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Posted: 23 Aug 2010, 23:04
So I am new to this website. I have been reading some of the posts and the challenges. Everyone seems so informed and friendly- which is great!Smile My problem is that I feel like I have heard all of this before. I have struggled with my weight my whole life, done everything, tried everything. I didn't stick to the plans even if they were working for me... Now I feel like I'm stuck in limbo. I have heard it all before and have tried it all and now I'm bored with it. Does that make any sense?? I did the weight watchers and it worked very well for me, but I can't seem to get motivated to start it all over again. Maybe I am just tired of dieting in general! So I am going to get back on the wagon.... Is there anyone else out there who has had the same issues as me? I would just like some advice and motivation!!!

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Posted: 23 Aug 2010, 23:09
Hi Rebecca. I just joined on this site, and it has already been a lot of motivation for me, and load of good information. I get bored with diets rather easy. Do lots of Yo Yo dieting. But I have been on low carb since April. First the zone, now I am on atkins. And only because Atkins just seems more user friendly for me. I also found when I went back to exercie class..not inside my home, but having to actually get up and go to a class..I started to feel better and get stronger and it really helped to keep me on track so far. Good luck to you. Many motivators on this site, even if you just look over some of the journal entries people post, and food logs they allow you to see. I am hoping this to be a whole lifestyle change for me this time around.
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Posted: 23 Aug 2010, 23:40
Hi Rebecca....I joined this website roughly two weeks ago after I met with a dietician.. I have been fighting my weight since I was young. I have done the dieting thing sometimes I have been sucessful sometimes not so much. I too did Weight Watchers after having my daughter and I was very sucessful with it. I loved Weight Watchers but, I then had my son and I tried to get motivated again but I found I was bored with the diet. So I am now here and have been counting my calories. I like it so far. It's a challenge and thats what I think motivates me...trying to find ways to stay full but also stay within my alotted calories and staying healthy. I know how you feel and I hope you can find something that will keep you motivated. This site so far has been a good tool. Good luck to you...and if you need a buddy to help send a request my way.

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Posted: 23 Aug 2010, 23:46
Don't go on a "diet".

Make permanent lifestyle changes you can keep for good and maybe you will never have to lose weight again Smile

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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 01:41
All my life I've said that I was going to get motivated to lose weight, and then never followed through on it. This is the first time in my life that I've ever made a reasonable plan and stuck to it.

The thing that motivated me, I think, is seeing several friends lose a lot of weight and keep it off. I go to an annual gathering of a couple hundred friends and spend a week with them, and most of us have been doing this together for 10-15 years. One year a guy showed up and nobody recognized him. Nobody, not even his closest friends. He'd lost about 120 pounds between two of the years, and gone from a fairly beefy guy to being almost marathon runner thin. Another friend lost a similar amount of weight a few years ago and has kept it off. A couple of others have lost in the 40-50 pound range.

I think I've always had this vague idea that I couldn't actually lose weight... that any attempt was doomed to failure. Watching several of my friends do this has convinced me that I can do this, and so I am.

For me, a big part of it was also realizing a couple of things-- I wasn't going on a diet, I was rethinking the way I ate. Going into it with that mindset let me understand that I didn't have to deprive myself for months and months. Rather, I could learn to eat well but in a way that has fewer calories and is better for my health. I'm learning to cook things that are tasty and enjoyable, but shrink my waistline rather than growing it. As I type this, I'm eating a fresh apple crisp that I made this evening. It's delicious, healthy, satisfies my sweet tooth, and has 140 calories. I can sustain eating like this indefinitely.

So those are the things that I've found motivation from-- seeing my friends succeed, and learning how to lose weight in a way that didn't require suffering.

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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 01:44
The most helpful advice for me was the advice to change one thing a week for the better. So I kind of eased into it. Cut soda week one. Reevaluate lunch options then next week. I initially just promised myself to track calories, not reduce them.

The other thing is I discovered was that tracking calories on the app was way simpler that messing with exchanges.I always hated exchanges. I'm just having less fruit today if I had guacamole on my taco, I'm not giving up the cheese. Let the imaginary nutritionist on my shoulder wring her hands, but if I measure and track well and it totals out OK, I'll still lose weight. Or so the little guy in red keeps telling me.


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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 06:56
For me, more calories burned than consumed is working best for me. I have no forbidden foods (although there are quite a few that went from my regularly consumed list to occasionally consumed list LOL), so no guilt about what I eat. I started by logging every calorie I put in my mouth and that did 2 things: 1. opened my eyes to how many calories I was actually eating and 2. allowed me to evaluate what needed to change to eat healthy. I am also of the opinion that while you can lose weight without exercise that it is best to combine healthy eating with exercise to get optimal results. I am not just talking about weight loss results either- there are so many benefits to regular exercise that I knew in my head, but didn't really appreciate until I started exercising regularly. My blood pressure has dropped significantly, I don't get winded as easily, I have tons more energy and my thinner body has muscle tone to name a few. As previously stated go slow- don't expect huge losses- it took more than a few weeks to put the weight on and it certainly is going to take a while to get rid of it. Eat healthy, (if you are not sure of what is healthy do some research, find some buddies on fatsecret who have been successful) Exercise regularly, and get plenty of sleep (the body repairs while we sleep. Remember that you can eat too little as well, try not to drop below 1200 calories. Always remember that if you want to lose weight for good it takes a lifestyle change. Dieting only works until you get tired of the diet and go back to eating the same things you ate to put the weight on. I have been eating the way I currently eat since the beginning of may and I have to say I don't miss my old evil ways at all and am actually much happier with the way I eat now.
Good luck on your journey. Feel free to send a buddy request my way
The secret to success is to WORK HARD, and NEVER, EVER give up!

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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 08:36
Weight Watchers is BORING. I did it all the time. Counting points is so annoying to me. If I eat anything out of the norm I have to sit down with a BOOK and figure out what else I can eat the rest of the day? Very time consuming, but I am also an extremely busy person. This is like weight watchers for dumbies. I say, I ate an apple, fatsecret says, you ate this many calories. Easy. Done. I can stick with this. If you have a smart phone, you can get an app for your phone. And it's FREE! (As far as I know it's free for most phones). Most people on this site are like you, tried it all, did it all, and just couldn't stick with it. I did a diet that I ordered off the tv once where you take this test about your eating habits and based on that it tells you to eat every two hours and what specifically to eat. Did it work? Yes but losing 20 lbs in a week like I did, was not healthy so I stopped. Lose weight but in a healthy manner. With a bunch of friends that have the same goal as you. To make a life change, not be on a diet, and live the life you want to live

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Posted: 24 Aug 2010, 15:09
I agree with logana1, I have done it all (seriously if you name it I have done it) I am a lifetime member at WW and I just got bored, my life got busy and then I slowly quit. I think the difference for me this time around is I have the app for my phone, its at my finger tips all the time I dont have to carry a stupid book with me every where I go, I dont have any specific meeting times that I need to work around. I say I ate this, FS says this is how many calories you ate, I can enter the food I ate and it looks like im texting someone, so I dont feel like an oddity when I go out for lunch with friends. I also like the fact that if I'm having a bad day, or lacking motivation there are TONS of helpful people, hints and tricks right in front of me with out having to wait for a weekly meeting, that and I want my weight tracker bar to change colors!

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