I screwed up !!

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Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 14:18
was out and about during lunch time so i picked up a cesar salad and chix nuggets at wendys thinking chicken and salad but after entering into fs it put me over 20 carbs. UP TO 32 carbs already. not happy at all!!! I know better. so mad at myself ... it was on the way home and I was running late, ect , ect yada yada. I should have been prepared. Doubt

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Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 14:32
I messed up pretty bad over the weekend by not being prepared so I know how you feel! Just keep on track for the rest of the day and start fresh again tomorrow!

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Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 14:37
That's ok yall, just have to do better the next time. I went to the mall on Sunday like I do every weekend with my fiancé and kids. This time it was different, I had to watch what I ate. Luckily there was a subway, ate half of their veggie delite salad and used only half of the dressing. It was my first time being out of the house without preparing my food. I had to look on subways website, add the carbs and figure out how much I could have without going crazy.
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Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 14:58
Either one would have probably been fine on it's own, but combined, the carbs could add up quick! You also might want to check the Wendy's Nutrition Values here: http://www.wendys.com/food/pdf/us/nutrition.pdf

We all learn as we go! It's a lifetime process Smile
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Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 15:03
It's only one day... you can bounce back! I have been known to sit on my Iphone looking up all kinds of info and putting in combos to see where to go. Now I have a few go-to's. When you have some time get a few meals set by looking nutritional info up at a few places you know you are probably going to end up from time to time and then you'll be set! Now if I can just get back to the prep at home... I'm there with ya!

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Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 15:08
thanks everyone!! TOTAL WAKE UP CALL!! cant leave the house unprepared ever !!!I am gonna try and make up for it with some chicken breast or fish for dinner. lesson learned. I am hitting the grocery store tonite, gonna stock up on low carb goodness and pre-portion enough for the work week and leave it in the fridge, boiled eggs, chicken breast, cut veggies and cheese, ect. Laughing

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Posted: 07 Jan 2013, 20:52
Being prepared is great, but it is important to not be too hard on yourself. We all get into places where we need something to eat and we didn't plan. It sounds like you handled it great!
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Posted: 08 Jan 2013, 08:38
Thynes, awesome advice. I shot myself in the foot last week by using the balsamic vinaigrette from Bob Evans on an otherwise healthy salad. Luckily I didn't slather, it was loaded, I mean loaded with carbs (from sugar I assume). Since then I have been looking at the nutrition information for the foods I eat at some of the places I grab to-go meals. And redgirl1974, good on you for learning something new about yourself, coming to the itty-bitty-carb-committee (lol) and making a plan to handle it going forward! Keeping the fridge stocked with your own version of carry-out (like you said: boiled eggs, chicken breasts etc.) will help insure against future "I screwed up" moments. Now the bad news: you'll screw up in new ways. J-play but Rome wasn't built in a day, and your future won't be either. You are building a great foundation!
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Posted: 08 Jan 2013, 10:42
I fell off the wagon this weekend too, but thanks to some buddies on FS I decided to forgive my self and start fresh the next day. They were right it takes time to learn a new way of eating healthy and your gonna be tempted at times. Just try to be prepared for the next time and don't be so hard on yourself. Remember one day at a time.

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I hope everyone had a good day 😃

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Posted: 08 Jan 2013, 11:18
At the end of the day there isn't much you can do once it's done. You fell off the wagon (and not intentionally) all you can do pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get right back on.

It's irritating, but it's easily done on any diet. Forgive yourself the lapse and start over. It can only really hurt in the short term, and it's the long term you should be concentrating on. It is just one meal after all.

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Posted: 08 Jan 2013, 12:30
Keep in mind those times are going to happen... Especially with families. You are going to eat out, you are going to have to grab and go at times. I have ordered a burger or chicken sandwich and request it come to be without a bun and sauces on the side, or if it's fast food I ditch it immediately to get rid of the temptation. Some places will wrap it in lettuce like Hardees and Jimmie Johns (unfortunately we have neither here). Even if you are trying for low carb a salad could be a lesser evil, chicken wings that are not breaded and watch the sauces, Chipotle salad style and piles with meat and sour cream, etc. Sit down places have gotten better at special requests regarding fat and carbs. If you are like me prep isn't just at home. But as for home preportioning was my key and I really need to get my but in gear with it again. I do it for the kids and their snacks I don't have, not it's time to get back to the other stuff too. Oh and if you havent started the egg/omelette muffins give it a try. One of my favs that I will be making tonight for me and the family tomorrow Smile.

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