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How to curb late night eating?
Since I gave up sugar I don't really get that hungry after dinner. To make sure, I brush and floss. No way I'm going to do that twice in one night!
by teskandar (submitted 11 months ago)
Sleeping aids when mind just can't stop working
I sympathize with you all. I haven't slept all night without waking for 10 years, since I started pre menopause. I won't do HRT (estrogen) because of a family history of breast cancer. The hot flashes have tapered off a lot but they still wake me up 2 or 3 times a night. The last 3 weeks the sleeplessness has really amped up since my husband of 34 years left me. I was getting really desperate for some rest and was considering getting a prescription, but I did some googling and decided to try one more thing before going to the Dr. Before you ask, melatonin used to help me fall asleep, but it never helped me stay asleep and gave me really scary dreams. I also tried a glass of wine before bed. Even though I fell asleep more quickly, my quality of sleep was fitful. It turns out alcohol puts you directly into a deep sleep, skipping REM sleep, which interrupts the sleep cycle and prevents restful sleep. Who knew? I'm sensitive to caffeine but love my morning coffee, so I try to stop all caffeinated drinks by noon. If I want a beer or a glass of wine I have it early, around 5 pm along with an early dinner. If my stomach is empty at bedtime I'll eat a tbsp of peanut butter or a cheese stick. At the same time each night (10 pm) I shut off and put away my iPhone and iPad. Electronics that are backlit, in other words provide their own light, trick your brain into thinking it's daytime so it won't release the melatonin needed to fall asleep. I dug out my old kindle which has a little light attached to it but is not backlit, turn off the bedroom light and start reading a good book. I think I'm asleep after two or three pages. Just don't be like me and hold the book over your face. It kinda hurts when it drops on your nose. I still wake up because of the hot flashes, but it's a lot less and I do feel more rested. It's enough that I don't feel desperate enough to try sleeping pills. I call that a win. Thanks for reading.
by teskandar (submitted 2 years ago)
Motivational speech for the new guys!
Cheers Keld! Very good post, especially for the New Year. Good luck and best wishes to all newcomers. :)
by teskandar (submitted 4 years ago)
The 'IT' Food for You?
That would be frosted sugar cookies (homemade). Cannot resist them. Seriously thinking about not making them this year. Haven't baked anything yet this year for the holiday much to the consternation of my five grown children. They know why I'm doing it, for my health, so they are sitting on their tongues but they must be very sore by now. I have always baked and eaten so many treats at Christmas. Very big change for me but don't feel secure enough to bake and not eat them. Looking forward to January actually. Enough temptation is enough.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
Phoenix. Hi!
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
I tried the Green Coffee Bean Extract recommended by Dr. Oz for a month. It didn't make a bit of difference, unfortunately.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
okay thank you.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
Hello Everyone! I received the strangest message in my inbox this morning from a person I have never seen here asking me to contact her and leaving a hotmail address. It was such a generic message my spam antenna went up. ( I use Twitter). When I clicked on her name it took me to a profile of a woman who wanted to gain weight (highly unlikely in my experience) and just joined today. Could it have been spam? Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a place to report it?
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
This is 'Some' Of What I Ate
Personally I have never been successful at losing weight unless I was using a food diary of some kind. In the "old days" I had a notebook and a huge paperback with calorie lists. It was like a thousand pages! You really had to be dedicated to weight loss to slog through those pages several times a day. Compared to that, using the enormous database here on FS is a piece of cake! (sorry dieters) First thing every day I try to click on the exactly button. In some weird way it keeps me more accountable. Not writing it down doesn't mean I didn't eat it. Who am I fooling really? If I gain weight and don't know what happened, I can look for clues in my calendar. If I left something off and forgot that I ate it, how will I know not to make that mistake again if I don't record it? If I see someone ate two hot fudge sundaes, I'm not going to say "Oooooh, what a cheater". If people don't want others to see what they eat, they have the option to make it private. It's the people who eat too little that concern me, not the ones who eat too much now and then. I sincerely hope those 300-500 calorie a day people are eating more than that or they could get sick.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
Are you a Positive or Negative Dieter
Interesting where this post has headed. For the record I like a Tanqueray martini with 2 olives, but not too often. ;) Emotions pretty much fuel my entire existence. Hubby's life is ruled by logic. I am quite chubby (ok, fat) while he is a stick figure. Are these two things related? I believe they are. When he is upset he meditates and listens to music. I eat carbs. Emotions are real and they do influence what we do. Praying comforts me when I remember lost loved ones, but losing this weight is on me.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
Sugar vs protein
some people feel hungry two hours after they eat regardless of what they eat lol. erika2633 is right, protein is the key to staying full longer. there is usually a little fat with the protein which also contributes to satiety and satisfaction which i think is very important when you diet. also, i am insulin resistant and when my blood sugar is hopping around like a jumping bean i am constantly starving! because of this i never eat simple carbohydrates alone any more (ie donuts, cookies, chips). i make sure to have some protein with them. not to imply i'm eating junk food all the time because alas, those days are over. i'm talking about an occasional treat.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
