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I have read Hunger Games, I also really liked The Host by Stephanie Meyer. I am addicted to Nicholas Sparks, and Nora Roberts. I also LOVED (YES i am admitting it) I LOVED 50 shades of Gray!
by wichitaks (submitted 5 years ago)
Color Codes
How close you are to your set goal from where you started. It goes from Red, to orange, to yellow to Green
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Spouse Not Supportive
I don't know if this can help at all but I know what I do with my hubby that seems to work. I will let him know what I am making for dinner, If he does not want what I am having or like what I am having I give him the option to either A) make something for himself, or B) go get fast food but not whatever I was craving at the moment. IE, You can get fast food just not Wendy's Chicken Sandwich. At first he did a lot of fast food runs then he realized what I was eating was actually yummier than what he was eating so he started wanting what I was having. There are still days he doesn't want what I am having and he will make his own or go out but he is slowly coming around. When he did decide to make a fast food run I would be sure to have my dinner done and started to eat before he got back or I would end up getting frustrated with what I was eating. I had to make a choice to be happy about what I was doing as well as what he was doing and not get angry/frustrated/upset when he decided to eat something different. We also have one cabinet that I under NO circumstances open because it is his cabinet. It is filled with candy, chips, cookies, brownies, snack cakes, etc. As long as I don't see it I am ok with it, BUT when he gets something out and leaves it on the counter and I am craving it it gets dumped out in the trash can so I can not eat it. YES he has been irritated more than once, BUT it only took him a few times of dumping out his skittles or M&M's to remember he has to put them away. I am sure your hubby loves you and If he is like mine he does not realize the time, energy and effort you are putting into this yet. Stand your ground, Make healthy meals for yourself and let him make his choices. If he chooses not to eat whatever you are eating be ok with that and don't get mad/upset/irritated. Be happy that you are doing something for yourself.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
You lost what?!
Since starting my journey I have lost between an elephants penis and fats and oils an average American eats in a year Since starting with FS I have lost the amount of cheese an american eats in one year. I LOVE this. Thanks for posting. I am about to email my hubby telling him i have lost an elephant penis
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
How to post pictures in the Forums and in Journals!
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Shopping Cart Porn Redux -- Cooking
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
cardio aerobic needed
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Do you really want to lose weight? My RANT.
I totally see your frustration, and I also see the other side of the coin. for many people their weight is a huge source of shame and embarasment. When I first joined fs I kept EVERYTHING hidden I read other peoples journals but never commented. I eventually added a few buddies then allowed only them to see my weight and journal. I was so ashamed of where I was and it took me awhile to learn that people here are not like the people at my old gym that look down on you for being over weight. Everyone here is super supportive. After I realized that it took me awhile before I put everything public, then it took some time before I was able to post a photo. I do agree that it is more helpful when everything is public, but some people are not in a place mentally emotionally that they feel they can do that. So Yes it would be nice if all of us had enough confidence that we can throw it all out there. Give people time and let them take this journey at their pace. Some people will never get to the place they are comftorable showing everything but that is their journey not your journey. Don't let their whinning get to you.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Pain of being Overweight
As far as painful experiences go, I had a teacher suggest I go on the grapefruit diet and she asked if I wanted her to bring me a grapefruit for lunch every day. I know she was trying to be helpful because I was the fat kid, BUT really wanting to put me on the grapefruit diet seemed a little extreme
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Pain of being Overweight
