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How Much Water Do You Drink?
100oz per day is my goal, but I live at altitude (5280 ft) and am doing CrossFit. If you are at lower altitude, you wouldn't have to drink so much; suggested is 1/2 ones body weight, in ounces. My doctors says urine should be 'almost odorless, almost colorless', lol. :)
by runnette (submitted a year ago)
Reasonable - ish fast food options please
I don't know where you live, but some chains have the nutritional information on their websites, so once you find restaurants that have food you can have, then you may want to try looking it up online. I go for either Starbucks' protein plate (I don't eat the bread in there, though) or Qdoba/Chipotle burritos -- I order them naked (no tortilla), no rice, black beans, extra chicken, salsa and guacamole -- no starch or dairy at all. On Qdoba's website, you can customize your own burrito and it will calculate the nutrition for you. Consider it a new adventure! Have fun with it! :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Are you hungry after you work out?
The two hours following a workout is when the body is most ready to absorb nutrients and put them to work repairing the muscles, etc. Protein is a MUST to build muscle mass (which burns more calories!) ... even 1/2 a chicken breast on a small bed of salad greens would do it (easy on the dressing). But don't not eat ... you are teaching the body to NOT burn calories by not eating.
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
What Do You Love About Your Life?
I love this quote: What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from. ~ T. S. Eliot (Happy New Year, everyone!)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Magic bullet saves the day!
I want one! A friend of mine says she has one she can give me, but I don't think I can wait until she digs it out of her basement/attic/wherever it is. It would have come in really handy when I made Paleo pancakes this morning. I wonder if it's on sale somewhere ... ?
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Anyone to be my Buddies?
Just sent you a buddy request. Looking forward to supporting each other! :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
What would you choose??? nutrition quiz
The app is called Calorie Counter ... it's saved my butt many times at chain restaurants, haha. :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Top Tips!!!!
1. Food Diary 2. Resistance Training, 2x as often as cardio (whatever the workout schedule is) 3. Give yourself a break when you go off-plan; it's not an all-or-nothing mission ... it's the development of new habits for a lifetime. It takes practice. :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Cheese, Anyone?
I can't stand the extent to which our government and big business are such a large part of the obesity problem in this country. It's not so much about the products they produce -- they have a right to make a buck, just like everyone else -- but the lies that go into the promotion of the products just make me ill.
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Left Over Halloween Candy....
My friend's nephews use that dental program that @Eric and @Geo mentioned -- they sell their candy to their dentist -- they get $1 per pound -- and then it gets donated to the troops. Last year, one of the boys made $13. :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Favorite Holiday Traditions
This year, I will miss my aunt and my grandmother, both of whom died this year. They each had a special dish they made during the holidays. At Thanksgiving, my aunt used to make a dessert called 'Dutch Pudding', which was layers of baked meringue, with french vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, and raspberry gelato, whipped cream and cherries. Thank God she taught my mom and I how to make it! At Christmas, my grandmother would always served creamed chicken on English muffins for Christmas breakfast. She always made it ahead of time and froze it. But this year, she hadn't done it yet and my mom says she's done it a few times, so hopefully we will be able to have it in my grandmother's honor. I'll have to learn that one! It will be bittersweet holidays this year, but we are all looking forward to being together as always.
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
What Do You Love About Your Life?
You guys are so inspiring! I love it!! :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Anyone looking to maintain or have just a little to lose?
I've got 3 left to my goal weight, and might want to take off another 5 ... sent you an invitation. :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Why Women Should Train with Weights!
Love this thread. I have had a membership to a gym for 3 years, but never did anything except cardio and the occasional situps on the ball or something. I was mostly running for exercise, but only my legs got stronger. This year I started with a trainer (not with that gym, tho) and am doing almost all strength/resistance training using body weight, occasional free weights and kettle bells. Big improvement everywhere in such a short period of time. It's so cool to see. Based of this thread, I might try one of those BodyPump classes ... my formerly injured shoulder can probably take it now. :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
This is a great thread! Props to the DD girls! :D 5'5" 133 lbs 6-8 pants M-L shirt (34DD) 34.5 waist
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Quiz Time
I don't think one is healthier than the other, but based on *just* these numbers and what you said they contain (fresh vegetables, dairy, fruit), I would say that neither has enough protein in it ... but that's just based on the plan I am following personally.
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
Where is everyone from?
Hello all ... I live in Denver, Colorado, and I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA. I'm fortunate to live in a place that places a high value on health and fitness, so there is no shortage of great chain grocery stores (Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, Sprouts, Vitamin Cottage), a lot of mom-and-pop local markets, plus farmers' markets as well. So great to find out where everyone is from! I love that this is a worldwide conversation here on FS. Thanks, @Hoser, for starting it! :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
sun crystals
I used to be a big Coffee Mate / International Delight person, but now that seems soooo sweet to me, like K8 mentioned ... these days, I do half-n-half, and then a packet or two of Sugar in the Raw, or sometimes honey if that's all I have around.
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
What Do You Love About Your Life?
Awesome guys! I love it! Thanks for participating. Share the thread with your buddies, and feel free to post here whenever the mood hits you ... more, more, more! :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
What Do You Love About Your Life?
Woo-hoo! :)
by runnette (submitted 3 years ago)
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