may see better results. Also how are you finding out how many calories you are burning legs and back for 552 calories sounds pretty up there as I can do just my legs for 30 mins and only burn 100 calories and I am bigger than you are (of course I don't know what exercises you are doing either.) but if you are using an online calculator they tend to over estimate things.

I am just giving you some ideas, I am not saying you are doing anything particularly wrong but those might be reasons why you are not losing weight - not eating enough, or over estimating calories burned are generally the first way people shoot themselves in the foot.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 19:05
jsfantome I will like to add that I think one of the most important things to now is your Fat %, because if you have been gaining weight and your are doing all the things you have said, I will bet, you are just trading muscles for fat. Important too is your % of water an % muscle. I run 10 km/day and lift weights 5 days a week, and during last two or more weeks my weight has increased, but my body fat % has lower considerably. Don´t sweat too much about scales. They are important part of the story but you need to know see whole picture. Someone said here, if you feel great and look great, what the hell.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 19:38
rmolina - thank you! have been investigating some interesting scale options that tell you water%'s and lean muscle mass%'s, etc...

Anybody got any good recommendations???
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Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 19:48
I have the eat smart one, bought it on amazon.

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Posted: 30 Aug 2011, 23:51
All I can say is that I sympathize and know the feeling. I am around your age and sometimes I think food just instantly converts to fat on my body. Metabolism slow - hormones doing a number - I don't know.
I hit goal almost 4 years ago and yes I work to try to stay around my goal weight - which was 125 - at one point I saw 120 but that was quickly over. There are times when my weight creep up not matter what it seems like.

I don't have much faith in exercise as a weight loss or even weight maintenance tool. It really have little impact for me. It does do toning and I like to be in shape and have some strength. So I exercise for those reasons and also because it relaxes me quite a bit.

Anyways I hope you find a way to keep you level -
I have decided that if I have to live a little "rounder" than I initially had hoped for that would be OK.

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Posted: 31 Aug 2011, 02:29
Hi Jsfantome, I have a Tanita Innerscan.... I would suggest, going on to the Tanita website and looking at the various designs taht are available. They are supposed to be the Market leaders, and in trials have always come out as pretty accurate.

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Posted: 31 Aug 2011, 02:38
Oooh just a thought.... ALL of these scales only measure part of your body. The stand on ones measure the bottom half of your body... The ones that you clip on one hand and foot, measure one side of your body. So they are never 100% accurate. My scale is a stand on one - so measures the bottom half BF% where I carry most of my weight... The one at the gym is a hand and foot one - so measures one half of my body. The measurements I get are within a .2% of each other - so that shows me the Tanita scales I have, give me a pretty picture of where I am. The bit about only measuring part of your body, I only found out about a month ago - it is in VERY SMALL print. They do give you an idea of which way you are going, it shows you the "trend" so are worth the investment.

" Success is what you make it, there's no better time to make a change than the present."

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. "

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Posted: 31 Aug 2011, 08:44
Paula - loved this post. I want to break my scale right now! I've slowly gained about 7-8 pounds in the past 3-4 months! Eep! Back to the drawing board for me, I guess.

As for a scale, I think one of the best home scales out there is Tanita. I do love mine for the info it gives, besides the number of lbs right now!


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