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I don't know why, but lately nothing satisfies me. I crave or I think I crave stuff like chocolate cake. I allow myself to eat what I crave but it never really tastes that good. Even though it doesn't taste that good, I still want to eat a lot more of it. I never feel satisfied with the food I eat. Why? What should I do? :?
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
How can I tell my husband that I want to be vegetarian again? I don't want him to think I am crazy or just doing it to lose weight. I have to say that I do like the taste of some meats, but I just can't stand to think of it raw! I don't know how my husband will respond and I don't know how I can cook meals for the both of us. He loves meat and wouldn't give it up for anything! Please Help! :?
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
help me out please searchin for a recipie
You could check on "allrecipes" web site. They have a Chicken and Brussels Sprouts Casserole recipe on there.
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
Colors on Weight History Chart
I guess it just goes by how close you are to your goal weight. I just know that red is not good!
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
How Does Your Diet Compare tool?
I think it looks like others eat less because they don't always enter exactly what they ate all day.
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
Things That Aren't So Healthy..that I Can't Live Without :d
Oh yeah...Wine! :d I love chocolate too! My weakness is TCBY frozen yogurt, I could eat it everyday! I also like cappuccino, so I get coffee from the gas station and give it a shot of cappuccino. 8)
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
fruits and veggies!!
I like to eat english muffins with peanutbutter and banana on top. I usually cut up an apple or orange to take to work to snack on. When I make spaghetti, I always throw in extra onion, tomato, zucchini, garlic or anything else laying around. My friends mom always cuts up apples for her salads, maybe you would like that. If I feel like I have been unhealthy, I will only eat a big bowl of veggies for lunch. Check out the recipes in the "Kitchen" maybe you can get some ideas there. Good Luck! 8)
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
How tall is everyone???
I am only 5'1.5" and yes the .5" is important! People think I am skinny but since everything is compressed, I don't look that good. I always make fun of myself and say I have cankles. I also am blessed with big saddle bags from my mother. :oops:
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
Upcoming Surgery
I am going to have surgey on my foot in about a month, and I am not allowed to have any high impact on my foot for the next 3 months! :? I am really worried about becoming a couch potato! Any input on some exercises I can do?
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
When I drink too much caffine, I feeling really jittery and sick. I end up having to eat more to counteract the caffine. I would say, think of the chocolate treat you want the most, and then eat it. I like TCBY chocolate soft serve! I'm not saying eat a whole chocolate cake, but just a slice is not going to send you off the deap end. Treat yourself to one treat a day. The best thing is probably just a chunk of dark chocolate. Sometimes I eat way to much junk and it really makes me mad at myself, but I try to work out enough to burn off the extra calories. Exercise is what works best for me and it makes me less angry at that TOM. :evil: Good luck!
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
"I can make you thin"
I think a mix of diets work for me. I also try to switch things up once in a while, to keep me in the right direction. I refuse to just eat what ever I want! If I did that I would eat chocolate cake for every meal. I try to stick to a low calorie diet, but when I try to stop eating when I feel full, I end up aeting even fewer calories. No matter how much food I cram in my mouth at one sitting, I am still going to be hungry again in a few hours anyways. I try to split my meals up and save some for later. I think Paul McKenna helped me to realize that I have an emotional eating problem and I have a problem with over eating. I like listening to my body for a change. I agree with taking every diet idea or tip with a grain of salt. Not all advice will pertain to all people. Thanks for the replies! :d
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
"I can make you thin"
I have watched this show and I've read all the things on the web site for the show. I am very leary of this diet plan! How can you eat anything you want to eat, just stop when your full, and lose weight? I think Paul McKenna has some good exercises, but I can't see this working for me! :doubt:
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
happy and sad
I have stopped losing weight, mainly because I have been eating too much. I was sad when I got on the scale and seen I had gained a couple pounds, but then I measured myself and was happy to see that I was smaller! :d It motivated me to get back on track, and I realized that I have many days ahead of me - it isn't the end of the world!
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
I suffer from bad knees and a bad lower back. I have done physical therapy for both. I would suggest stretching for both problems, just make sure you don't hurt yourself and hold each stretch for 30 seconds. For bad knees, I would only run on the eliptical. You have to be careful with your knees because you could be grinding away the cartilage and it really doesn't grow back. For the lower back, I have been doing little strengthening exercises for my lower abdominals. A lot of the exercises involve drawling in my belly button to touch my spine, and stretching my hamstrings. My back is feeling better, but I have had knee problems for a few years now. I guess it is a pain you have to manage with.
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
People say they love you
It took me a while to realize that I was being extremely mean and hurtful to my own husband. I would become sick just by watching him eat all the junk he ate. I would say "your eating again!?" I didn't know how to express my loving concern to him, so instead I ended up just putting him down. He is over weight and is at risk of getting diabetes. I just want him to be healthy. I never ment to hurt him and I am sure that your loved ones do not mean to hurt you. You should try to be the bigger person and nicely tell them that they hurt your feelings. Try to tell them ways that they can be a positive influence in your weight loss journey. Be strong and you show them that beauty is not only on the outside. It sounds like they are no Jessica Albas either, if they treat you like this. You can't satisfy everyone, not even the ones you love. Just satisfy yourself! Keep that chin up! 8)
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
maintaining weight
I am able to lose weight easily, but staying at one weight has never worked for me. I guess my body will let me know when it is done losing. I will just have to even out my calorie range and exercise, I guess. :?
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
Someone please guide me
When I groccery shop, I will pull my cart off to the side before going to the check out counter. If I have junk food in the cart I pull it out and throw it on the nearest shelf and when I get to the check out counter, I grab a magazine to read so I don't stare at the candy until i cave. Maybe you can try nuts instead of chips if you want a salty snack. I know they are high in fat, but I believe it is a healthy fat. Make sure that you have small portions if you snack on junk. Maybe limit youself to one snack per day or every-other day until you cut it down to once a week. If you think about snacking, do 10 push ups before you eat, make yourself earn it. Keep your head up!
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
Hostess Cupcakes
I tried Hstess chocolate cupcakes yesterday and I have to say I am dissapointed! They smelled amazing but I thought they were tough and not very tastey. I was even really hungry when I ate them, I thought that would make me like them more. After i ate them I wanted a real cupcake! :?
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
Glucose level web site
This was a very helpful site! Thank you! :d
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
Silly discussions only!
I didn't notice that I had gained weight until my girlfriends boyfriend said "you look thicker than last year." What a jerk! I went home and looked at myself in some pictures and realized I looked sloppy. When I am at a healthy weight, I wear nicer clothes. When I am over weight, I wear big jeans and baggy T-shirts. I always think I am too fat to wear shorts in the summer, but then I will see other girls that are bigger than me in short shorts. They look good and happy and confident. I wish I had an ounce of confidence. That is what makes a person attractive! I am just happy that women have moved beyond the tight corset!
by skitz600 (submitted 9 years ago)
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