How Do You Avoid Cheating?

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 00:43
Let's face facts. We diet for a while and then at some point in the diet we cheat. Fair enough. We're all human. What I've found are certain situations or events that seem to invite cheating or make it difficult to stay on course. What I propose is that we all reveal one circumstance that makes you cheat and how you deal with it. In so doing, you will be giving helpful tips to others who might have been in the same boat at some time.

Let me begin:

Usually, I find that if I haven't pre-planned my dinner meal then I am very likely to improvise something that is not balanced or fatty. I set up my meal plan on the Fat Secret website and copy meals - say from the previous Monday. Then the night before, I fine tune it. This gives you a general outlook for the week and you can tweak things in advance. It works for me.

Anybody else have similar tips?

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 01:06
Funny you should mention it.

My company acquired another company today. Specifically, we acquired the last company I worked for. There was drinking. Much drinking. And snacks. And then a lovely Thai dinner.

The diet will be there tomorrow. This is a marathon, not a sprint. My diet has no definition of cheating whatsoever. My goal is to make better food decisions on average than I have in the past. Not every decision has to be great, so long as the average is good.

(I've been drinking, so I apologize if I'm not in top form in terms of typing and coherent thinking.)

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 02:15
Honestly, I have a can of whipped cream sitting in my fridge and one dollop of that on my finger will take care of any sweet cravings for the moment. So tonight when the kids were going crazy with ice cream sandwiches, I feel like a cheated, but it really isn't too bad.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 02:51
My plan during the week is pretty easy and it works:
Pre-packed snacks and lunch.
No cash in my wallet.
Why no cash? So that I cannot access the vending machine or the food vendors that come to our office lobby. Reception announces it over the PA when they arrive and a large portion of colleagues sprint down to buy something - anything from them. They only accept cash.
If I hear that announcement and I feel the urge to buy I can't and whip out a pre-packed snack instead.

In the evening it's dessert. I curb this with a protein supplement I recently acquired. Protein Dessert - you shake it in a shaker and leave it in the fridge for a few minutes. It thickens into a mousse which tastes, well, like a dessert! Yes it's artificial tasting, but it's sweet and far better than anything else I'd reach for.
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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 06:45
Alcohol is my biggest downfall! I recently decided to stop drinking during the week, so doing so now constitutes "cheating" Sad.

I've done really well at home, but when my friends invite me out after work for "A couple of beers" (300 calories each), or "A bottle of wine" (500 calories) then accepting will pretty much negate the good work for the day.

I even tried switching to vodka at the weekends, as that's only around 50 calories a shot. Unfortunately vodka goes down very easily and the sheer quantity I ended up drinking on a night out did neither my diet nor my wallet any favours Razz.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 07:48
I with you Gary, I can easily stay within my calorie limit with food, (Herseys dark chocolate kisses @ 10 calories for sweet cravings ) but wine, beer, etc...once you have one, LOL my sisters will show up with a bottle of wine ( the big ones) and its all over. I did find the week days easier to abstain. I drank alot of selzter, the bubbly helps. good luck

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 11:04
My downfall is Friday night happy Hour with the girls. Just like GeoGirl, everyone shows up with the BIG bottles of wine, grab the wine glasses, and it's all over! In that situation, I told them that it's not on my diet, but tell them that I'm drinking vodka w/diet Gingerale...They'll watch me pour a shot and fill up the glass with soda, but what they don't realize is that's probably the only shot I'll have Smile
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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 11:09
Heh. I'm with the whole you can't cheat on a lifestyle philosophy.

But, to make matters easier, because Saturday morning is my offical weigh in, and Saturday's are the one night a week that the baby's dad is not here for dinner... meaning I'm left to my own devices, and when only cooking for me, I tend to wait until i'm starving and then graze through my kitchen... baby man and i have an offical take out night every week. I don't really consider it cheating, I consider it part of my routine... but it just seems to make sense to me that i'd rather eat a few slices of pizza or some chinese food than gorge myself on a block of cheddar cheese, all the lunch meat in the house, and then whatever hidden snacks i can find that belong to others. =).

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 12:22
i have figured out that i have a lot of willpower for my "lifestyle eating plan" up until about 5pm. i do very well until then. people can bring in cake, donuts, chips and i can just have my own healthy food and be fine. it is after 5pm when i have to be wary of myself.
I have now learned that i cannot package up a few cookies or donuts or treats for my husband because, if i am starving or had a bad day at work, those treats will not make it home. or if there are a lot then they will be waiting for me at a later time on the weekend when i am not in a routine. and besides, why would i give my loved one something that i dont want to put into my body? so i stopped taking things home.

i've found skinny cow ice cream bars at 100 calories for dessert.

and, if i drink a non caffeinated tea after dinner, i have no time/desire for a dessert.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 12:23
I am just trying to aquaint my body to eating healthy. It's amazing how you don't want things as much after you wean yourself off. Like sugar in tea. I used to need a lot, but all those extra calories are ridiculous! So I slowly put less and less and now I put none in my tea. Of course, now I buy expensive tea because I like the taste of the tea not just the sweetness. The weird thing is, I can't stand really sugary tea now. It's gross and it makes me feel sick, and I don't really like a lot of sugary things.

