First thing I do when waking up


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Posted: 26 Sep 2006, 06:19
Every morning when I wake up i drink a huge glass of water. I make sure the water is always by my bed so I dont have to think when I wake up it. When I am drinking it is doesnt feel so good but 5 minutes later i feel great.

The trick is to make sure you drink it first thing, because after breakfast its too hard to drink lots of water.

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Posted: 26 Sep 2006, 06:42
don't forget to add that as a top tip Smile Smile Smile Smile

so impressive that you think ahead to put a glass of water by the bed before you go to sleep every night and even more impressive that you drink it when you get up!

you deserve some sort of award
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Posted: 02 Oct 2006, 01:09
I like the concept. I would struggle with it because the first thing I do when I wake up is to roll over and go back to sleep for a while Very Happy
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Posted: 05 Oct 2006, 08:21
I was finding it really hard to get out of bed after eating heaps of sugar and stuff the night before. Funny thing is now I feel much better during the day but still find it hard to get out of bed.

I think somethings will always be hard!

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Posted: 20 Nov 2006, 13:48
I sometimes place water at my bedside, but not for the same purposes. I normally am thirsty when I wake and since I haven't had breakfast yet, water seems like the more feasible thing to have before having that hearty meal.

I will now be more consistent with drinking water after i wake. That would help to decrease the daily intake of 8 - 10 oz. a day.

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Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 02:39
Thats true. Good Point. The more you can drink first thing in the morning, the less you need to worry about drinking water through out the day.

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Posted: 28 Nov 2006, 11:06
I do the same thing, I drink 240z of water first thing in the morning and it helps me feel great through out the day

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Posted: 09 Jan 2007, 09:11
Surprised wow thats a great idea thanks so much will add to my plan

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Posted: 10 Jan 2007, 23:20
I just joined tonight. Had enough of the frustration of being fat. Hope we can keep each other inspired. Love the water idea. Will start right away! Let's all keep it going!Smile Smile Smile

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Posted: 03 Feb 2007, 21:11
I drink over a gallon of water a day. It seems I have to be drinking "something" all the time, so I choose water. However, the water retention is bothersome and the scale never lets up. I mean, a gallon of water weighs about 5 pounds, right?? Smile

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Posted: 05 Feb 2007, 01:26
I'm gonna try that tomorrow morning!! I've also been a glass of chilled green tea with lemon and 1tblspn of Linseed powder morning and night. It sounds disgusting, but apart from having lots of omega-3 and antioxidants in it, it is also filling.Smile
It's my version of a similiar drink I've seen in another diet
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Posted: 23 Feb 2007, 16:45
My GOAL is to get up and do my 20 minute Pilates DVD. I figure, it's only 20 minutes, and it got my results before. I want to do the 50 minute on Saturday. That with the running my husband is making me do every night should get something done!!!Very Happy

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Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 09:15
I find drinking water in the mornings when I wake up really takes the edge off my hunger, and I try to drink 3 glasses of warm water before I have breakfast.
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Posted: 24 Jan 2009, 18:06
I struggle to drink plain water so i put a TINY bit of no added sugar robinsons orange squash in my pint glass of water, it barely colours it but adds slight taste and it's only 0.6g carbs per 100ml of concentrate & it gets me through my 8 glasses of water a day plus more! Smile

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