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Hi I would select the "Contact" at the bottom of the page and send the FS people the same question. They are super about responding and if there is an option like that, they should be able to walk you thru it. Good Luck
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Most hotels at least have a mini-fridge. I travel a lot and I always check and some hotels will give you one (or charge a very minimal fee) for both a fridge and microwave. Nuts in your purse are good as well as some string cheese for a quick snack. Also, jerky (watch for sugar) and pork rinds. Also, maybe a small can of tuna (with the pull tab lid) and a couple of packets of mayo for a quick tuna salad. I've also made pepperoni chips which I love. Preheat your oven to 350, place pepperoni on a bake sheet in single layer and bake until crisp. Watch these as they go from done to burnt pretty fast. Seal in an airtight container. I like these for the crunch. Also, they are sort of salty which will encourage to drink lots of water :) Most of all HAVE FUN!!
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Putting on Your Royal Name
[quote=Sherillynn]This is great fun! You may all address me as Lady Eleanor Heidi Sand-Beach from now on! And that;s Beach, not Bitch! roflmao![/quote] Okay, now that's FUNNY!!! :lol:
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Putting on Your Royal Name
Lady Martha Tabitha Edwards... GOOD GRIEF, I sound like a geriatric striper!! LOL
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Now that the eggs are boiled, colored and found......
A really yummy low carb (not low fat) is Scotch Eggs... yummy Ingredients:Servings: 6 Servings 1 lb bulk pork sausage 1/2 cup pork rind, crushed to a powder 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1/4 cup choppedjalapeno peppers or 1/4 cup banana pepper (optional) 6 hardboiled egg, peeled and dry Directions: Prep Time: 15 mins Total Time: 45 mins 1 Mix all ingredients (except eggs) together until thoroughly blended (it is best to use your hands). 2 Divide the meat mixture into sixths and pat out one piece in your hand and mold it around one of the eggs. 3 Repeat with remaining eggs and meat. 4 Place them all on a baking sheet or in a baking pan and bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. CARBS 1.1 per egg Read more:
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Yep the kid in me would have laughed and laughed and laughed. Thank you for the great laugh tonight. I tried to read it to my Hubby and had to stop I was laughing so hard.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
How many calories is enough during induction?
One thing I've read is people taking the bars and cutting them into small chunks and freezing them. When they have a sweet craving they will take out one small chunk eat that and then wait for a half hour or more and if they want more, eat another small chunk. You may eat the whole bar, but you would spread it out thru the day and eat only one. For me, it was total cold turkey the first weeks (and still is). The first week I had what they call the "Atkins Flu" where I felt really out of sorts and tired. That went away but mainly, no sugar cravings AT ALL. It was tough. A lot of people eat sugar free jello with sugar free (carb free) whipped cream. Also, search this site for recipes as well as check the Atkins site for sweets that fit into Induction. Good Luck.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
am i wrong?????!!!!!
I say let them do their thing and you do yours!! They don't get you and it doesn't sound like you really want to be around these people no matter what size you are!! When I'm out with people and they walk faster than me, I don't try to explain or apologize, I just keep going at my own pace. We all get there at some time or another. Don't worry about it. You're doing this for you and no one else!! Keep up the great work.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Rebounder (mini trampoline)
Where did you get your rebounder? I haven't seen one of those in a long time and I think I would enjoy having one in the house. Thanks.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Happy Monday - What is your mini goal this week, besides the "basics"?
WOW, well good luck everyone. For those of you who watch Biggest Loser, I don't know about you, but for me, they are such great motivation while I'm trying to push myself a bit further when I walk.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Have to try a little harder than that
Being on Atkins and going into out for Super I might order a great big steak, a large salad with creamy cesear dressing and veggies with butter and then a Diet Pepsi. I can't stand the regular stuff as I've been drinking diet soda forever. So I'm sure the people in the kitchen think the same thing, "Look at her eating all that really rich, fat food and then drinking a diet coke". I am totally following plan but... others see me like you saw the women at CVS. Too easy to judge.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Happy Monday - What is your mini goal this week, besides the "basics"?
Great goals! Good luck to both of you. Helewis I know I get stuck in a rut just walking and that is a good idea to try and change it up a little bit! Good Luck. Buck Deblo, might I suggest getting some of the Crystal Light (or other brands) water enhancers? Not Drinking Soda is a tough but you can DO IT!!!
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Happy Monday - What is your mini goal this week, besides the "basics"?
Good Morning everyone!! Just wanted to throw a little topic out there about what everyone had for their "mini-goal" this week. I plan to focus on water. I drink water everyday but I don't make the minimum amount. I've decided to number my bottles each day and by the end of the day, I intend to be drinking bottle #8. The other focus is to be happy with my choice to be on this Journey. So many times I look at this like a burden. You know, "Another Diet, Another day I HAVE to eat this". So this week, it is going to be "Today is my Day on this new life and I am going to try new things to eat that will make me healthy" HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!!
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Surprised at low carb ignorance!
I too would write reviews and possibly check with the local newspaper and see if there is a travel site. Were these the owners of the Inn? I would find out and let them know. Yelp is a GREAT site. I use it all the time as I travel so much it is great to find dinner that is recommended by the locals.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Trying to Understand Mayo!
Thank you everyone! I only use Hellmans and the jar says zero. Evie thanks for the heads up on the hidden sugar. I must of just picked the generic "mayo" but once I'm done with this jar I think I will try my own. Thanks again for your responses.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Trying to Understand Mayo!
I just put my recipe for Chicken Salad in the recipe builder and was blown away about the amount of Carbs in Mayo! I thought mayo was sort of a "freebie" on Atkins. You know chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad all have mayo and now I'm wondering if these are too high in Carbs due to the mayo... everyone's thoughts and input would be most appreciated. :?:
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
What Happens When You...
I wanted to add my two cents here as well. If you want dessert, order it and share it with the person you are celebrating with and enjoy. I know if you eat a nice steak, veggies, salad, maybe some broth before dinner and enjoy a drink or two, by the time dessert rolls around you aren't going to want to eat a whole lot. Everyone's posts are so great and just know that YOU CAN DO THIS! Enjoy your day. Enjoy the adventure.
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
know it alls
I'm thinking, who cares? Your Pants are falling OFF! This means that you ROCK! What ever you're doing, keep it up! :badgrin:
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
Remember this is a journey and as the song says "The Road is Long, with many a winding a turn". You just took a short detour. Back at it today and don't beat yourself up. When I start really beating myself up is when I fail. Remember too, this isn't all or nothing. It's about the Joruney. Happy FatSecret Thursday and enjoy the adventure!
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
New Comfort Food
I'm an Atkin(ite) and I love my "Mock-a-Foni and Cheese" I make my old Mac and Cheese and use cauliflower instead of pasta. I love it. Hubby who is wild about THE FLOWER, says it isn't too bad, after eating two helpings!! The trick to the flower taste out is: 1) use fresh Cauli and 2) Cook it in Chicken Broth. If anyone wants the recipe, drop me a line. It isn't low fat, but low carb and great for Atkins. Happy FatSecret Thursday!!
by weirdangel (submitted 5 years ago)
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by slimit on 28 Mar 17 07:14 PM

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