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Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 11:36
Shock Just want to expel some of the crazy energy I have for the rest of you having trouble getting motivated to get fit!!! I started out 225 - 230 lbs. tired, depressed, and living in the past!! Today I wake up and look at my 174 lb. self and just smile. It was hard, slow, aggravating, and treacherous.. Most of all it was worth this FEELING Cool Cool Wink Exercising was very difficult to start, but once I forced myself to do it for a week it was like crack!!! The healthy eating came from the feeling I got from working out. Get to it peeps!!! Bikini/shorts season is coming, and this year people will look in our direction and do a double take instead of vice versa. I believe in ya all, and if you need any sort of advice on other methods that kept me going or even got me started.. Don't be afraid to ask!
Logging the Spike Diet w/my journal. Add me as a buddy if you want to see how it goes.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 11:48
Agreed! In the past week, I've had a few workers ask me if I was losing weight (the most recent one phrased it as "you've lost a lot of weight, haven't you"Wink. That alone completely makes up for all those days of busting my butt at the gym and the thought of more people noticing is great movitation to keep at it! You just have to take the first step and keep building from there.

Congrats at your success so far, Panther, and keep it up!
- Natalie

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Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 11:59
I totally agree, when someone notices you're losing weight it is like a pat on the back and motivation to keep up the work.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 12:21
Summer is coming! Summer is coming. I'm so happy to be off my plateau and I'm so happy for your smiling 174 lb reflection. That is my first goal weight. It was originally for my April 1 birthday, but because I have been plateaud for a month I think I might not make that one unless God wills it. But I can tell you that I look a lot better at 186.2 going down then I looked at 180 and going up.
Dieting is like religion. There are the basic rules that everyone should follow. The rest you personalize to a lifestyle for the best results.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 13:28
Wow - congrats Panther!!

I've only just joined FS this eve - it looks brill!
Your comment here has really got me motivated - thanks Smile!!
Right - off to the supermarket I go to get some healthy food Smile

How long did it take you to lost all the weight? - what diet have you been using - I hope you don't mind me asking!! x


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Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 14:37
Not at all! March 2010 @ 230 lbs. I did the atkins diet from there and lost 50lbs (180) in between 3/10 and 9/10. Quit the atkins around 9/10 and ballooned back up to 200 in less than a few months. In mid january of '11 I decided to try monitoring calories/carbs/fat/protein and implementing hardcore weights/cardio.
I would like to note that the atkins diet made me feel miserable Sad I did lose weight fast doing it though. The new way I am losing weight has me feeling very chipper, and I actually see a ton of muscle!! I looked sickly when I was on the atkins, I never had the energy to workout Embarassed
Logging the Spike Diet w/my journal. Add me as a buddy if you want to see how it goes.

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Posted: 23 Mar 2011, 16:01
I know that once I started working out regularly It made me WANT to keep going back to the gym. I really look forward to my workouts now.

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Posted: 24 Mar 2011, 22:40
I am finally going to be serious this time. Im tired of trying to avoid a mirror and feeling the way I do. I am pumped to doing it right this time, in the past I would start and find reasons to quit. This time I have the motivation I need to get this accomplished.
"Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price."
Vince Lombardi

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Posted: 26 Mar 2011, 10:43
I soo know what Panther III is talking about re: Atkins. Don't get me wrong, it worked the first time around for me. But, if its not something you can really live/stick with for the rest of your life, its not gonna work. So I decided to see how this "calories in, calories out" thing worked, as it sounded logical to me. So I did, and I'm losing now, finally! Its been a rough couple of months as I started out on Atkins but for whatever reason it just didn't seem to be working for me and it was making me miserable too, its just not for everyone. So once I changed, its made me happier, I think healther, and its def. showing on the scale now. Woohoo, I can't wait to live the rest of my life like this, no matter what I weigh. The excersise alone had got me pumped! I'm with you Panther III, this is awesome!

P.s. I think Atkins is a great life change, it just wasn't one that I could stick with myself.

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Posted: 26 Mar 2011, 10:59
HEYYYY wow excellent thread. i too feel like sharing what I am feeling. i woke up this morning and what i noticed in the bathroom was something i've never seen in my body before: clear dents in thighs and legs! Very Happy i could not believe how this transformation is actually happening!! all i had to do is believe in myself and wake up every morning and exercise despite the strong urge of not moving a limb lol. i need some patting on the back for what i've achieved already so that i can get pumped!

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Posted: 26 Mar 2011, 14:04
Here's your pat on the back hudz21!! I am so inspired as I read this thread. I have finally given in to eating healthy and I have been feeling so much better. I WANT to work out now, it's all just starting to fall in to place with every healthy choice that I make. Thanks for starting this thread PantherIII! This is why I joined FS, to be inspired by others!

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Posted: 28 Mar 2011, 12:08
I'm glad my thread did what it was supposed to!! I'm still riding this high called motivation. I'm telling ya, just jumping on here and hearing people's success stories, what exercises work for them, and great snacking ideas is the pick me up I need each day to remember why I am putting down the fast food and picking up the lighter food! (btw Dannon light & fit yogurt: Toasted Coconut vanilla is AMAZING and only 80 calories for a 6oz tub). Keep it up peeps, set that mini goal and go do it!!! Mine is to finally reach 170 by next monday, I'm gonna work it out harder than ever!
Logging the Spike Diet w/my journal. Add me as a buddy if you want to see how it goes.

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Posted: 28 Mar 2011, 12:17
Agreed. I did not start this thing just to lose weight. I remembered what it felt like to be healthier and to really pay attention to what I was puting in my body.Fearless hiking and swimming (not afraid I was gonna poop out etc) I also love the sharper mental outlook and physical feeling that I get from ecxcersise. Awesome. I was there before and it feels so dammn good getting back here again. And it does not hurt one bit to have my freinds look at me and say "DAAAAAMMMM! You are losing some weight!" Im not full blown working out yet, but I walk, do pushups and crunched REGULARLY and my body is tightening up.
I dont jiggle when IM running up stauirs any more...little things like that just kick ass!
Do it now...tommorrow never comes!

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