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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 09:15
What type of workouts are you all doing? I am currently doing P90X and it is Killer. Also send some good recipes.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 16:28
I'm doing a mixture of things. I just started the C25K program which I save for the weekends. Every morning before work I hit the gym for some cardio. I also use Leslie Sansone workout dvds but they are getting a little too easy. I need to find some kickboxing workout dvds. Seems like it will be challenging but fun!

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 20:54
P90X is impressive - good work
I am doing Slim in 6 and jogging/running.
Once I am better at Slim in 6 I will work in some weight training with heavier weights.

Recipes - I just thew a steak in a hot pan today
And made greek salad to go with it
That was that.

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Posted: 08 Feb 2013, 10:29
P90X as well (although I did fall off the wagon) When I get back from camp I will be getting back into it. I am at the end of phase 1, but due to my schedule the workouts are not everyday as it should be. Great program, great results. Keep it up and let us know how your results are coming along.
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Posted: 08 Feb 2013, 10:42
I do a program called MaxWorkouts - 25-30 minutes 6 days a week (warm up/workout/cool down). They give you a daily workout routine to follow (like a personal trainer) and change the routine every 3 weeks. Most days are circuit weight training (with just minimal equipment I have at my house). Other days are interval cardio workouts I can do on our treadmill. Love it!

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Posted: 08 Feb 2013, 11:24
Thanks for the replies everyone, I appreciate it. Any recipies would be great and helpful I do steak on the grill and such but sometimes you need something a little different, I used to have one for pizza where you made the crust out of cheese first then added all of the good stuff, but no dough

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Posted: 08 Feb 2013, 12:46
I don't Atkins so I won't send you recipies... BUT as for my work outs, I've been doing the Zombie Run 5K trainer (it's a program similar to the C25K, just a different set up and a bit of a longer training period). So, I do that 3x a week, and I do weightlifting for about 15-20 minutes after that. Mostly free weights, occasionally a few machines.
On the weekends I usually hop on an elliptical for about 45 minutes and take my boyfriends dog on his walk.

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Posted: 08 Feb 2013, 14:13
I sometimes go to linda's low carb site for recipes
(google it you will find it.)

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Posted: 12 Feb 2013, 03:01
Hi, i'm not state side so little bit lost when all these workout terms are being banded about. some I know most I don't but i'd just like to share my routine if that's ok...

Gym 4 days a week doing weight training...only train the same body part 2 days per week.
HIIT on the treadmill on Mon and Wednesday when I don't do leg routines.
5/2 diet which is eat normally for 5 days and fast on 2 where you have one meal of 600 calories. Which I start at 5pm Tuesday and finish 5pm Thursday.
So, yes I train on two days that I am fasting!
I feel less sluggish on my fasting days once I get started. It has also even though it wasn't so severe, completely cleared my eczema!
As the weather clears I am restarting my jogging on Saturday which has a 100m climb.

That's me done...just had my yearly check up with the doctor and he says my blood work is absolutely perfect!
That is my goal...not weight but health.

keep up the good work

oh yeah, 44years old between 74.9kg (when fasting) and 75.9kg (eating normally)
My own diet, nothing special other than gave up eating red meat over 20 years ago so now just chicken, turkey and fish.

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Posted: 12 Feb 2013, 06:18
I do cardio, followed by cardio, and then some more cardio.
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Posted: 15 Feb 2013, 00:23
Did P90-X - love it! Right now I'm working on my cardio base - keep your HR at (180-age) for more info check out SocDoc web site. I was a cardio Poo Poo-er until I read the work he based his research on and am convinced a good cardio base will actually improve your ability to increase gains from work outs like P90-X

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Posted: 15 Feb 2013, 08:24
As of June of last year, I did P90X, Insanity, a P90X/Insanity hybrid and am currently 3 weeks into phase 2 of P90X2. GREAT programs...wish I started this years ago!

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Posted: 15 Feb 2013, 14:09
I have been wanting to get P90X2, I have Insanity and that is fun also.

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Posted: 15 Feb 2013, 17:57
I do kettlebell workouts 4x a week, one of which is for heavy lifting. It's a great workout!

For recipes, I like to use my crock pot because everything cooks while I'm away at work. has some fantastic ones.

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Posted: 16 Feb 2013, 18:12 is so different from P90X. More along the lines of functional training. According to my HRM there is alot less calories burned but by the end I'm soaked...every muscle works all the time. Lots of balancing and I don't even have all the equipment yet...I need to gain more strength.

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Posted: 17 Feb 2013, 06:02
I was thinking of starting P90x but looked too tough, especially coming out of an injury, so I have decided to go for P90 which should be considerably easier.
I will start tomorrow, hopefully I can keep doing it, since I never completed a home workout program.

Last year I tried for a couple of months Convict Conditioning which is quite good but has no videos

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