One of my embarrasing fat stories.. My sisters wedding was in Hawaii. My bridesmaids dress was already a little tight but I forgot when I travel I tend to retain a lot of water. Day of her wedding comes we had our hair and makeup done and I ran upstairs to our room to put the dress on and it didn't fit. called my husband up because I was now in tears. With shoving and squeezing we got the dress zipped up. Fast forward 45 minutes and we are on the beach where she is supposed to be getting married and I bent down to pet a puppy and out pops one of the girls. YEP because the dress was so tight it was already giving me cleavage galor bending down moved it just enough that the boob popped out of the dress. I immediantly go to push her back in the dress and because it is so tight it does not want to go back in. My husband comes over to assist me and we get it in. DURING the ceremony I was a little teary and took a deep breath in and the zipper popped at the top. The rest of the ceremony I had to stand there hopping the zipper would not go down any more while keeping my arms down to my side trying to hold the dress up. Luckily after that my husband and I volunteered to drop stuff off back at the condo and meet back up at the dinner after that so I was able to change clothes.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Motivation for working out
I am the opposite of a lot of people on here. I work out after dinner before bed. if i go right after work I end up not working as hard or as long. I go home and allow myself to sit and rest for 5 or 10 minutes. Make dinner, eat, do dishes then go to the gym around 8 or so. I have more energy because I ate and I am am able to destress from the day and sleep GREAT after my shower when I get home
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Part of the thing you have to keep in mind is your ultimate goal. Is your goal to loose the vanity pounds or is it to get healthier. (neither is bad, just keep in mind what your goal is) If it is the vanity pounds then I found it harder to stick with long term but great crash diet stuff. If it is more about the health start incorporating lots of fruits and veggies, Low fat yogurt, lean proteins etc into your diet. Also take into account your personality. For me I had to do a complete 180 all at once or I would not be able to make changes. For some people it is better if they change one or two things per week. One week NO fast Food, The next week add no soda, the third week start including 4 30 minute walks into your routine. I am doing a max of 1200 with an occasional day that I am a bit higher or lower. I am a snacker though so before I leave for work I have my fruits veggies etc packed that I take with me. I encorprate a protein of some sort into every meal and that really helps to keep me full longer. I hope some of the tips help. Good Luck
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
"Lost weight lifting"
I LOVE the quilt Idea. I am going to use that. I have a lot of shirts that I like that I can not wear and I am sure as I loose more weight the pile will grow.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
I agree, record everything you eat and start moving. If you start with small changes it can having a big impact and you won't burn out like so many people do on fad diets. Good luck on your journey.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Who's new? This gal right here.
So glad to have you in the FS group. I have been overweight my whole life as well. I have been using FS for almost two months and I LOVE it. The app makes it so easy to track your calories and your exercise. I am not doing a specific diet I am just limiting calories and making better food choices and it is helping. There are so many amazing people on here that are so supportive and encouraging. Hope you have a great day!
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Calories from food
I was confused at that at first to. BUT then when you break things down everything falls into those three calories. Fruit, and many vegetables are "carbs" meat, chicken, etc are protein Cheeses and nut butters are both protein and fat. It can get confusing but stick with it.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
Making Whey
i hand wash mine in the sink with dish soap and let it hang dry
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
There is 3500 calories in 1lb of fat. So to loose one pound you have to have a difference of 3500 calories. Either eating less calories, or burning more calories, or a combination of the two. The faster you can create a 3500 calorie difference the faster you will loose the weight. If you eat 300 calories less and burn 300 calories each day (600 calorie difference) you will take about 6 days to loose 1lb
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
1200 Calories written in STONE , What's with that?
When I first started my diet I talked to the Dr. and she said to keep it between 1200 and 1400 calories. There were quite a few days that I was between 900 and 1000 calories and when she looked at my log she said I needed to eat more. If you eat to few calories for your body although you might loose weight she said it can mess with your body and you can start loosing muscle mass and that overly fatigued feeling is your body's way of saying it needs more fuel to keep going. I am now around 1300 calories per day and I am actually loosing more weight doing the same amount of exercise than I was when I was eating fewer calories.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
I use lemon pepper and lemon (squeezed or juice) and either throw them on the broiler or on the George Forman grill. I take them off about a min or two before they look done (still more intact less flaky) and put them in foil for a few minutes to rest and cool a bit so they don't get overcooked.
by wichitaks (submitted 6 years ago)
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