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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 08:19
I can't find a more graceful way to ask this of others on Dukan but I have not ... in over a week. I am following the plan and eating the oatbran daily (2T) and I started taking additional fiber in water product a week ago. Lastly I tried a laxative but still Nothing. Is this normal for the program? My body feels great but where has all the protein (and veggies every other day) gone?

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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 08:58
Try drinking more water. If you are taking fiber and not enough water to match the fiber intake, it can cause this effect. Any way you can add probiotics? Greek yogurt should fit into the diet, or you can get pills. I am not following Dukan, so am not sure about Greek yogurt, but had similar problem when I first tried low carb. It then resolved itself once the body got used to different food. I also drink a glass of water with a tea spoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning and have a feeling that it somehow helps with regularity, though I started doing it for a different reason.
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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 09:11
I have experienced your, um, problem a lot. I started using "smooth move tea". You make it and drink it like regular ole tea bags. But I let the tea bag steep for a least 1/2 an hour. (I have heard others letting it steep for hours!) But it has always produced the desired results by morning. Hope that helps to get things going for you! Smile (Oh, I also agree with the water intake. But I drink over a gallon a day so I know that wasn't "my" issue) Good luck!! Smile

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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 09:20
changes in your digestion (& frequency) are normal when you change your eating. as long as you feel ok (not bloated or uncomfortable) then I wouldn't worry too much. if you think about it, your body is using more of what you're feeding it. less junk going in equals less junk coming out.
I'm not familiar with the food list on Dukan, but you could try milled flax seeds. they are pure fiber, 4g per 2 tbsp. some people add it to cereal, maybe with your oatbran? I use it in smoothies. Atkins has a recipe for MIM (muffin in a minute) that is easy to make and tastes pretty good.
and try the greek yogurt if you can. it is awesome!


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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 14:38
I am not familiar with the food lists for the Dukan diet, but when I have had some trouble with regularity adding more fat into my diet (olive oil generally) has helped "moved things along". I'll roast a bunch of veggies (broccoli, brussel sprouts, asparagus, etc.) tossed in a healthy amount of olive oil and seasoned with sea salt, pepper and rosemary. Seems to do the trick for me. Also agree with the increasing water intake, especially if you have had some higher sodium meals.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 16:05
Try MiraLAX. It is safe and nonaddictive. I have tried OTC fiber supplements, both pills and the mix for water. They didn't work at all. MiraLAX is what my doctor recommended. It helps get you on a regular schedule. Once that happens, you stop taking it. Good luck.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2012, 23:04
I have tried some high protein/low carb diets, and know that constipation can easily become a problem. At least, it was for me. Using laxatives is not a sustainable solution. Herbal laxatives product their result by irritating the intestines, which is not good. You will do better if you increase your intake of low carb/high fiber foods and drink more water. For instance, you could eat several cups of broccoli or cabbage each day. The cruciferous vegetables are all high in fiber and low in net carbs. Eating more raw foods may help, too. You might also try eating high carb/high fiber foods, such as prunes, with large amounts of water, and then cutting out other carb sources. If you drink tea, eat cheese or consume other naturally binding foods, you might try switching to coffee, peppermint tea, cleansing teas, yogurt, etc.

Hope this helps. I'm behind you all the way.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2012, 23:35
probiotics help also
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Posted: 14 Mar 2012, 20:14
all bran buds

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Posted: 14 Mar 2012, 20:21
Magnesium Citrate works for me. I take several medications that necessitate this, ah-hem, *intervention*.

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Posted: 14 Mar 2012, 22:16
As others have said, fiber doesn't help much if you don't have a lot of water too. In fact a high fiber diet without enough water can make constipation worse.

Secondly, moving your body is really important for getting your bowels moving. I checked out your diet calendar and noticed that you haven't logged anything for a few weeks, so there's no indication of how active you have been. The first thing you do with constipated people in the hospital is get them up walking. If you're sitting too much suring the day, your bowels get kinked up so to speak and the motility is not there to get things moving. So at the very least you need to be getting up and moving about. Yoga can help, especially twists.

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Posted: 24 Mar 2012, 06:15
Miralax worked wonders for me. I have issues due to thyroid on top of the diet issues causing this. I have tried many things and this is what worked for me, and I was surprised how quick. I took it one night in my iced tea at dinner, mixed a capful in. No taste to it althought I could see what looked like undisolved sugar floating in it. I think it was the next night that I found relief. I used the 7 day bottle and just finished it one night ago. We'll see if the effects linger on or if I need to keep buying it to continue regularly. It's worth trying because it really does work without causing any dire accidents and things like that.

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