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If at first you don't succeed try try again
I'm back.....sounds like Jack Nicholson in the Shining, No truly I never left, I just felt to depressed to even write finally I fessed up to my Dr and she put me on antidepressants. It was worth gaining 6 pounds, I feel better so that I can address taking the weight off. She told me to take it a step at a time. I had a nasty yeast infection that was also slowing things down. If you have issues with them, trust me, It is not worth being stupidly stubborn like I was. I hate seeing a doctor so much that I put up with it for 3 weeks. I was in so much agony that I wanted to literally drag my butt doggy style across the carpet. Most of you gals will understand what I am talking about, hope it is not too graphic...anyway I have just a couple more weeks and my last ulcer will be healed, will be able to walk again, do water aerobics and I am sure the weight loss and food plan will fall in place. I like feeling better. The odds unfortunately were stacked against me the last couple of months. but never say never...
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
The Proof is in the Numbers
Way to go!! That is why I think Atkins is sooo awesome. I had the same type of lab results when I had lost 60 pounds on Atkins. I know by using the plan and the support of those who see the value of this lifestyle eating plan, I will be back on the road to health. The weight loss is nice but the older I get, the more I relish and enjoy feeling good. You are truly an inspiration.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Diet Plateaus, ways to address them
Great point about the food pyramid. During the last revision of the food pyramid, the advisory committee considered changing the 1995 recommendation of adhering to a diet "moderate" in salt and sugar to "eating less salt and sugar." The powerful sugar industry fought the change, and the guidelines now tell consumers to "moderate your intake of sugars." (The "less salt" revision stuck.) Lobbyists and representatives of major food companies wield a lot of power in regards to stipulating what is considered "healthy". One of the biggest attacks on the food pyramid is its limitations on consuming healthy fats and total disregard of the existance unhealthy carbohydrates. Not all carbs are created equal!!! lol. Its amusing to see health advocates who had scorned Atkins low carb approach getting on the bandwagon regarding the glycemic index. I agree with both of you that over consumption of processed foods has really been a huge factor in seeing a rise in obesity and diabetes. The so called healthy fruit juices for children are loaded with processed sugars masked as "fructose". I could go off the deep end on this topic. Real food kicks buty any day.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Diet Plateaus, ways to address them
I guess it was my wording in my title. I actually meant to address the first issue,if you arent losing at all and the second issue if you are plateauing. Sorry, I guess when I posted I wasnt completely clear, the anesthesia from my surgery today was probable still affecting me. I am fully aware that they are two different things, I take no offense to you correcting this poorly written section on my part. I wanted to address the plateau since I do believe that Atkins addresses this issue so well. In chapter 20 he talks about metabolic resistance which I think can give people who are struggling some hope. The scale can honestly be a untrustworthy source of verifying weight loss at times. Checking by measurement will give one good results. I use a tight pair of jeans and try them on every few weeks. I usually see some results. I have gone up and down for weeks in my weight before then see dramatic loss sometimes after struggling for weeks to lose. Mostly it is usually due to not monitoring closely the carb intake. Thanks for the correction, I am actually fairly well read on Atkins as well, I tend to use the second book on diabetes more. I have been using atkins for over 6 years now and love to discuss whatver insights others have.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Diet Plateaus, ways to address them
Atkins covers in his book ways to jumpstart your diet if you are stuck and not showing any weight loss. He does point out that plateaus, as in a stop in weight loss, are normal and not uncommon in later stages of weight loss. Causes could be new medication, reduction in activity level, yeast and thyroid problems and food intolerance. Maybe there is a specific food that is stopping you in your tracks. You could be getting sloppy about carb counting or not looking for hidden carbs. If this is not the case and you have ruled out all the above He suggests a fat fast It contains virtually no food except fat, It is calorie controlled as well Please read chapter 20 of "Dr atkins diet revolution" before undertaking this, it actually can be harmful to those who are not metabolically resistant . A food diary may help significantly so that you are truly tracking your carbs. measuring your vegetble intake can help as well. Well I got through my eye surgery with no complications adn tomorrow they will be removing the bandages. I am so excited.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Atkins loved eggs and his cookbook has some wonderful recipes for eggs, the cheese tease omelet is delicious, I will add to my recipes so that you can use it this weekend. I like to bake eggs and if you use soy flour you can make some wonderful muffins that are only 2.5 carbs I will update my cookbook this weekend with these recipes.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
MMMM Coca cola Zero
You are absolutely correct Shannon21 , there are numerous sites on the internet regarding aspartame breaking down not just into formaldehyde but into alcohol!! It is also regarded as being an appetite stimulant due to the way it breaks down in the body. The splenda diet drinks are a little better to imbibe. Folks, water, is still number one. I find the longer I go without drinking sweetened drinks the less I like the taste of them and actually prefer water.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Where R U From????
