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over exercising?
So is it true? Can I "harm" myself by working out too much? I honestly think it's all lies, what does everyone else think? I've been working out 3 hours a day for the last week. My workouts consist of 20 minutes treadmill 20 minutes crosstraining 20 minutes cycle I do this 3 times a day am I really hurting myself? The personal trainers at my gym don't seem to mind my frequent daily visits lol
by pureheiress (submitted 6 years ago)
Why you should never call a woman fat
I'm more pissed if I get called dumb. Fat? ah well.. Most can lose weight, intelligence is different I'd rather be fat for the rest of my life with a brain than a skinny dumb woman. Ambition is too strong. Besides a fat smart woman can buy her way to thin (surgery). Ever seen or heard a dumb woman buy a brain? :lol:
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Thinking of switching diets... what's ur recommendation?
Ketosis is Ketosis. No matter how you try to candy coat it. Fat is not the BEST source of fuel for the brain at all. Glucose is. Fat contains other toxic elements. I'm sorry but a wikipedia link is no source of fact what-so-ever. Anyone can write on there. I also like how you repeat the same facts. There is a difference between knowing facts and actually understanding the concepts behind them. I know exactly what ketones are and their effects on the brain and all the other useless information you're trying to force upon me. If I wanted a biology lesson I wouldn't come on here for one, seriously. However, bending facts to suit you isn't ideal. Nor did you explain how such process AREN'T damaging the liver. Spouting useless facts that don't exactly 'add up' doesn't really fool me
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Thinking of switching diets... what's ur recommendation?
Sorry, but how does strictly reducing sugars and carbs and insulin have to do with anything? Regardless, insulin will be released regardless of WHAT you eat. Insulin is a response to GLUCOSE and GLUCOSE is what your brain needs to function it's its main source of fuel. So starving of the brain is the answer? Ketosis as a physiological state associated with chronic starvation. Hence, why when you are anorexic they check you ketone levels, not only that but you can smell ketones in a persons breath when they haven't been eating enough and frankly it's gross. Ketosis is regarded as a crisis reaction of the body due to a lack of carbohydrates in the diet. It a dangerous and potentially life-threatening state that stresses the liver and causes destruction of muscle tissues. So brain and liver destruction is the answer? So I'm not sure what you're saying it EXACTLY true. Apart from the part about constant medical attention. Maybe when I want to kill myself this sounds like a FANTASTIC idea.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
You cannot to others. You can on your own journal by using the icons above the message box. Or on posts to forum, once you click "Go Advanced" They are in order. Bold. (The black B) Italics. (The slanted I) Underline. (The underlined U) Quote. Code. Image. Create Link. Click on the Image icon and you will be presented with this: [ img ] [ / img ] (I have put spaces in as if I didn't you wouldn't be able to see it) THEN, between the end bracket of the first and the start bracket of the second (This ] [ ) insert the web address of the picture from your address bar on your browser eg. [ img ] www.thecoachstotallycoolpictur... [ / img ] I hope that helps :)
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Sports Bra
I wear 3 bras and I'm a modest 36E. I usually weat Berlei, or Fayeform or Triump. They are the best. I usually wear 2 of those along with one of the Nike sport crop top sports bras. That keeps me feeling comfy. I think I'd have to wear an extra bra if I were to run though!!
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
How do I delete a recipe from the cook book?
Does anyone know how to do it? I have the same recipe twice just in different quantities and want to get rid of it.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Question about serving sizes?
Use the cookbook. It'll automatically divide it by the number of servings you type in and then you also have a reference for next time :)
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
How to deal with critics
[quote=jenju] "How much money do you make? You know, if you wear a skirt, put some make up on and shake your ass a little, you could probably get a raise" [/quote] Haha. I love it jenju! :lol: Next time anyone tries to talk to me about my weight I'm going to tell them to shake their ass to get a raise or in the case of university an A. :d When someone tries or says anything about my weight they usually get quite a sassy answer. :badgrin: My current favorite is; "So, your saying I'm fat?" "Thanks for the newsflash buddy!" "But the thing is, I can lose weight, and do so quite successfully." "You on the other hand are ugly, you can't lose ugly, can you?" "Oh.. and by the state of your outfit, I know your broke ass, can't afford plastic surgery" ;) So far it sure does the trick! :p
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
iPhone Problems
Has anyone experienced problems with their iPhone headphone jack? Somehow the end piece of the audio cord that plugs into it snapped off and now I have part of my earphone stuck in my iPhone. Has this happened to anyone else? If so how much did it cost to fix? The iPhone jack it to deep to use anything to try put the broken tip out :(
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
chronic insomnia
Thank you all very much. I will take in account your great ideas and try them out :)
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
chronic insomnia
I suffer from terrible insomnia, have for the last 5 years. Does anyone have any tips for overcoming it? I refuse sleeping pills, due to their addictive properties and the fact they don't actually 'fix' the root of insomnia It also takes me AGES to fall asleep. Even when I am exhausted.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Who's Getting an iPad??
I am a major apple fan. I have their laptop, iphone and HAD most of their ipods. I'm a tad reckless, what more can I say? I'm planning on getting one for uni, but a bit suspicious about the first generation. I'm sure the creators of apple sit there make a product, and then say okay let's take 3 maybe 4 features off so we can have 4 generations. Too many times you go and buy the first product, and then the 2nd generation comes out and you have to go buy that. I'm going to wait till the 2nd gen comes out. I did that with my iphone I have the 3G and then they come and bring out the 3G S. So annoying!!!
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Weigh In
2.204 pounds to a kilogram
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
My big workout tips
Protein Whey Isolate is really good for weight loss. Minimum carbs and sugar with high protein. I take it too, only with added thermodynamic properties to aid lean muscle development. It works well.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
What is some really Great SKIN CARE ANY ONE PLEASE
Clinque 3 step. They customize it for your skin. The most amazing skin care line I have ever used.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Salt Water Flush - Meal Plan
I have done the salt water flush a number of times and just fasted along side it. But does anyone actually know what you are supposed to eat, is there a specific meal plan? I found fasting for 10 days quite strenuous and tiring. If anyone know what exactly you have to eat please let me know :). So far the only website I have found that actually has relevant information is the one below [url=http://http://www.lifeeve... Water Cleanse[/url] PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to post an answer to this question, please let it be an actual answer to it and not a warning of how such a cleanse/flush is damaging to my system etc. I am a anatomy and neurology major as well as a pre-med student. I'm quite aware of the benefits and disadvantages of such actions.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Just cannot drink enough water
You'd be surprised what people do for free stuff. A guy at my university drunk a keg of beer (50L) in just under 4 days (93 hours 14 minutes). Just so he could win a couch. Sad, but true.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
Just cannot drink enough water
I hate water myself but If I don't drink a lot of it I suffer from severe UTI's which are very crippling. My doctor advised 3L, to keep me out of the surgery waiting room, so 4L a day is usually my goal.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
College Diet
Cook soups. Throw everything in a crockpot. Meat, beans veges. You can buy whatever is cheap and you're set to go. Leave it on till you come home you need practically no cooking skills what so ever. And buy a rice cooker then you can have rice as well. Freeze the excess and take it it with you for lunch.
by pureheiress (submitted 8 years ago)
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water after eating?
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Should I really eat the calories burned by exercise? lol
NO! :D
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