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Questions to all other low-carb dieters...
I am hooked on the recipies of Dana Carpender. She is a "low carb for life" advocate and has a web site where she writes a blog. In one of her blog posts she mentions a conversation that she had with a nutritionist. The nutritionist said that any diet that restricts an entire food group is a fad diet. She apparently felt quite strongly about this statement. Dana posed the question to her "what about vegetarianism? Is that a fad?" The nutritionist was taken aback and replied that she had never looked at it that way. Vegetarianism is much more accepted than low carb is, which I think is wrong. Those of us who are low carb lifers just need to "march to our own drummer" and do what makes our bodies feel good.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Need Energy
1. Make sure that you are taking a good multi-vitiamin. 2. Make sure that you are eating enough. 3. Exercise (at least a little). 4. If all else fails, have some coffee. I add 1 T of heavy cream and 1 packet of SteviaPlus so that it only adds 1 carb to may daily total. You may experience several days (2-5) of low energy when starting this plan. This happens because your body is "addicted" to the bad carbs. If it gets too bad, bump your carb intake up to 25 grams and see if that helps. If that makes you feel better stay there for a few days and then try and go back down to 20. One final thing...make sure that you are getting enough sleep, it really can make a huge difference when you are making a big change like this.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Beginner in need
Take the advice to eliminate all "bad" food items from your home. If you have a family it won't hurt them to lower their carb intake a bit. Not eating things full of sugar and white flour will benefit their health as well. You have to view this like a junkie getting off their drug of choice. Amazingly, once you stop eating that stuff the cravings disappear. Good luck to you, you CAN do this.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Fast Food Carb Counts
Beware of the Subway wraps. They used to have a low carb wrap but it is now high carb. I emailed the company to complain and they were less than sympathetic. I've heard that some Subways may still have the low carb version but I don't know if that is true. I guess that you have to ask about it, but then I'm not sure I would trust the workers to know for sure. The Quizno's black and blue salad is pretty low carb if you order it without the flatbread and dressing (6 net carbs). Add a dressing that is low carb and you're good to go!
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Just joined - all support Welcome!
I have found that the majority of the nay sayers have never read the book or attempted to gain a real knowledge of the Atkins plan. If ever you are in doubt about the correct diet to eat, I recommend that you read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" by Gary Taubes. I have only read the first three chapters so far and it is quite eye opening. Welcome to the site and I hope that you do well on Atkins again.:d
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Cheating should not be an option because all it does is set you back. Even if you don't gain weight it can alter your fat burning metabolism and then you are back at square one. It takes a few days for your body to switch to a fat burning metabolism from a sugar burning metabolism, but the reverse is NOT true. Stay strong and avoid the temptations. Review the food list in the book and look at what you can use to put together healthy, filling, low carb snacks and meals. Once you are in premaintenance you may be able to allow yourself a "cheat" here and there to see how your body responds. It very well may bring back cravings with a vengance. It would serve you well to view all of those bad foods as "poison" as Sararay said. The reason Americans are suffering from epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other issues is because of a diet filled with sugar and white carbs.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
When the scale doesnt budge
This really is an excellent article. I think that they should also have mentioned the birth control pill under the HRT part as I believe it has the same effect for many women as HRT in inhibiting weight loss.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
I gained two pounds!
Are you journaling your foods? This can be a real help to ensure that you really staying at the appropriate carb level. Also, are you drinking your water? You may want to look at portion size and make sure that you aren't going overboard there. If nothing else you could try weighing and measuring out your food for several days so that you get a good idea of what the proper serving sizes look like. Most of us overestimate how much food is in a given serving size. If you didn't take your measurements in the beginning, do so now so that you can track those weekly. Seeing the measurements go down when the scale doesn't can really help keep you going.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
You can slice them very thin and put on sandwiches (either the kind with low carb bread, lc wraps, or lettuce leaves). One use for them that I truely love is guacomole (sp). This is great as a topping for meats or a veggie dip. If you make low carb tortilla chips you can dip those in it too (post Induction). I would recommend putting a little guac on a broiled chicken breast with a little shredded cheddar or sour cream.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
It is mentioned on page 144 in the end of chapter tips, "Limit sweeteners to three packets a day." It does not state this in the section on sweeteners, just in the end of chapter tips. My book is the 2002 paperback version.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
The original poster did not ask for induction friendly snacks, just Atkins friendly snacks in general. During induction I like to take either turkey or ham and spread cream cheese over it and roll it up. These roll ups can also be used for light meals. As Sararay mentioned, you can put cream cheese in the celery for a nice crunchy snack (or just eat the celery plain).
