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Emotional eaters - and resulting yo-yo weight?
I am such an emotional eater and it's totally premeditated, too. If something upsetting happens the first thing I think is, lets get the oven going and make some mac n cheese, or cake, or pie.
by roseomg (submitted 4 months ago)
To OP: that's a pretty long journey but you've already got a good start. Hope that you found some insight form this thread, there are a lot of more well versed people on the subject, I now see. Sk1nnyfuture, when you say brushing your body do you mean exfoliating (like a sugar and olive oil scrub) or do you mean literally brushing with a hair brush type thing? To everyone else, I'm sorry that I was naive and my initial response was sort of lame. I think toning will help a little bit, though!
by roseomg (submitted 5 months ago)
I want to say that toning will help to get rid of it but I don't know for sure.
by roseomg (submitted 6 months ago)
so far good
Hey, good luck with your diet and congratulations on that 3 pounds! I think those first initial pounds of water weight are really fun to monitor because they come off so quickly and can super charge your enthusiasm for the long run. Best advice I can give you for the junk food cravings is not to go hungry. Eat low calorie high nutrient food until you're super full (For instance, I can eat a whole head of lettuce with other veggies for lunch sometimes. I'm weird). and eat often. When I'm full and feeling comfortable I don't have those cravings for crisps and snacks (oh boy do I love them, so this is a huge statement for me!) Good luck, hope the rest of your day goes well!
by roseomg (submitted 7 months ago)
Long Term Maintenance is Futile?
Hello Forum, I have a question that has been on my mind recently. A few weeks ago I was perusing the internet and I found a body acceptance blog that seemed to have a lot of good insight about body image and body acceptance. For the most part I had no problems with the writing, however they hit one of my insecurities when I read an article about how weight loss is almost always temporary and inevitably gained back in the long term. They cited many studies about how no matter how much a person lost, ten years later they would be back at their starting weight or higher. Here is the website, link to the specific article: My question is to the validity of these statements, is this true for all? I've worked very hard to lose weight, and I plan to maintain a healthy lifestyle and comfortable weight long term.. How do you guys feel about this article, in general? I can't put my finger on why exactly it bothered me...
by roseomg (submitted 7 months ago)
Strategy for an "appetizery" evening out?
Do not skip meals. It sounds like a good idea, but really you'll just be famished by the time you get to the party and eat more. Eat some really low cal high fiber meals and you'll feel satisfied, making it easier to moderate. I would also go with Draglists advice and worry about eating lighter the next day. One party will not break you!
by roseomg (submitted 7 months ago)
What time of day to weigh
I record in the morning, but sometimes I like to check at night just to see what the difference is. Occasionally I weigh several pounds more at night which is crazy!
by roseomg (submitted 7 months ago)
Are you a "fattie"?
Hmm, on a semi related note, I live in the USA and today I heard a commercial on the radio that had menacing music in the background and went like this, "Are you overweight or obese? You don't need a fad diet or exercise.... You need a doctor. Call (the name of the hospital) today and get yourself sorted out. With the proper pills and operations our leading specialists will be on your side 100% of the way" (I'm paraphrasing a little bit here but that first sentence I pulled straight from the message) So, essentially in USA doctors are flat out telling us through the air waves that we should not bother to watch what we eat or exercise and go straight for invasive surgeries and pharmaceuticals. It is so backwards.
by roseomg (submitted 9 months ago)
Who diets on their birthday?
I never "diet" on my birthday. By that I mean I party until the sun comes up and eat/drink whatever I want. That being said, I lose weight very slowly because I give myself cheat days semi-regularly... so that is the consequence. I'm ok with it now but I used to go crazy about it.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
An apology (not mine).
Aw, I teared up a little.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
Confession: I don't like exercise?
Oh, I love youtube! So many free resources, I'll give it a try. Thanks, Wyattj99.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
I need some low fat ideas for late afternoon snacks.I want something to chew on to help my hunger .
