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Frustrated, but never hungry
I think atkins can be a good diet to start with. I did it once and lost a lot of weight quickly but it isnt one that you can maintain for a long time at least I couldnt. You also have to be careful that you eat "clean protien" and make sure to eat the veggies allowed too. Most people don't, they hit the bacon and eggs and the steak and burgers with cheese, which is fine for a short period of time but if you did this for a long period you can have serious cholesterol issues and even liver malfunction from the protien intake. You really need to switch to something else for maintenance. You don't have to starve when counting calories. You can reduce them slowly until you get to the amount you need to lose weight. It's just that most people don't want to start there because they want the quick fix. Once your body is used to a lower calorie intake you will be satisfied at that amount. Your body will never adapt to having no carbs and burning straight fat for energy-ketosis is basically a state of shock. I'm not saying no one should ever do it. It works well to lose weight in a short period of time. I'm just saying if this is something you plan on doing for a lifetime you should look at the health risks.
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
For Women Only! -----> Vertical Clitoris Hood Piercing
OMG lol. I say whatever makes you feel hot go for it! Ferlengheti you lost me when you said "crunchy pain" lol. I dont think I will ever have the courage to endure that but kudos to those who do. I wouldnt mind the waxing because shaving everyday is annoying but I'm not sure I could stand to let it grow out enough to get it done. How long does it have to be? and how long does it last when you get it done?
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
Has anyone ever been told???
That really sucks! I'd say " I hope I'm the only person you have said that to, and I'm only telling you this because I'm your friend and I wouldnt want you to get your @#$ kicked for being rude"
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
is there a way to get rid of the jitters? like fast?
If your sugar drops too quickly you can get the jitters. What kind of diet are you on?
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
Okay so far none of the groups have anyone in them. I need a buddy for ideas and acountability. I'm only on day two and I'm feeling hungry!
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
Normal blood pressure and overweight???
It has a lot to do with where you carry the weight. If you carry it in your belly and core area you are at a higher risk than if you carry in the hip and buttocks area. It also depends on salt retention and how your body reacts/overreacts to salt intake. Being overweight can trigger salt sensitivity. You can have normal blood pressure and be overweight. It just raises your risk factor for having hypertension in the future. Age plays a part too.
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
5 lbs to go!
Thats so awesome! Nothing like going shopping and having things fit like they used to after all the hard work.
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
I need some help on something, idea's?
There is nothing you can rub on your skin thats going to get rid of subcutaenous belly fat and although working your core can build muscle and increase metabolism a bit, it can actually cause your stomach to appear larger if you do that alone. You can build a perfect six pack and still not see it for the amount of fat covering it. Low Carb diets are the best for losing weight and not having a bloated stomach, but truthfully there is no diet that will enable you to spot reduce. If you want the weight of there, you will have to lose everywhere. The best thing to do is pick a diet that you can stick to and lose it gradually.
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
Normal blood pressure and overweight???
What exactly do you mean? Whether it contributes to high blood pressure?
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)
any people who are not tempted?
Its always hardest the first few days/weeks because your feeling the pain of denying yourself the pleasure of the yummy food you want but not seeing the results of your actions yet. I just ask myself every time I'm tempted "do I want this donut more than I want my flat stomach?" In the begining you have the little devil sitting on your shoulder saying "If you resist that one donut you will not be thin" Sometimes I have cut a small piece of it and eaten it really slowly rather than deny myself completely but once you have lost some of the weight it seems easier because now I'm scared to sabatosh all that I have done. I think of it kind of like the show hoarding where the people cant get rid of the item because its too painful and then once they do it once, feel the pain of it and then realize its short lived they can do it again easier. It is much easier to walk into a 7-ll to pay for gas and see the glazed donuts begging you to take them home and have to resist until you get back in your car than to have to see them for an entire day. Try asking your co-workers to not let you know about it. Just tell them you are really serious about losing weight for your health and that you are still weak when it comes to temptation and you understand that they have the right to eat what they want but if they could help you out by keeping them out of sight they would be doing you a really big favor.
by skinnydentalassistant (submitted 6 years ago)

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