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If you are eating Atkins Induction, you want to make sure your daily menu includes plenty of healthy fats, <20-25 carbs of grams, and sufficient (but not too much) protein. Your body converts excess protein into glucose via gluconeogenesis, which raises blood sugar, which increases insulin production, which prevents the fat cells from releasing glucagon,....which keeps us fat. I recommend this video featuring Gary Taubes: [url= We Get Fat[/url]. Good luck and keep trying, finding out what works best for you, a way of eating that you can enjoy for a lifetime!
by smcred (submitted 5 years ago)
Best Diet Plan??
Sunshine6442 wrote: [quote]eating too much salt boosts the production insulin,[/quote] I thought eating too many carbs (sweets/starches) raised blood sugar and increased insulin production. Salt raises blood sugar?
by smcred (submitted 5 years ago)
Best Diet Plan??
Cut out sugar, sugary beverages, fast food, and processed food-like products. After that, there are many different ways of eating healthfully. Experiment until you find one you can do for the rest of your life. Allow yourself to discover a new way of eating and living:-) I eat low carb/high fat ketogenic, whole foods as much as possible. and I'm experimenting with Intermittent Fasting: fast 18 hours (8:00pm-2:00pm) feed window 6 hours (2:00pm-8:00pm).
by smcred (submitted 5 years ago)
Tell me about the Atkins diet
Hi, Diannem65! Low carb (Atkins is one proponent) done right, the pros--after Induction--are no hunger, lots of energy, increased health, and weight loss. I recommend staying away from processed foods completely and sweeteners (artificial or "natural") as much as possible. Google "Atkins," "low carb," and "LCHF" for more info. Good luck:-)
by smcred (submitted 5 years ago)
fruit: can you live without it?
I mostly HAVE to live without fruit because it triggers my sugar cravings. One banana leads to two to three to . . . stop me! The fruit we have today has been bred to be much sweeter than the fruit our ancestors ate. If I could only get it seasonally for a short time, I'd probably be fine. I find I can responsibly enjoy berries, which I like to eat with full-fat Greek yogurt.
by smcred (submitted 5 years ago)
Brand new start.
Good luck! I hope you find a plan you can live with:-)
by smcred (submitted 5 years ago)

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by adventureboy on 13 Jul 18 07:25 PM

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