Are you allergic to gluten? If you aren't then it wouldn't cause inflamation and it would just be an unnecessary bother to purposefully avoid it. Fatsecreters, please correct me if I'm wrong. A little research goes a long way for dieting. Not to sway you any particular way but I personally like calorie counting, although I'm also vegan so I don't know if that makes a difference. The cool thing about calorie counting is that once you do it for a while you start to learn how many calories are in certain things and you don't have to record/look up the caloric content. You just know, especially if you cook your own food for the most part.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
My brother, the doctor...
Welcome, Sarah! Your brother sounds like a great positive influence.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
I need some low fat ideas for late afternoon snacks.I want something to chew on to help my hunger .
You're welcome, glad I could help! I love coconut oil, I buy it from Whole foods in the 365 brand, but I would also recommend the Spectrums expeller pressed coconut oil which I've found in a variety of grocery stores. Aparently it's really good for you too? Here is an article about it
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
Confession: I don't like exercise?
Oh wow thanks everyone! Monica, I will definitely try the visualization. That sounds like such a good idea, thank you! To those of you who suggest easing into it, I am attempting that. I've always been the kind of person who parks in the back of the lot, or takes the stairs rather than an escalator, so that's easy. I think part of my problem might be that I'm in a slight depression so I am working on that too, and hopefully I'll want to go outside more when I've addressed that underlying issue. Alexzwk, I really understand where you're coming from. There are a million kinds of people in the world and we just happen to be the kind that are more comfortable when still. It's definitely a setback though, because we do need some exercise. To update on all of your lovely messages of advice: It's Summer where I live and I have the luxury of living next to a beach so I've been going there to just sit and read, the walk from my car to the quiet, secluded parts of the beach have been a good way for me to get some movement into my life. If you like to read I'd suggest walking to a quiet secluded area to set up a blanket and read (or listen to music, or play a game or anything?) Right now that's what I'm trying to do at least. I'm trying to be open minded! Taking it slowly.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
Dizziness - is this normal whilst dieting?
The only time that I get dizzy is when I'm starving myself or fasting. Make sure that you pick a diet that you can stick to for the long run is my best advice. If you are getting dizzy and feeling ill you probably won't stick with it. Perhaps consult a doctor?
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
The 'IT' Food for You?
It's not really a western 'holiday food' but I really love asian noodle soups. They are the most comforting food for when you're sick or it's cold out. For traditional holiday foods, lox and cream cheese with spring onion on bagels are sooo good. There is always a tray at Christmas and I am pretty sure I can clean the whole plate if I'm not watching myself... Usually coupled with a few craft beers.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
I need some low fat ideas for late afternoon snacks.I want something to chew on to help my hunger .
This would be awesome, it'd be like crisp but way lower carb, calorie, and low fat because it's baked. Skip the parmesan cheese and just use garlic powder and onion powder with pepper, and it'd be low sodium too. Or dehydrated bananas, I know you said no fruit but they're more like crisps that way. I know you're concerned with fat but a handful of nuts and raisins can be really satisfying too if you throw in a couple of marshmellows or carob chips. My person favorite late night snack is stove popped pop corn with coconut oil. I douse it in lemon pepper and it's reeaaaallly low calorie. Hope this helps, good luck. PS You can bake most vegetables the same way that you make those zucchini chips so you can have a huge variety of snacks for the afternoon. I make carrots, peppers, eggplant, potatoes, and brussel sprouts the same way and it's always fantastic. With bigger things like brussel sprouts it would be crispy but they're absolutely lovely.
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
Confession: I don't like exercise?
Ekatherine, after reading you say that I think I would too. Zumba?? Does it cost extra for classes or is it included in tuition?
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
Confession: I don't like exercise?
After a rather ugly dispute with my last gym (Anytime) I'm soured by the idea. What gym do you belong to--is it a chain or a mom'n'pop sort of deal?
by roseomg (submitted 11 months ago)
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