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Posted: 15 Nov 2012, 10:29
I have lost weight since I have started Shapeworks Meal Plan, I have gained tons of energy. I am willing to help anyone do the same.
nures care

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Posted: 06 Jun 2017, 09:00
I work 3 times a week I make sure I'm moving my morning routine 25 jumping Jack's 15 knee lift, 15 squats, and launches, my problem is consistent and I gain instead of looking got disappointed and slowed down 😣 but with this challenge I'll pick myself back up.

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Posted: 07 Jul 2017, 19:02
Get your diet right before participating in exercise otherwise your wasting time.

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Posted: 08 Jul 2017, 11:26
For me, diet and exercise seem to go hand in hand .. mutually reinforcing or something .. and also I think they are key to maintaining your weight once you reach you goal, because it keeps you aware of your body and what you put into it and what you ask from it.

There's nothing wrong with jumping jacks and squats and lunges and other calisthenics, but bear in mind that those activities are in the general category of high intensity/short duration .. they burn sugar and your body adapts by building muscle and cadio efficiency to be able to do these "bursty" sorts of activities more easily.

Lower intensity, longer duration activities .. like walking ... are purported to be better for burning fat .. and your body adapts by increasing endurance. A heart rate monitor is a good investment, but you can also judge by the way you feel .. you shouldn't be straining.


(I'm sometimes afraid to post opinions for fear of sounding too . iono what zackly .. pompous or something .. I hope I don't, and apologize if I do).

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