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Obesity rates still rising in the US
Yes, poverty does probably explain the differences within the US states. It IS really hard to eat healthy with limited income, and add to that possible lack of knowledge on decent nutrition. However, I think the people who say it is laziness are also right. Because how do you explain the higher averages in the US in comparison to other industrialised countries? USA is not poorer than the rest of the world! So laziness is part of it I think, money or no money.
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
Obesity rates still rising in the US
[quote=Phule]The problem I see today is that people choose to take the easy fast food and think that children should decide what they eat! They are children, we don't let them vote, smoke, drink or drive, why on Earth would we let them make their own nutritional decisions? :shock: [/quote] Excellent point!! I never thought of it that way! I don't have kids yet but when I do, they'll eat exactly what I put on the table and nothing more or less. I will manage the family's nutrition on a week to week basis (based on non-treated foods, having enough fish and veggies and not too much meat, etc) just like I would manage the financial household budget without letting my kids interfere with that!
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
Close to goal - help!
Hi all, many thanks for the advice! The change in my appearance is a little unsettling to most I guess - at times to myself too! It's weird! I've now decided to just do this for me - even if it's against the current. Well, no part of dieting is ever easy anyway. Good luck to you all!
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
Keeping My Sanity
I trained for and ran a 20k race and continued to do sports after that as part of my diet. All while smoking. I'm quitting now and hope it'll make the sports part of my diet easier. Hopefully it won't make me want to eat more cause then I'm really done for. Why do I have to work so HARD to make myself healhy!! Hehe. Next thing to tackle is nailbiting. Anyway, wish me luck cause I sooo wanna smoke!!
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
Close to goal - help!
I am close to goal weight, but it’s becoming very hard now cause while people congratulate me for having lost 21 kg, they are now starting to say I am fine like this and do not need to lose anymore. My boyfriend thinks I am emaciated and is begging me to stop dieting. I could stop now, cause my BMI is healthy, I feel great about how I look, and am so proud of my achievement. But I feel curious to be thin, I’ve always been overweight and want to see if I can do this, besides I’m on a roll, and 21kg lost is a lot of effort to make if I will then stop at a place where I’m no longer overweight, but also not thin. And my goal is still a BMI of 21, which is well in the 18-25 healthy range, so it’s not like I’m being obsessive and unrealistic. What should I do? Do this for me and ignore everybody who cares about me? Or be happy now instead of never being quite satisfied with the result? Are people afraid to see a different person if I’m not my usual curvy self? How have you dealt with his?
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
I am AWESOME because....
I am awesome because I ran a 20km race in 2h12 mins for charity, this is something I never knew I could do. Every time I trained, I imagined myself crossing the finish line. I also imagine what I will look like when I am at goal weight. But the truth is, I already feel fantastic now. That is just AWESOME.
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
Weigh ins....
I weigh in weekly at WeightWatchers. Occasionally I'll weigh myself during the week to see how I'm doing, but it's risky as it can wreak psychological havoc! :-) To me it doesn't make much sense to weigh in every day, cause so many things affect the weight (Did I go to the bathroom before? Have I had a meal yet that day? Did last night's meal digest rapidly? Did I just drink lots of water after working out? Am I stressed?). So I ratehr just see an average over a period of time than agonise over daily fluctuations that could even have been caused by non-diet related factors.
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
Short-term Goals
I started dieting at 87 kg. My first goal was for the scale to show seventies instead of eighties. Then I was doing so well I thought I'd get my BMI in check. By the time I made that goal I was at 71kg. I was healthy but felt I could do better in terms of clothes sizes: I set my goal to 65, the least I had ever weighed as an adult. Now I'm there and I am so on a roll! I've revised my goal yet again to 60, and 'm breaking a personal barrier cause I've been overweight my whole life and I'm now proving it is in fact possible for me to be thin! After that I'm stopping, and the challenge will be maintenance. So small goals rule cause you can impress yourself, reward yourself, and push yourself to go further than you ever thought. All of these are positive emotions, rather than having a huge number hanging over your head that hardly seems to budge as you go along!
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
Why are you overweight?
I was overweight because I enjoy life, and therefore food. I'm not really into sports, I'm more the creative type. Also, I never had issues with my body so I didn't mind being a bit chubbier all my life. So I didn't have a negative experience with my weight at all, it was just the way I was. Then I went to college in the USA and after that moved in with my boyfriend. Over that period of 6 years I gained about 20 kilos. Not because of sweets or junk, but rather the quantities which were too big for the sedentary lifestyle I had. By the end, I did start feeling embarrassed about my body. That was sort of new to me, so I decided I had crossed a line. Now I am down to the thinnest I've ever been (still not THIN really). People think I can stop dieting now. But I'm doing so well, so I figure I'll keep going some more. Who knows, maybe I can be skinny after all? That would be a real identity shock as I have always been chubby all my life, and that's how I and everybody else knows me. It's too weird to imagine!
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
When people don't notice your weight loss
I think some people don't want to say "you look nice! have you lost weight?" cause it implies that they think I looked ugly before... I would never comment on the looks or body of a colleague or acquaintance. Only friends, and I would only say "you're looking nice lately". I guess it's cultural, in Europe we just don't dish out as many compliments as in the US... plus side is it protects us from being offended when we don't receive a compliment! Just be patient, it often takes more pounds for others to notice than for you to notice. Lose weight for yourself, not for recognition (because once the weight is off and stays off, the compliments will eventually dry out anyway, what will be your motivation then??), and feel great. That will leave a much bigger impression on people than a few centimeters off your waist. They might not be able to pinpoint what it is ("new hairdo?") or mention it if they did (embarrasment, consideration, envy) but they will notice a change in you for the better.
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)
How Much Weight Did You Lose Before Everyone Else Noticed?
Sadly, the more overweight you were before starting, the more you have to lose before people start noticing. I lost about 12-15 kilos before anyone besides my boyfriend and my mum noticed. But then again, my boyfriend thinks I'm emaciated now (yet my BMI is a plump 23 and I'm not yet at goal weight)
by tamira_gun (submitted 7 years ago)

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