Thinking of switching diets... what's ur recommendation?

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Posted: 27 Apr 2010, 21:17
'leahl'...I am going to REMAIN positive on this website and say GOOD LUCK with your diet and goal. It's too bad that you had to read irritability into what I wrote. I was just trying to show the math of calories in vs. out. And talk about irritability??? Have you read the things that people have written about me? Downright rude....kind of like what YOU chose to write. I don't believe this site is any place for personal attacks. I feel that this should be a place for the sharing of ideas, information, successes and failures. So...GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Smile

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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 00:15
TrixieSly wrote:
Alright everybody....let's do a little HCG math far as this whole 'calories in vs. calories out' idea.

BEFORE my hHCG diet I was taking in 1500 calories a day (probably a little more because whatever I burned while working out I allowed myself to eat....but for accounting purposes here we'll just use 1500). And as a side note....I was hungry ALL the time on 1500 calories.....AND not losing weight. Fun! (can you hear the sarcasm?)

They say it takes 3500 calories to equal one pound (

So....on the diet, I was taking in roughly 500 calories daily x 46 days. So, I was MINUS 1000 calories per day, take that multiplied by the 46 days I was ON the actual diet. That equals 46,000 calories. Take that divided by 3500 and I should have lost around 13 lbs if I was TRULY just starving myself.

NOW, while actually on the diet I lost 26.5 lbs over 46 days. Stay with me here folks! 26.5 lbs x 3500 calories per pound equals 92,750!!! That would mean I would have to have deprived myself of 92,750 calories! That is not even CLOSE to the 46,000 I did without for that period of time! The HCG BURNS YOUR EXCESS FAT! I did not exercise during the 46 days I was on the diet, or do anything else magical, voodoo-ish or black market. You body uses the fuel provided by the burning of your fat to provide energy to your body, as does the very healthy foods of the 500 calories you take in.

This is just an exercise in the MATH of the whole thing because I'm sick to death of reading that 'OF COURSE YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT BECAUSE THIS IS A STARVATION DIET!' I didn't lose weight because I was STARVING! I was burning FAT!

And you know what the kicker is??? It's been three weeks and I've kept the weight off! Razz

I have also been pregnant TWICE with high levels of HCG in my body. FAR more than anything I used on this diet. And I lived! That's right....I DID NOT DIE while PREGNANT with HCG in my system, OR WHILE I WAS ON THE HCG DIET!!!! NOR has anyone else I know who is doing it! I know several physicians, nurses and other professional educated adults that have done, or are doing it. (Now here is where you JUMP in and say that I'm LYING, because everyone on the internet MUST lie!? Whatever gets you through the night....)

Why must so many people jump on this site and just start ranting about BLAH BLAH BLAH and that if you aren't trying to lose weight EXACTLY the way that THEY are losing weight it must be EVIL, a PLOT or DIABOLICAL CONSPIRACY?!?!? Let's burn everybody who is DIFFERENT at the STAKE, shall we?!?!? Hmmm....sounds familiar....

I, on the other hand, am going to remain positive, and wish EVERYONE the best of luck with all their goals! Smile

And like my profile now says....."If you don't have anything nice to say....don't say it at all!"

Thanks for your MATH MODEL for HCG
I have had a similar experience -- I started hcg 3/17/10 (a few weeks b4 i joined FS) and from a max weight of 208 i have now had 41 0f 43 injections and weighed in this am at 185, SO I LOST 23 LBS IN THE 38 DAYS THAT I HAVE BEEN ON THE 500 CAL/DAY DIET.
Using your MATH MODEL, I have deprived myself of 1000 calories/day x 38 days = 38,000 CAL, SO at 3500/pound I should have only lost about 11 lbs, instead I HAVE LOST ALMOST TWICE THAT! WITHOUT ANY ADDED EXERCISE!