I am from the Midwest, currently live in Lawrence Kansas, go Jayhawks. Loved living in California. I think I would be happy to live anywhere as long as it is with my wonderful husband(28 yrs and still going strong) You know it is strange, I have been a normal weight , I have been extremely obese, but at all stages, I have always had the acceptance, love and support of my husband. He mostly worries about my health. He thinks I am beautiful no matter what my size. Having his love and acceptance makes me more than determined to get back in shape, right now I would settle for just feeling good again.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Type II Diabetes
If you are undertaking the Atkins diet for your diabetes, the second book "Atkins Diabetes Revolution" and co written by Dr Mary Vernon (my physician) gives one of the best medicial analysis of why the Atkins diet works so well for diabetics. It lambasts the ADA diet and clearly details why so many diets that are low fat but not low carb actually are harmful to diabetics.. The atkins diet is not just about dieting. It is about lifestyle committments for better health. Lets face it, most of us have gained and lost over and over again.For a diabetic it is essential to get good blood sugar control otherwise weight loss doesn't happen and over the course of time life threatening conditions will eventually develop, I hope you get a chance to read it. Keep in mind that the Atkins institute has over 30 years of research. It is not a fly by night fad diet.Atkins first introduced his diet in the early seventies. I think the reason you see so many attacks on this "diet" is because it is contrary to popular and so called medical belief. Atkins believed that the whole diet industry was a scam for profit because it actually promotes weight problems.. Anyway, again, I am not trying to attack other diet orientations here, I just want you as a diabetic to get the information you need. I have been diabetic for over 30 years and Atkins has been a life saver for me. The ADA diet almost killed me.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
thank you all for the support, heres the cheesecake recipe in time for Thanksgiving
Sorry, I didnt get back to you sooner, I use about 2/3 cp of the nonbake splenda. Like I said, I think it depends on how sweet you like your recipe. I made this recipe for Thanksgiving, you just have to watch your portions.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Need to find others with over 100 pounds to lose...
thanks for asking me to be your buddy, I will do my best. I have done the same yo-yo dieting my whole life and it is not good for your health. One of the best things I do for myself is I set small goals instead of looking at the larger scope.I ideally should weigh around 140 but that is over half my body and it seems like an impossible goal. since our weight fluctuates constantly, a. womens weight goes through monthly fluctuations b. if you are on an exercise regimen for body building. c. any hormonal issues such as diabetes. thyroid imbalance etc etc.. but, I try to go for the small victories, a 5 lb loss is a small bag of sugar, its a small bag of potatoes. Lets face it, its great not to carry around a bag of potatoes! One of the hardest things for me was giving up diet soda. You are probable saying why, well I will tell you that I see tremendous changes when I do not drink soda.Most soda actually contain chemicals that stimulate your appetite. dont ask me for the source, I don't remember. I drink lots of water and occasionally add a lemon wedge. Try starting with small changes. A lot of small changes can add up.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
Breakfast ideas
the atkins shakes are great for breakfast, if you put them in the freezer for about an hour they are just like an ice cream shake. Certain cheeses are great and why not have hard boiled eggs, you can make them ahead of time. I am an eat on the run person too in the am. it only takes a few minutes to throw breakfast together, your body will thank you the rest of the
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
thank you all for the support, heres the cheesecake recipe in time for Thanksgiving
you can use either, I like to use the non baking one because it has less carbs. the recipe using real whipping cream and the non bake splenda is just as tasty. You can even make this low fat by using low fat substitutes. I created this recipe by converting a high carb recipe, I basically add the sweetner until it is at the sweetness I like. I use the nut crust for all my low carb pies.
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
thank you all for the support, heres the cheesecake recipe in time for Thanksgiving
Ice box cheesecake 4 pkgs 8 oz cream cheese room temperature 1/2 to 1 cp splenda amount depends on your sweet tooth 2 cps homemade whipped topping (just take cream beat on high for about 2 to 3 minutes or use kool whip regular 2 tubs) less carbs in the real stuff lol crust (I eyeball this,cant say I have ever measured, I slowly add the butter till I get the texture and consistency of a graham cracker crust) grind almonds or pecans, I like mine with some texture about 1 1/3 cps 4 tbs of melted butter 1/4 cp splenda beat cream cheese till smooth with beater, add splena till blended. add whippe toppint till blended spread in crust lined pan, 9 by 11 works I love to put fresh strawberries on top or choose your low carb favorite berries Let this set in the ice box for at least 2 or more hours. This is easy to make and I have many demands for non diet individuals., If your mixture seems to be too thick just add more whipped topping. I am not quite sure what the total carbs are but all the ingredients are low carb,,,just don't eat the whole batch!!lol
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)
back in the saddle again
I am excited to be starting again I have been on and off Atkins diet for over the last 4 years I initially lost 55 pounds but have gained back 20 My current goal is to get down to a weight that I had maintained for many years before I lost a toe due to my diabetes I know I can do it with the Atkins plan My doctor is Dr Vernon who has co-written the Atkins edition dealing with diabetes. She is a tough doctor and is really dedicated to the Atkins weight loss plan as a way of life for diabetics. I can testify that when I follow the plan 100% I am able to go without insulin. My blood panels drop to normal, my blood pressure drops, my good cholestrol goes us and my tryglicerides(sp) are normal What is usually missing is that you dont have a group or buddy system that is there to cheer you on. Doing any life style change by yourself is very difficult I am hoping that joining this site will give me the emotional support I need Intellectually, I have it all together. I have created and used some marevelous recipes over the years I have a wonderful cheesecake recipe that fools even the most diehard cheesecake fan. and it doesnt even have a graham cracker crust....Anyway yahoo for change I want to be healthy again..
by tiamatj (submitted 10 years ago)

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