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Celery with sugar free peanut butter is one I like to have when in the mood for something crunchy. Olives or marinated mushrooms are also a good snack. When I want something sweet I eat a few sugar free chocolates or have an Atkins bar. Another sweet treat is Swiss Miss diet hot cocoa (only 3 net carbs). Sometimes I use the small LaTorilla Factory tortillas to make tortilla chips. You coat them with cooking spray (both sides), sprinkle on some salt, cut into chips (I do 8 pieces per tortilla), place on baking sheet and bake at 400 between 8 and 12 minutes (depends on your oven). Chips should be lightly browned when done. They are a little chewier than regular tortilla chips but they taste pretty good. One tortilla is only 3 net carbs so keep track of how many you eat!
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
I make a protein smoothie most every morning for breakfast. Here are the ingredients: 1 cup water 1 packet Stevia Plus 1 tablespoon ground flaxseed 1 tablespoon flaxseed oil (I use Barlean's) 2 tablespoon heavy cream 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract Cinnamon to taste 1 scoop whey protein powder (Use a low carb powder) 8 ice cubes I put everything except the ice in the blender and once it is blended pretty well I add the ice cubes. This doesn't get thick but it does get sort of icy. I buy my protein powder at Walmart. Body Fortress brand and it only has 1 carb per serving. I calculated that this smoothie comes in at 1.8 carbs and I find it to be pretty filling. I was on the Fat Flush plan for a while so that is why I use the flaxseed and flax oil. It is one of those MUFA's and it is also full of healthy Omegas. I've noticed that my skin seems so much healthier since I started using it so when I went back to Atkins I decided to keep the flax.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Any suggestions?
You could make your own croutons out of low carb bread. Trader Joes has a sprouted grain bread that is only 4 net carbs per slice and comes in wheat, 7 grain, and rye varieties. I buy this bread for my family and they love it AND it cuts down their white carb intake. When you make the croutons just note how many cubes you are getting per slice of bread so that you can accurately count the carbs you are adding to your salad.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
feeling like snacking
I try and reserve a couple of carbs for an after dinner snack in my carb allowance for the day. This could be anything Atkins friendly and just a small amount. Sometimes I will drink my carbs and have tea or one of my new favorites, Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa. The diet variety only has 3 net carbs and does satisfy the old chocolate craving. Part of the snacky feeling could be because you are bored. Find some activity to get your mind off of food. Something active is best, but anything that distracts you will work.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
What are your top 5 motivators for losing this weight that you can't do at your current weight?[/
1. To feel better about my body. 2. To be able to wear all of my clothes (not at the same time :lol: ) 3. To remain healthy. 4. To feel more energetic. 5. To feel sexy again.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Be careful of the steaks. Often they are cut thick (at least at the grocery stores I shop at) and weigh a pound or more!! Try to find steak cuts that you like that are closer to the half-pound mark. If big steaks are all that is available then cut into smaller servings after cooking. Leave out the serving you are going to eat and put the rest in the fridge for lunch or a quick dinner. Add a bagged salad mix (lettuce not complete salads) and you have a great Atkins friendly dinner!
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
atkins vs. south beach diet
I haven't read the South Beach Plan but I believe the main difference is that you get to have more carbs during phase 2 of South Beach than you do on Atkins. I think that the maintainence phases of both plans are also very similar but again SB allows for more carbs (primarily from veggie and whole grain sources) than Atkins. I also believe that both plans restrict all WHITE carbs permanently as both authors agree regarding how bad these are for the human body.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
bummed out
Since you are not able to bear weight on your knee your options are pretty limited. If you are on physical therapy I would ask the therapist if there is anything that they recommend. You may want to consider some stretching exercises and either weights or an exercise band to work your upper body. If you are on crutches I would suggest walking as much as you can with them as that should also be a fairly good work out. Be very careful not to re-injure the knee so that you can get back to normal sooner. Following the diet should help you a bunch, just make sure to reduce portion sizes a bit since you aren't as active as you normally would be. Hang in there!
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
Milk or Milkesq products
Here in the US we have a product produced by Hood called Calorie Countdown dairy beverage. It is very much like milk and is low carb (used to be called Carb Countdown). It comes in 2%, skim, and chocolate varieties.
by slease (submitted 10 years ago)
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