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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 23:22
I set up a biggest loser challenge in our office for a cash prize. i dropped 20 lbs and won. The cash prize was a big help in staying motovated!!! TRY IT!!

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by wholefoodnut on 03 Jun 15 06:46 PM
My first day on fatsecret
First, Welcome to fatsecret. Some peoples weights are gaining and losing, its very common. Possibly from day to day fluctuations. Some people even have the goal to gain weight! (lucky them) To respond ...
by Nag1ka on 03 Jun 15 05:55 PM
on the right track?
by Suzy7677 on 03 Jun 15 05:21 PM
your food choices look good and if it's working carry on! I found thru trial and error that grains made me gain, even staying within my RDI, so we all need to learn what affects us and deal with ...
by mummydee on 03 Jun 15 12:16 PM
Whats Better ???
Calories are the most important thing to keep track of mandii. Fat is more important for health. Weight loss happens when you ingest less energy than you expend.
by Diablo360x on 03 Jun 15 12:44 AM