Anyway, I think that was off topic, but I'm trying out the Lifestyle philosophy. You can't cheat at life, you just have to learn to make better choices the majority of the time. And realize that life does happen and you do eat those horrible for you foods. Well tomorrow is what's important then.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 13:21
I decided last night that "cheating" for me is not recording something I ate or drank. So I can "have" anything I want, as long as I record it. Having to record it sometimes makes me not want it. Went over my limit last night, but will not beat myself up over it.

Got the Body Bugg on Monday and have been wearing it. Very interesting to look at the calories burned. I'm trying to adjust my numbers here to match, but maybe that's not so important. I just don't like to see my calories eaten box turn red! YUCK!

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 14:19
Sunshine - I think that's an excellent attitude!
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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 14:32
Matt55 wrote:
IamnotOrville wrote:
Let's face facts. We diet for a while and then at some point in the diet we cheat. Fair enough. We're all human. What I've found are certain situations or events that seem to invite cheating or make it difficult to stay on course.

I guess one can cheat on a diet... but not a lifestyle change. Maybe that's why diets fail.

My philosophy regarding how to lose weight was simple. If you wanted to eat something, then it had to be budgeted for in terms of calories.

There was no cheating, if there is... your only cheating yourself!

Geogirl... those Dark Hershey kisses are 20 cal each... not 10.

I'm with Matt on this one. I don't cheat...I eat whatever I want I just need to allow for the calories for that day. For me this is the only way I can lose weight and feel good. If I have to abstain from anything I want it won't work.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 14:35
What I have noticed is the more I lose, the more I'm motivaed!!!!
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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 16:37
Taco's...I cannot resist taco's. I'll come home from work and my sweet hubs will ask if I would PLEASE make taco's for dinner. He knows how much I love them and it's an easy sell. That is the ONLY food I can't resist, so now that I have accepted my addiction, I budget it into my eating plan once every 2 weeks. It doesn't work with the low carb woe, but i think of it as my way of carb cycling.

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Posted: 22 Sep 2010, 16:45
Wine makes me want to eat - anything!
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Posted: 02 Mar 2011, 20:29
I have tried many 'diets' I tend to get on the band waggon and I'm very strict at recording and doing everything right, probably too strict at times, because when I do 'cheat' I tend to think... that's it then, blown it, then think ah well enjoy the rest of the week and start again on Monday.... visious circle. BUT I've found with Atkins I can stick to it, because if I'm tempted to cheat (wine) I know my body will take a few days to start fat burning again. I have lost alot of weight on this diet, it works for me because I lose all my hunger and cravings. I do occasionally have a glass of wine but I'm not tempted to drink a whole bottle!
Tip for not cheating, don't miss meals, always have food planned, carry a safe snack with you.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2011, 20:56
Although I am not on a 'diet' as such, the thing that sets me back in my weightloss is drinking. I am currently in the process of stopping for a month or so. In the last 10 days, I fell off the wagon and drank on one night. All in all though, I am happy with my progress.

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Posted: 02 Mar 2011, 21:02
Similar to Matt, the lesser amount of food that is off limits, the lesser chance of a craving. If the food, or drink, is budgeted, it's not cheating. Not understanding the effect of food on the rest of their consumption plan is where people get in trouble, I think.
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Posted: 02 Mar 2011, 21:18
CMR wrote:
Not understanding the effect of food on the rest of their consumption plan is where people get in trouble, I think.

Great point, CMR. Depending on the plan the person is following, the consequences of "cheating" could be minimal or not-so-minimal.

I also think "cheating" is more mental than anything else. The connotation of the word implies something forbidden. Personally, "cheating" does not exist in my diet & exercise program. What allows me to lose weight is being aware of the consequences of my choices. I can choose to eat whatever I want, in any quantity I want, whenever I want. But I realize that if I choose to do that, I am consciously choosing to gain weight.

Right now, I choose to lose weight, so I follow a carb cycling program. Since I eat high-carb once a week, I use that day to allow myself to indulge in anything I might have been craving during the week in a reasonable quantity & that is always more than enough to keep that craving from coming back for a good long while. I absolutely do choose foods that are not "diet-friendly" on occasion. But as someone else mentioned, one occasional indulgence is not going to offset the average.

If I had to pinpoint a specific thing I do to prevent "cheating" I would say that I tell myself I can have the food that is tempting me...just not now. If I'm going to carb up in 2 days, I'll file it in my mental Rolodex for 2 days & if I still want it on carb up day, I have it. Very often I don't want it anymore by then.
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