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Help for very low sodium diet
I know of no fix for the app, but can give some good rules of thumb to make sure what she is eating is low in sodium. I tell all my cardiac patients the same thing--Anything that is canned or processed is high in sodium--even some of the low sodium products. Eating fresh or frozen is the best. Avoid, lunch meats, soups, pickles, canned foods, sauces, condiments, soda, etc.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
definitely getting a bicycle now :-)
Love the video. Wish my eliptical did a show like that.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
"Frickin' Nice!"
King--In the US I've often heard of this same thing, but we call it "paying it forward". There is actually a movie out there called by this same name that is really good. Often when someone does something nice for someone--IE: change a flat tire, etc. you will be offered something to pay for your time and strangers will say "no, I don't want anything, just pay it forward." Meaning--do something nice for someone else for absolutely no reason. I've heard some people paying for the person behind them in a drive through line at a fast food restaurant or a toll road, or parking garage. The person may or may not need the money, but by doing something nice for someone you don't know hopefully will cause the love spread to others.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
A life-style change is a learning process and we are all different, so use any "failures" as opportunities to improve your diet and exercise plan. We fail for a reason and it usually is because it doesn't work for us at that time. Always be willing to change your plan to meet your body's needs.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Alcohol & Weight Gain - Fact or Myth?
People that drink usually do not have a healthy diet and don't eat enough protein. Protein breaks down in the body and will tend to pull fluid from your tissue into your blood stream. Dehydration refers to adequate fluid in the blood stream. Many people that drink and who get bloated lose their fluid into their tissues. Your weight will go up, but you will still be considered dehydrated. A good way to tell if you are dehydrated is to look for a few signs--thirst and dark urine.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
New Math Vent
I have a friend that kept telling me that I wasn't "that heavy". I finally had to tell her my weight and she had the same reaction you got. "OH my God, I would have never guessed you weighed THAT MUCH!" It wasn't complimentary to me either. I know she was trying to let me know that I looked smaller to her, but all it did was point out how big I actually was. I know people try to be nice, but part of losing the weight is accepting the fact that you have a huge problem--no pun intended. Minimizing things or blowing things up and out of proportion is not helpful. It's difficult enough for us to accept the truth of where we've let ourselves get to. I need to deal in reality and stay away from fantasy. Take what other say with a grain of salt and keep trudging on and do what is right for you.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Hello every some advice please
There is a fine line when it comes to being on an appropriately low calorie diet and too low. You body is an amazing thing with the ultimate purpose of keeping you alive. If you eat too little, your body will automatically go into starvation mode and slow your metabolism rate which will make it more difficult for you to lose weight. In order to exercise and raise your metabolism all you have to do is get your heart rate elevated. Upper arm workouts do this the best if you are unable to do alot of lower body workouts. As long as you keep your arms above your heart and move them, you will be guaranteed to raise your heart rate and raise your metabolism. Also, my bariatric doctor told me the best exercise to lose stomach weight is walking--not sit-ups or crunches. Imagine that!
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Products review
I found another great product. It's called K2O by special K. It mixes in water and has 30 calories, 5 gms fiber and 5 gms of protein. It comes in different flavors and tastes good. It's a great way of getting in extra water.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Protein in your water
I just found a great product. It's made by Special K and called K2O. It's a mix much like crystal light, but has protein in it. You mix it in 16-20 oz of water and contains 5 gms of fiber and 5 gms of protein. It only contains 30 calories and no sugar. I have found it in pink lemonade and strawberry kiwi flavors. What a great way to get in extra protein and your water!!!
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
I had gall stones and ended up having my gall bladder out years ago. At first, you will find some things that you can not eat since you have your gall bladder out. Everyone is different, but with me it was fresh veggies and fats. After a several months, you can eat some of these things again with very little problem. I still can't eat too many deep fried foods or I have diarrhea about 30 minutes after I eat them. I can eat fried foods in small amounts without any problems. Your body may adjust differently.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Trying to figure out how to make Chobani's yogurt taste better.
I like Dannon light and fit greek yogurt and Yoplait 100 calorie greek yogurt the best. You could add a little sweetner to your yogurt. You can also add some sugar free jello to the greek yogurt or freeze the yogurt and eat it as a frozen dessert. Hope some of these ideas help.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
NOT one of those people who forget to eat...
