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lady h

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 07:43
Not doing so well in the diet department really could use some really could tips if anyone has them

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 07:48
my tip... to be completely honest.. you have to WANT to do it. if you have the drive and the want to do anything thats when you will accomplish it... until then its gonna be rough sailing.
"the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."
-Ralph Emerson

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 07:53
Water, water, water! 2 Liters a day if you can... It takes some major getting used to, but it truly does help. My diet was going no-where until I cut back the caffeine and started pounding water. Get yourself a large water bottle and take it everywhere. I promise it helps. Good luck!

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 08:09
aaron326 wrote:
you have to WANT to do it

I agree, but everyone who's overweight wants to lose weight. You have to go that step further & DECIDE to do it. That's what really made the difference for me. It was like one day a switch turned on & I just knew this was something I had to do. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it or how long it would take, but I knew I had to do it.

Finding out that the key to weight loss is mental is bittersweet for many. The good news is that your starting point has nothing to do with how successful you are with your weight loss. The bad news is that all the excuses you've been making to yourself are a bunch of crap. Once you are honest without yourself about how you talk yourself out of committing to a weight loss program, THEN you'll start making some real progress.
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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 08:57
Give yourself small attainable goals. I focus on ten pounds at a time. If I focus on the entire 50, I am overwhelmed. Then I also make one small change until I have it down completely. I started with giving up potatoes and bread for Lent. The next goal is to walk 100 miles in a month. These are all attainable for me but I do have to push myself to continue making forward progress. I have a couple of accountability partners here on FatSecret. They don't always tell me what I want to hear but sometime what I NEED to hear to get my butt in gear.
Good luck!
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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 09:35
Log your food and exercise religiously, then look back and see what you're actually using your calories on- if you're going the calorie counting route, its all about making trade-offs so that you fit without your allowance. A few good first steps are to replace some of your refined carbs (sugar, white breat, snack foods, etc) with complex carbs (whole grains, fruits & veggies) and lean proteins. Don't expect things to happen overnight, but focus on small changes that work with your preferences and lifestyle. That way, you build good eating habits that you can continue for life and you're also less likely to feel deprived. One of my keys to survival is to build in small treats everyday- small amounts of chocolate, low fat frozen yogurt, etc.

Same approach applies on the exercise front- start gradually and try to find activities that you enjoy, then make them part of your routine. Over time, you can gradually increase how long and how often you exercise as you improve your fitness level. The most important thing to remember is to have patience and STICK WITH IT! And don't hesitate to ask for help when you need it- lots of great knowledge is shared on these message boards.

I also recommend taking your measurements when you get started and using that to measure your progress- the scale is not always the best indicator of success!
- Natalie
mrs smith1

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 09:42
O.k. here goes; I took a little information from a few different sources and used what works for me. I stick as close as I can to these things:
Drink 100 oz of water a day (as close as I can get)
No salt (I don’t add it to my food at anytime and I use low sodium items)
No sugar (I use splenda sparingly)
No oil (as little as possible)
Very little bread (watch my intake carefully)
When I eat potatoes I don’t use all the fixings and I bake, broil or boil
I use brown rice
Since I don’t fry things often I don’t use any batters or things with flour like gravy, when I make sauces, it’s with low sodium chicken broth or something with diced tomatoes. I try to stay away from fast food and prepare all my meals myself. I shop for fresh or frozen veggies and real meat not processed. I read my labels!!!! I check sodium, fat, and sugar content for each serving. I try my best to cook for the week or at least a few days at a time and then I portion those meals and freeze them. I break them up into at least 4-6 small meals a day and I do my best not to eat after 8pm
Finally I move my big butt!! At least 4 times a week I do something, water aerobics, WII video, the gym, walk at least 1-3 miles
As with anything it gets better and easier the more I practice it. I do these things to the very best of my ability and when I mess up which I DO! I don’t carry it all day so if I eat one wrong item I don’t give myself permission to BLOW OFF the rest of the day! Last but not least I encourage myself because the folks around me can eat what they want and do what they want I MUST REMEMBER THIS IS MY JOURNEY! I am still finding new ways to make my life better, I love this site and sharing with everyone. Be blessed and good luck!
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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 09:58
I think a lot of dieting is mental. The biggest thing that helps me stay focused when I screw up my diet is to remember that it is one step at a time! If you mess up one day, don't beat yourself up over it! Otherwise you start feeling bad and give up all together (at least that's how I am). Just remember tomorrow is a new day and tell yourself you won't let it happen again!
And water is the biggest thing! I started my journey the beginning of this week, and I haven't changed much in my diet or exercise other than only drinking 1 small glass of pop a day and at least 8 glasses of water! And I've lost 2.5 pounds in 3 days!

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Posted: 28 Apr 2011, 10:56
All great advise and not sure if I can add to it. As someone said for me it was a "switch". Of course, I wanted to lose the weight I gained, I had done it before and knew how to do it BUT the "switch" had to go off. I had to have it in my mind that I was ready to do this. For me it was, "I don't want to die early. I don't want to be on unnecessary medicaton. I want to feel good again." They say 8 glasses of water a day but everyone weighs different. I shoot for 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. I do not drink a lot of caffeine. I picked what worked for me (which is Atkins). Regardless, what my Grandmama always said is true...."want to lose weight, cut out bread and starches and potatoes". Find something and stick to it. Log your food everyday. Log your exercise daily. When you begin to get an idea of how many calories is in something and how much you will have to exercise to burn it off you will begin to ask yourself is it worth it. I do not add salt to anything that I eat. I weight myself daily (a lot of people cannot handle that) so I would recommend weight weekly. You have to find a new way of eating that is not a diet but something you can LIVE with otherwise it will all come back on. You have to use this "weight loss" as a time to develop new habits that will help you maintain your weight once you reach your goal. Oh, and small goals. I think someone else mentioned it...I do 10# goals at a time. They are more attainable.

Good luck!
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