AND AS FURTHER PROOF THAT I AM BURNING EXCESS FAT NOT MUSCLE, I have also been monitoring my FAT% and that has dropped from 49-46% which is also consistent with the MATH. A 3percentage point drop in fat from a starting weight of 208 means when i started, 208 x 49% or 102 lbs of me was FAT! Now at 185, only 46% or 85 lbs of me is FAT! So that means I LOST 17 LBS OF STORED YUKKY FAT plus the normal 5lbs of water weight that everybody loses on ANY diet to make up my total pounds lost of 23 lbs in 38 days! THE NUMBERS DON'T LIE!


NOTHING ELSE I HAVE EVER DONE HAS GIVEN ME THOSE KIND OF RESULTS WHILE FEELING GOOD, not deprived, starving, irritable, depressed, isolated, or tired. (and i've tried alot- Atkins, South Beach, Cabbage Soup, Hollywood, Jenny Craig, WW, NutraSystem, SlimFast, Eusana, even EXERCISE and all of it has been a disappointment) WITH THIS -- I FEEL GREAT! AND MY HUSBAND SAYS HE LOVES BEING MARRIED TO LESS OF A WOMAN! Smile

This thread started becuz somebody asked for an opinion on what diet to switch to -- I gave my opinion based on my experience. If we would all just stick to that (only talk about or discuss diets that YOU have tried) this forum would not get filled with negative comments and unfounded misinformation. Can we all do that? -- Just promote your thing and leave the rest of us alone with ours?
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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 11:28
I CAN TYPE IN ALL CAPS TOO! Rosa and Trixiesly, you are missing the point. YOU SHOULDN'T BE PROMOTING THIS DIET. It is not even a diet! You are telling people to inject themselves with a hormone, and eat only 500 calories a day. That is IRRESPONSIBLE and insane. I could care less that you do it to yourself, but don't tell other people it is a good idea BECAUSE IT ISN'T! There have been no long-term studies on the effects of injecting the hormone, and eating under 500 calories is seriously unhealthy! Not to mention you have no idea what is in the stuff you buy (which is probably online and could be anything for all you know).

And rosa, were you sticking to the question when you were ranting about how vegans have a "PASTY UNHEALTHY COMPLEXION"? That comment wasn't pertinent to the question and was very negative! What did vegans do to you? lol

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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 11:46
I am very concerned about the hype over this "diet". I agree with leahl- promoting this diet is irresponsible.

HCG users are really stuck in the diet mindset. My point is that DIETS DO NOT WORK (I can type in all caps too). All of the diets you listed are quick fix solutions that DO NOT WORK. I feel similarly about diet pills, but the Simeons thing is even worse, IMO, because of the extremely low calorie intake.

The BEST "diet" is a nutritional approach you can follow for life. How does eating less than 500 calories a day teach you something you can follow for life? It is a crash diet, plain and simple.

Another disturbing thing I've noticed is that most people on this "diet" are already quite thin. You aren't in the range of weight that would be considered obese or dangerous. This diet appeals to people with eating disorders, plain and simple. You have to be really desperate to try something like this- and I feel sorry for you that you can't see the plain and simple solution: eating the right amount of food and exercise. No, you will not get overnight results, but you will get results you can maintain.

It's interesting how really high strung you all are about this! If you diss my diet, I will laugh it off, not get all riled up. Arguing on the internet is stupid. Don't let it get you all pissed off, it's totally pointless.
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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 12:02
Wow Rosa, it sounds like your husband is a shallow jerk! Are you a glutton for punishment? It all makes sense now. First, you shoot yourself up with this hormone while following a DANGEROUS CRASH DIET and it's no wonder if you have a husband whose love for you is based on how thin you are. He would rather have you lose weight with this insane "diet" and risk your health than for you to be a few pounds heavier? Man, that must suck!!!
It's MY time!