Most of us on this site eat for more than hunger. The reasons are endless--boredom, sadness, anger, celebration, etc....... I've been heavy the majority of my life, but have lost and then regained the same weight several times in my lifetime. You would think that I would be an expert at losing weight, but I obviously never learned the "secret". I think I have a different attitude toward weight loss now--at least I hope I do. It's a life-style change. I've had some really bad habits when it comes to food. I'm still in the learning process, but feel that I'm finally learning something that will stick with me. I used to look at losing the weight (numbers) all the time, but I have to look at things differently now. I have to look at my eating habits and decide what works and doesn't work for me in order to keep me on track for a lifetime. I've learned a lot in the past 2 months and I'm sure I have much more to learn.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Lunch Meals
I have to bring my lunch also and have done several different things. I have brought Hormel compleats meals to warm up at work, tuna salad on crackers, left overs from the night before, I will make a wrap the night before with a low carb wrap, lunch meat, low fat cheese, lettuce and I use hummus instead of mayo.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
How Much Marinade Am I Really Consuming?
Measure the amount of marinade that is left over after you marinate the chicken and subtract it from the bottle total. Then divide the remainder by how many pieces of chicken you marinaded. Example: 1 tbsp is equal to 15 cc or 0.5 fluid oz. If bottle is 12 oz then you have 24 servings in each bottle 24 x 10 = 240 calories. After measuring after marinading if you have 11 oz left then you've used 1 oz or 2 tbsp which is equal to 20 calories. Divide that by your two chicken breasts and you have your 10 calories per serving. An easy way of marinading without using a whole bottle is to measure a small amount and put in a plastic ziplock bag. Put the chicken in the bag and close with all air removed and the marinade will cover the chicken very well and you won't use all your marinade up. Once you use it on chicken you have to pitch it or you can get salmonella. Hope this helps.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Getting out of a rut
Change your diet or exercise routine around. The body will change if other things change.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
What are or were your biggest challenges that you have overcome?
Make only one goal at a time and succeed at that first before you try other goals. If you try to change your habits at once, you limit your ability to succeed at any. By trying to succeed at one goal at a time then you don't feel like a failure. I chose to eliminate sugar first and didn't worry about any other diet rules. Sugar was my biggest hurdle. I've been successful at this for almost 2 months now.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Mealtime Drinking Habits
I'm in the the process of going through the screening process for gastric bypass surgery and all the literature recommends the same thing your dietician mentioned to you. It's definitely an issue for gastric bypass patients because your pyloric sphincter is no longer used. If you drink and eat at the same time, the food is washing out of your new stomach. If you haven't had surgery then you still have a functioning pyloric sphincter that holds in the food until its mixed up finely. I would think the drinking during eating would not have any effect if you have a normal GI tract.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
Late night cravings and binging
You have to eat a balanced diet with plenty of protein (60 gms/day). Proteins stay with you longer and even out your blood sugar. This should help prevent the binging. Eat 6 small meals per day if you need to. If evenings and nights is a problem for you, then find an activity to do to keep your hands busy. I see that your goal weight is 95 pounds. There are very few people in which this is a healthy weight. Be sure that your BMI is in a normal range for you. Looking at your picture--you look great. Concentrate on eating healthy instead of losing weight. You don't want to become anorexic.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
What are your trigger or comfort foods? Get them out of your house. Don't allow them in your home EVER. If you are used to going through the drive through at the nearest fast food place, then put your purse with all the money in your trunk so you can't pay for something without having to get out of your car to get your money. Drink plenty of fluid--64 oz per day. If you don't like water, mix it with tea, crystal light, etc. It will take about 2-3 days to get any addictive substance out of your system. I'm addicted to sugar. Those 2-3 days are torture, but you can do it. After that, if you stay away from the substance, it is much easier. If you feel like you absolutely have to eat something, chose something low in calories--celery with nothing on it, carrots, or any other veggie. I use baby carrots because I need the crunch and they are a little sweet. It satisfies my munchies. Also, you can chew sugarless gum--mint flavor is the best because nothing tastes good after chewing it. Don't chew too much of it or you may get diarrhea. For the emotions--journal instead of eating. There are a lot of people on this site that have a wealth of wisdom to give you and they are also great sounding boards. Also, join the positive attitude challenge. Positive self talk is the key to success. We all get caught up in negative self talk and sabotage ourselves--myself included. Hope some of these ideas work for you. Julie
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
protein powders
I tried a couple other protein powders. 1. Click--Vanilla Latte--I like this one better than the mocha 2. Gold standard--mocha cappachino--this is good, but less of a coffee taste than the Click brand. Depends how much you like the taste of coffee. 3. Carb essentials berry smoothie--This one is disgusting. I'm glad I only got a sample size.
by worm2butterfly2012 (submitted 5 years ago)
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