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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 10:32
I'm so tired of always being on a diet and never losing any weight. I follow these diets to a T and a week later I weigh the exact same thing. After a whole week of baked chicken and raw spinach I weight the same thing as when I was eating mcdonalds for breakfast lunch and dinner so whats the point. I feel like my body is programmed to be this size and there is nothing I can do about it. If I am going to be the same size anyway I may as well eat whatever I want and enjoy myself.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 11:21
Sorry to hear that you're frustrated :/ I'm not sure what stage of atkins you were following, but I see many days in October that your carbs were really high and your calories were dangerously low. Your body is probably in starvation mode; slowing down your metabolism and holding on to everything you put into it. Were you drinking large amounts of water? Water is very key to losing weight. Were you keeping track of your food every day? Eating enough fat? Watching your sodium levels? Did you try cutting out the Atkins products? A lot of people's weight loss will stall when they eat or drink the Atkins bars and shakes due to the sugar alcohols.

I'd hate for you to give up out of frustration. Why not stay, join a motivation and support group, ask others what they think might be the issue and get the problem solved Smile We would be happy to have you in the group I'm in! It's called Low Carb Daily Check In. We check in every day, tell about our day, share recipes, ask questions and help each other out Smile One of the best things is, your posts never go unnoticed. That makes such a big difference. Hope to see you there! Good luck to you in whatever you decide to do!
"This one step - choosing a goal and sticking to it - changes everything." - Scott Reed

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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 11:36
I am really concerned about your low calorie counts! If you continue, you are going to lose all your muscle which dangerously slows metabolism.
I have found extremely helpful in learning about carbs and what to eat and carb counting. They have very informative lessons and training.

Few women should be at less than 1200 calories, even when dieting. I would bet that if you boosted your calories to 1200, you would start losing.

Hang in there! And do join us in the Low Carb Daily Check in!

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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 12:32
Diana, I think a lot of us have been there.....feeling deprived and seeing no result on the scale.

Atkins is not about deprivation. Different foods, yes, but not deprivation. If you look at some of the sample menus either in the book or over on the Atkins site, you won't see any that are so seriously low in calories. Reducing calories to such a low level is counterproductive to losing on Atkins. Your body need appropriate fuel...yes, even to lose weight!

I'd encourage you, as the other posters did, to continue logging all your food, join up on a group or two, and the basics of the Atkins program (again, either in the book or over on the Atkins site) to see how much better (and how much more) you could be eating - and STILL lose weight!

Hang in there and good luck.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 12:37
A week isn't very long to give yourself. Keep going. Also, maybe following a diet isn't the best thing for you. I know a lot of people who can follow diets forever and keep the weight off, but I'm not one of them. I have been working on making a commitment to eat better and exercise, but I'm not following a specific diet, and it's worked well for me. Maybe just try keeping within a good calorie range, keep the carbs lower and protein higher, and get some exercise in. Don't be too hard on yourself, this is a process and takes time. This site has helped me so much with motivation, support, and the kicks in the butt I've needed to keep going. You can do this!!
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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 14:20
Do you exercise? If not, you should be. I started my own variation of the Atkins diet and lost 8kg in 2 weeks (was 88kg, now im between 79 - 81kg).

High levels of protein mixed with gym 3 times a weeks and football (soccer) 2 - 3 times a week means I accelerate the process. The most carbs I eat a day is around 100 grams.

So my advice is add exercise.

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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 16:48
Diana, Please read the book by Gary Taubes, "Why we are fat, and what we can do about it". It will explain why you are struggling to lose weight on what you are doing. It will show you that a healthy diet, with super low carbs is doable and why it makes sense. You will understand why really low calorie diets can SLOW down the metabolism and could even cause the weight gain. After the first 3-4 weeks of the movement to ketosis, then start a gentle exercise program. Exercise doesn't cause weight loss, it just makes you feel better. Then read the new atkins diet book to walk you through the stages. You will be successful, but you need to read and research it first. Good Luck!!

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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 17:30
No matter what plan you choose, it will not work if you are not doing it right!! Have you read the Atkins books??? Atkins has a great plan if you follow it right!!! In fact, any plan is good if you follow it the way it is meant.Take time to go on Atkins site, you will find very pleasant things there!!!!!! Good luck!!!

