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Posted: 31 May 2012, 07:58
I'm losing my motivation to exercise. My hubby and I have been losing weight together since January. He's doing awesome and feels so bad when he doesn't exercise. Me on the other hand.... I'm so bored with all the exercises I do. I wanted to start running but I don't feel comfortable running. I hate to say this but I feel too fat to run. I want to lose more weight and be in better shape before I start running so instead I think instead I'm going to walk and I have a little stationary bike that I can do. I'm overall just losing my spark to exercise. I wish I could have the motivation my husband does. I don't know what to do. I work a desk job during the day so I don't have time during the day to exercise. Anything I do will have to be after work. Also I don't have the money for a gym membership, can't afford it. What are some exercises everyone does at home? I need some motivation!! HELP!!
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Posted: 31 May 2012, 08:18
Walking/running or using a stationary bike are both great ways to exercise after work, but I can relate to the boredom. Like you, I work a desk job during the day, so I know it can be hard to be motivated to exercise after work.

Recently I have gotten into the habit of taking a walk during my lunch break. It helps to make the exercise a more ingrained habit. If you have the option of leaving the building during work hours, that might help.

Another thing I have found very useful is using an exercise tracker. I know fatsecret allows you log the calories you burn, but a tracker for exercise -- I use endomondo.com, but any tracker will do -- gives you performance stats and charts that really help you see the progress you are making even when it feels like you aren't improving at all. That has been a huge motivation boost for me.

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Posted: 31 May 2012, 08:31
Maybe you can try this: after work, go home and immediately get your sweatpants on. Dont even allow yourself to think about it- just do it. Then grab yourself all your favorite songs to listen to, and go for a walk. Not a leisurely, boring walk- walk as fast as you can for as long as you can. I guarantee you if you challenge yourself to do this every day for a week, you will feel so much better physically and mentally that you will continue to keep doing it. The hardest part is getting your sweatpants on and getting out the door. Once you are out there, the motivation kicks in. Good luck.

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Posted: 31 May 2012, 09:01
Hi, I know what you mean about feeling too fat to run. I've lost 75 pounds but I didn't start running until I had lost the first 40. For the first 40lbs I did a lot of fast paced walking in a hilly area. I did the Jillian Michaels 20 minute shred DVD. I would youtube pilates videos or strength training routines. I did sit ups, lunges and push ups on my knees. You can get a subscription to shape, fitness or WH magazine for a few dollars a month and they have lots of at home work outs that usually only require your body weight or a small pair of dumbells. I don't like gyms and I still don't belong to one. I would go to TJMAX once a month and pick up one new thing for around $10. I now have a yoga mat, pilates ring, kettle bell, medicine ball, exercise ball and small free weights. I have a collection of circuits that I have ripped out from the different magazines and I just do those in my basement. My favorite workout was to walk fast for .25 miles and then do 25 push ups on my knees, walk fast for .25 and then do 25 sit ups, walk fast for .25 and do 25 lunges, walk fast for .25 and then do 25 squats. Then repeat 2 or 3 times so you end up walking 3 miles and doing all of those exercises. All you need is a pair of sneakers and an hour of time! As you get in better shape you can start mixing in some jogging and then running! The nice thing about it is that it's such short bursts of any one thing so you don't get bored. The key is to just keep at it. Move for an hour five days a week and I promise you will feel so much better and you will steadily get into better shape. When I started I couldn't run a mile at 5mph hour pace. I was so out of shape. But I stuck with it and now I'm training for a marathon. It doesn't happen overnight but it does happen. You can see my before and afters on the before and after page and feel free to message me if you need any workout ideas or tips or motivation.

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Posted: 31 May 2012, 09:03
I second endomondo - it's a great app and I use it every time I walk in our neighborhood, since I take different routes up and down the streets.

I also agree with putting on your workout clothes as soon as you get home. Put exercise into your schedule. I usually give my husband a heads up that I want to go down to our basement and hop on the treadmill. I do this because he's good at motivating me to keep with my exercise. I also have a routine - I work out and then come back upstairs to do my floor exercises - crunches, etc.

If you don't have the money for gym membership, maybe check Craigslist for discounted gym equipment. We have both a treadmill and a recumbent bike - it gives me options if I'm bored. Also, if you have Netflix, they have some good exercise videos available.

And if you don't feel like doing traditional exercise, then come up with something else that gets you moving. Don't worry that you haven't run 3 miles or "feel the burn" - find something that you like to do. Gardening is great exercise - I usually feel it more the next day than I do when I use the treadmill.

Keep at it - and we're all here for motivation when you need it!

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Posted: 31 May 2012, 16:47
I'm a huge fan of exercise DVD's. When I get a new one I get excited to try it and if I start getting bored with it I can buy a new one. Jillian Michaels has a couple of $10 ones that have different levels, one has 3 and the other has 4, I'm not sure if all of her DVD's are like that or not. Also, if you have a video game system like a WII, maybe try an exercise program with that, it would be something different than walking or a bike. I like the DVD's because they guide me through what to do and I'm in the comfort of my own home. They aren't for everyone but I love them. I hope you find your motivation!! Good luck!!
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Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 08:12
I'm in a similar position -- I work a desk job, so there's not a whole lot of opportunity for actual physical work during the day. I'm trying to make running a habit, but I'm self-conscious and so won't go if there's anyone else even in our apartment center's fitness room.

My husband recently picked up a hand-me-down stationary bike for me, since he knew my frustrations, and though I do get bored pretty easily, what's nice with that is that I can set up in front of the television and go while watching a program that takes my mind off what I'm doing. I've also at times propped a book up on the front so that I can read while pedaling.

Just some suggestions to make the stationary bike not so boring. Smile

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