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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 12:43
wooow....what an argument!!
Leaving aside the fact that this post has gone to so many tangents, my true recomendation is to rsearch all the diets out there and stick to your favorite for good...or take the best from each and create your own lifestyle.
I admire MimiMuffin and k8yk because that's what they did...they incorporated all the best part of each diet and created a very functional and unique program that has given them results, and most importantly results that will last as long as that lifestyle goes on.
I hope that makes sense, lol
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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 13:21
As for this particular hcg user, I am curious to see what has happened with this person in the last 8 months. I've wondered about long term results.
Someone else mentioned that it is possible to follow Weight Watchers on your own. I've never looked into it because it costs money. Where can you find resources to do it on your own? I will probably stick with what I'm doing, but I would like to check it out. Like other people, I like to compare and take the best parts of things that work for me.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 16:45
LisaMWitt wrote:
Under "member diets", Fatsecret removed phase 1 of simeons on the forum because the admonition to eat 500 calories was considered risky.

Correction Lisa...According to the protocol Phase 1 is the loading part of the protocol and is a very very very large number of calories each day. The protocol says to eat for those two days of phase 1 until you are stuffed. Phase 2 is actually the low calorie portion of the diet.
Links about HCG and the diet protocol (even the research studies)have been banned by k8 and FS.

So that I don't run afoul of the terms and conditions or the mean girls I will not be posting any further in the public forums. However, since several people have asked me to once again make my profile public I am doing that. Contrary to what others have said I am a real dieter and came on this site to track my weight, calories, and types of food. If I was a scammer I would certainly post better results than I have had. However with my hypoglycemia, insulin resistance and what I believe was the beginning of possible metabolic disorder I have done much better than I have ever done on any other diet. My blood tests for sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, and others have made a HUGE improvement since I started the protocol and I have NOT lost any muscle mass - only FAT!

My original weight before starting the protocol was 195 lbs. I joined fatsecret to track my calories while in my first maintenance phase after getting rid of 27 pounds. I also went off protocol for a short while so my starting fatsecret weight ticker shows as 166. I am currently in my third round of phase 2 weight loss and am very happy with my results. My plan is that once I reach my goal weight to continue posting my weight once a month for at least a year to let everyone know how I am maintaining.

In the past I recommended a particular homeopathic HCG product (which I still would recommend) that is helping me but whatever method of weight loss you choose to use and that you find effective I applaud you for your commitment to weight loss and health and wish you good luck in getting rid of any extra weight.

In other words I will no longer be feeding the TROLLS.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 18:02
Lisa, you can join the weight watchers site and have access to their message boards. Don't ask people what your point range is supposed to be, or they will get very angry with you!

When I was doing it, I was supposed to have X number of points per day (I don't remember the range), and I had to have some good fat, some dairy, and 5 to 7 servings of fruit and veg.

There was flex points where you could save up your points and have a splurge day, or you could use your flex point every day instead. Before flex points, it was something else where you got a certain number of points per day. At the time, the points in a food was made more favorable if a serving had at least 4 grams of fiber.

As you lost weight, your points ranged decreased.

Basically, it was a calories in-calories out plan with some nutritional guidelines added in for good measure. It works. I'm guessing if you googled it you would be able to find more information. But, you don't need to worry about the points if you just journal your food. That was the other thing with WW was that you journaled your points. Journaling is the real innovation, I think. Not the points.

I like WW. I'm just done paying for weight loss plans!
DISCLAIMER: I expect to lose this weight over the next 6 months to 5 years. I'm not going to feel like a failure if it takes an entire month to lose 1 pound. I'm going to feel like a success when that happens! I may offer advice that I'm currently not taking myself. Feel free to call me on that!

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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 18:13
Ketosis is Ketosis. No matter how you try to candy coat it.

Fat is not the BEST source of fuel for the brain at all. Glucose is.
Fat contains other toxic elements.

I'm sorry but a wikipedia link is no source of fact what-so-ever. Anyone can write on there.

I also like how you repeat the same facts. There is a difference between knowing facts and actually understanding the concepts behind them.

I know exactly what ketones are and their effects on the brain and all the other useless information you're trying to force upon me.

If I wanted a biology lesson I wouldn't come on here for one, seriously.

However, bending facts to suit you isn't ideal. Nor did you explain how such process AREN'T damaging the liver.

Spouting useless facts that don't exactly 'add up' doesn't really fool me
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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 21:29


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Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 22:59
Best of luck to you, whatever your choice! Smile

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