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Posted: 01 Nov 2012, 19:36
Great advice by many here. I would venture you aren't really ready to give up as your posting indicates you still want it to work. I hope you don't really give up.
I'm not losing WEIGHT. I'm converting FAT to MUSCLE to be healthier.

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Posted: 02 Nov 2012, 11:23
Losing weight is all a process of trial and error. Find what works best for you, no matter what diet you chose to follow. Simply take it one step at a time and the remember that every ounce lost is a positive thing..
Hang in there and keep the faith.. you can do anything once you set your mind to it.

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Posted: 02 Nov 2012, 11:51
Bless your heart, dianablock, I agree with the first couple of posters...if your diet calendar really reflects EVERYTHING you're eating, your body is in starvation mode, as Pete1998 said. Counterintuitive as it sounds, you have to eat to lose weight. Please check into doing something different. You CAN do this...just not this way.
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Posted: 02 Nov 2012, 11:59
Well never ever give up you can do it you need to detox your body first and take one day at a time , clear your head and get rid of all food that would make you slip up. It took me years to lose but now I have lost 100lbs. And have 58lbs to go. I was a size 24 and now a size 12, going to my goal and that's a size 10., one thing your diet has to be enjoyable, and getting good fresh foods, no can, boxed, processed, and no meat that has gluten and fillers. Talk with a nutritionist and learn about nutrition first and don't miss your meetings. You sound like you need a boost and a nutritionist can help in many way.
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Posted: 06 Nov 2012, 10:03
Hi there. My suggestion is to get you thyroid checked out. A sluggish thyroid will impede any weight loss. Plus if you do have an under-active thyroid, eating spinach is a big no-no. Best of luck!

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 14:42
Hi Diana

i know how you feel. i've actually put on weight since i started dieting. i found the book below very helpful. it covers all the basics; calorie intake, best calorie deficit for you as an individual, dropping calorie intake too quickly, eating too much or too little protein, carbs or fats, how to fit exercise into a keto diet and a whole lot more. i promise you wont be in the dark about what you should be doing to achieve maximum results.

i hope it really helps you. its free for download at the link below

Good luck

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 20:15
A week? That's it? I didn't start to see results when I used to weigh 140 till MANY weeks later. Don't give up so quick!

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 20:25
I sent you a message via inbox, I hope you read it. Smile HUGS and hang in there! Very Happy

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 20:31
After reading the other posts it does seem like you are eating very little but you're doing a lot of carbs in some days... induction is restricted to 20 net carbs... no phase of atkins is up in the 80s or 100s in carbs where some of your days are.

Following to a T like you said is about paying attention to what you're eating. Net carbs is about carbs minus fiber. You should eat more leafy veggies, zucchinis, that sort of thing, high fiber carbs.

If you focus only on calorie restriction and no veggies, you WILL NOT lose. My DF tried that route, he hates veggies. Atkins didnt work for him at all. You need the veggies, lord help me, I don't know why but you do.

Fritos is most likely not on the list in any phase of atkins BUT that doesn't mean you can't ever have any... just try to stick to one or two, not a whole bag.

I suggest that if you want to try atkins you start back at induction and stick to it like mad. I can help if you want, I did atkins for almost a year. I am unable to eat fake sugars though and I missed the carbs but I'm goign back on because it's the ONLY one that worked.

We can start over together if you want and I'll help you. Smile

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 21:22
I feel your pain I am also having a hard time only been 3 days on induction and was not feeling well today. My great husband made chicken pot pies and I ate half of one. 40 catbs blew a totally great day. I am feeling guilty and no I have to just start over but ughh. Good luck to you.

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Posted: 08 Nov 2012, 03:54
why should you start over and feel guilty, just log your food and take into account in your daily/weekly budget, At the end of the day if your calories will be the same there will be no difference whether or not they came from 40 grams of carbs and 120 of proteins or viceversa. Then you can always resume the low carb diet from next meal if that is for the right reasons that is it is easier for you to follow.
If that is not the case and only causes unnecessary guilt and ultimately failure, then maybe it is not right for you and you might want to try just calorie control with a balanced diet which will work exactly the same as long as you keep the same intake

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