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True food addiction - anyone else?
Lol - I watched the video, but if you're supposed to do that every time you want food, I'd be tapping and humming all day!! :-) I'd probably be insitutionalized within a week. That's what I just don't hear from other people, that makes me wonder if I'm just a total mess - other people talk about cravings here and there or several times a day, but for me, with the exception of early morning, the whole day is one roller coaster of craving - from one thing to the next to the next, and sometimes I don't even know WHAT I want, but just that I want or even NEED something...I never knew how all-encompassing it really was until the first time I was put on phentermine and it all just went away for 3 months. My mind was peaceful and calm, and I had room and energy for things in my life other than food. It was beautiful, and I'll never forget it. Wish I could get back there again. I will try the tapping though! Fortunately my worst time is in the evening - at home, so I'll just warn my family that I'm not crazy - just trying something new - lol!
by tsmamma (submitted 5 years ago)
True food addiction - anyone else?
So, it's only been in the last eight to ten years that I've admitted to myself that I have an addiction to food. I think I was scared to think about it before, and just dealt as best I could, but now that this issue is becoming more real and more PUBLIC, I'm wondering, who else out there feels they struggle with a true addiction to food? In my life, it's defined as the inability to get FOOD out of my head. My days are spent with food thoughts constantly running through my head - when will the next meal be, WHAT will the next meal be? How in the world am I going to stick to the diet today? When will the cravings kick in? Because they ALWAYS do, and they make it ever so much harder. Just seeing a commercial on t.v. sometimes has me literally shaking for want of whatever it was. It's just hideous, and I hate it. Please tell me I'm not alone in this...and does anyone have any tips on how to deal?? :?
by tsmamma (submitted 5 years ago)
Exercise and PVC
I have PVC's too, and learned from a friend who's dealt with it for years that if you take a very deep breath and hold it for a few seconds when you feel them starting, it somehow resets things and stops the palpitations. It really does work. At my heaviest I had several sets that brought me close to blackout, but once I started this technique, I was able to control them before they got that far. And of course, weight loss helps a ton - I've gone from having them every day, to only noticing it once in a while, and they're not nearly as stron and scary. Another thing to check is any meds you may be on. Some medications make them worse. Cutting down on caffeine is a biggie too - although I admit I still have my NECESSARY cup of coffee every morning!! Good luck - I know these can be scary, but from what I can tell after lots of research, they are extremely rarely dangerous. :-)
by tsmamma (submitted 5 years ago)
Salty on Atkins
I tried those zucchini chips, but overcooked 'em. The ones that weren't completely burned were pretty good! Need to try it again...
by tsmamma (submitted 5 years ago)
Salty on Atkins
Need some ideas on what to eat when you're on Atkins and craving salty/crunchy stuff - chips, crackers, etc. As much as I love sweets, it's the salties that are my major downfall...share your ideas?? :?:
by tsmamma (submitted 5 years ago)
I'll second the sugar free Russell Stovers - they have LOTS of varieties and are very good. I also seem to find that having an Atkins shake does the trick for me, because I really like cold and creamy. The Atkins bars are yummy too. Big Train makes quite a few mixes for brownies, cookies, etc that are wonderful - a little high in carbs (4-8g per serving), but still WAAAAY lower than the "real" thing, and every bit as good. I have to guard them whenever I make them, because my family will dispose of every bit of it before I can turn around - it's THAT good! Have done the whipped cream and cocoa thing too - very good. Oh, and Hersheys makes several SF versions of their candies - Reeses and York peppermint patties are my fave's - but if you're sensitive to sugar alcohols, you have to go easy on those.
by tsmamma (submitted 5 years ago)
Atkins Vs Vegetarianism
There's a lot of good pasta swaps to try - you can make zucchini "noodles" and use them with sauces (thinner noodles). pr even make a lasagna out of thicker cuts. Spaghetti squash is awesome with either a red sauce or an alfredo based sauce, and there';s several good ones out there to choose from that are lower in carbs - just check the labels. The shiratake noodles are an option, but i don't suggest the dreamfields pasta - although it is lower in carbs than regular pasta, it is still higher than what's allowed on the Atkins diet, unless you're into the grains rung. Good luck!!
by tsmamma (submitted 5 years ago)
Losing weight sucks!
OMG - that is hysterical!! I was actually thinking along the lines of the tv tray earlie this morning. I've rested my plate on my belly for so long, I don't know what to do without it! Lol!! Just gross!!
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)
Jimmy Johns Unwich Subs
Hmmm, I wonder if it was the TYPE of sandwich I got - AND I did get double meat, but it sounds like it still shouldn't have been THAT much. One thing I have to say - it WAS really good, and filling, and when my 3 year old laid eyes on the remaining half, he thought it was the coolest thing ever! He ate most of the rest of it - lol.
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)
Exercise???Sleeping and resting
It's not an exercise, per-se - they have everything in there that might be a typical activity that BURNS CALORIES - which believe it or not, sleeping and resting do! crazy huh? You can't get rid of it, you just have to replace it with the things you did while NOT sleeping. The whole idea is to track an entire 24 hours at a time. If you input everything you do in a day, it helps give you an idea of whether you need to find a way to include more activity in your awake hours - the more you replace "sleeping" or "resting" with something more active, the better! :-)
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)
Jimmy Johns Unwich Subs
LOL- - I'm not a patient person - went and got one! Takes a bit of getting used to when you're a bread lover, and it was pretty expensive (nearly $9.00!), but tastes wonderful and worth it when you're in a pinch and forgot lunch (like I did). Thanks again!
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)
What Really Causes Heart Disease?
Interesting post! New info is always welcome. Timley too - for me - I'm in the middle of reading "The coconut oil miracle", and it talks all about this very same thing - how chronic inflammation is at the heart of heart disease (no pun intended), as well as what causes it and ways to prevent it. Pretty cool stuff.
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)
Jimmy Johns Unwich Subs
Wow - that is so good to know! There's a Jimmy John's right around the corner from my work, and lunch is sooo hard sometimes! Gonna give it a try! Thanks
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)
birthday cake replacement
Don't know if you've heard of MIM's yet, but I have a recipe for rich chocolate MIM in my cookbook that is a WONDERFUL stand-in for chocolate cake - only 4 gm net carbs for one serving, and topped with some cream cheese, it's just divine. The only drawback is that it's a one-serving recipe, so won't work if you're needing it for lots of folks. But if it's just you...I HIGHLY recommend it!! So rich and chocolatey! :-) BTW - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)
Low carbs and calories?
I've noticed the same thing, although after a while it all evens out. I ate 1600 yesterday with no weight gain - this is after 4 weeks. Most days I do try to stay around 1000 - seems to be what works for me. Just listen to your body, it'll tell you what it needs! :-) Good luck, and hang in there!
by tsmamma (submitted 6 years ago)

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