Entering Just Nutritional Information
if you have the nutritional information for your unlisted food, you can go to the food section, type in a description in the search box and when it doesn't show up scroll down a little and to the right you will see the box marked add a new item to the database. make sure you fill out all the starred boxes. sometimes you will find your item was already in the database under a different name. hope this helps. as for the original post question, i don't know of a way of getting around putting in each ingredient individually unless you use something that is already there that is "close enough" to your meal. i've done that once in a while because i do a lot of home cooking.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
weight loss surgery
I understand your reluctance to believe in yourself and try another diet after so many failures (been there too), and of course you must do what is best for your health. Sometimes just one more try is the one that sticks. Checking in with this website once a day if you can manage and reading other peoples struggles and successes can help keep you going. I wish you the best of luck and if there is anything I can do to help please ask. We are all in this together, one day at a time. :)
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
will power
Dolly Pat, I think the problem is your diet. There is too much "diet" food and not enough protein. Your blood sugar levels are a roller coaster ride, and when the levels dip too low it signals your brain to tell you to eat sugar (because that is the only type of food that feeds your brain). Eating some protein with your carbs will keep your blood sugar from going too high then dipping too low. I don't know your situation, but if you don't eat meat, soy is a good protein alternative. Your diet seems really repetitive. You need some variety so that you don't get bored. Take a look at my diet calendar. It might give you a better idea what I'm saying. I am 53 and have been a lifetime dieter, but this way of eating enough protein is working for me when nothing else did. I have lost a few pounds and lots of inches, and more importantly I feel great. I don't crave sweets like I always did, but when I do want something sweet I eat it without guilt. I can eat this way for life. Feel free to contact me if you have questions and good luck to you.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
In Law's .. Help please!!
I went through a similar situation with my mother in law when I was pregnant. I was working during my last trimester and she was visiting from overseas. She was cooking all the meals using a lot of salt. When I went to my Dr. visit after a week I had gained 6 pounds! He had a fit and asked me what had changed. I said my MIL was visiting and cooking all the meals and was very liberal with the salt shaker. He said I was in danger of developing toxemia, had to quit working (so sad I loved my job)and to tell her to cut down on the salt or make my own food. What a bummer. She was very offended at the idea that her meals were dangerous for me and begrudgingly cut back on the salt. What was worse was that I didn't get the full support of my husband. He was a real Mama's boy. The point of this is I hope that your fiance is supportive of you and your diet restrictions. On the days when it's tough for you to eat the right foods, his support can make a big difference. Stand up for yourself. If you don't, who will?
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
How to Chage My Calories
on your FS homepage to the right there is a toolbox. click on diet. scroll down most of the way to adjust my rdi. you can change it based on your activity level, your weight and how much you want to lose per week. hope this helps.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
Don't be a stranger!
the google thing is pretty disturbing. a lot of social sites have privacy settings to keep that from happening while still sharing with members of the community. i didn't see a privacy setting here in my account. does anyone know if there is one? if there isn't, there should be FS.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
My Ravenous Teens Are Eating All My Food!
So many wonderful replies. Thanks all! I do have a costco membership. I couldn't get along without it. My boys eat very healthfully. When they bodybuild they eat every two hours! This is why I never have food when I need to eat, so rather than go to the store again, I eat something I shouldn't. That is my issue, along with the cost. Eating well is not cheap. I'm not really complaining as it's not a terrible problem to have. I just get a little annoyed sometimes. Once, I was out of town for a couple days and nobody grocery shopped so the boys got a beautiful brisket (from costco) out of the freezer and tried to fry it in a pan! After I stopped laughing (and crying, I was really looking forward to some tender bbq brisket) I asked them how it was. They said it was ok, just kinda chewy. lol They needed protein, it was protein, so they ate it. I don't even think they thawed it out first. What a family. Someday when they have moved out with families of their own I will miss these times, but I still would like a little food for myself. :)
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
fatsecret is right? about carb count?
Thanks! I'm going to fix my account right now. :)
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
What's in your CSA box?
I like knowing I'm helping to keep a family farm in business. Small farmers really need our support. It can't be easy competing against big business not to mention other supposed farmers who aren't so ethical. My farmer says he sees people at farmers markets who buy their stuff at Costco and resell it as their own. Horrible. He said they have laws against doing that in California. I wish they would do that here in AZ.
by teskandar (submitted 5 years ago)
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