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Strength training and 5k training
Thanks so much for the tips, I appreciate it and will put them to good use! :)
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Strength training and 5k training
I have been an on and off runner for 3 years. Last fall I hit a great level of running familiarity, form, endurance and speed. Over the winter I didn't handle a family tragedy well; gaining weight and dropping my exercise regimen which had involved running 3-5 days per week and strength training 2 days a week, minimum. Now I'm getting back into shape, but really want to run a 5k in mid June. I've never had to choose strength training OR running, and don't wish to now, as I feel that I don't lose weight nearly as effectively with cardio alone. However, to train for a 5k I need to run at least 5 days a week. Can I do it all, or am I setting myself up for an injury? Any advice on building new strength and 5k training at the same time? I did strength training and ran before but was in good shape to handle it. Now, I don't know if I'm over reaching or just pushing hard to kick some ass. Help anyone?
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
New healthy fast food for breakfast! Yay! :)
A decent fast food breakfast, finally! I'm all about avoiding fast food, whenever possible, but sometimes you have to bite it and eat on the road. Subway has a new "English muffin (light/wheat) with egg and cheese" sandwich. You can get either egg white, or regular eggs, and [b]all the veggies you want.[/b] With added spinach, tomato, onion, or whatever tickles your fancy, it's not a bad breakfast for "fast" food. [url= Egg & Cheese English Muffin[/b][/url] 140 Calories 3.5g grams of fat 18g carbs 12g protein 5g fiber (Click the link for Subway's nutrition information table, it's toward the bottom of the first page.)
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Women and Strength Training
"giant guns or bulging pecs" ... hahaha! Well, they *would* be fun to flex in front of the mirror :D You're absolutely right on track, doing what works for you. And I admire the fact that you have the balls to up the weight you're taking on, to push yourself even when that isn't the easiest option. Let us know when you can crack a walnut between your butt cheeks! :lol:
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Thinking of switching diets... what's ur recommendation?
Best of luck to you, whatever your choice! :)
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Women and Strength Training
Great article K8. In three years of losing 70 pounds and then struggling with that last 30, I had little no success eliminating those last 30 pounds UNTIL I started strength training. Only then would those stubborn pounds come off. I had been jogging avidly, but that just wasn't enough. Muscle is the answer, muscle burns fat! My only concern with the weight lifting article concerns different body types. I don't think all women have the same body frame and muscle building tendencies. Different body types need different strength training/lifting or resistance exercise approaches. Weighted hip abductor/adductor machines make my thighs TOO big. I've rocked those sets, then measured, and not liked the results. I happen to have naturally muscular legs and training with added weight went too far. The girls on the linked page are absolutely smokin'! But me, and many other women like me don't have their petite frames. Girls with stocky frames, and muscular legs can't lift like those girls and look like that. We must be realistic about our body types, our body's muscle tendencies and address our bodies, (sometimes even different parts of them :) individually. Don't get me wrong, the main premise of the article is awesome, I support muscle strengthening 100%, however I also don't know if training with added weight is the solution for all body types. It's just never that simple. :?
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
sore muscles
Cisne's experience is mine as well. Warm those muscles up with light activity, do some cautious stretching and try to stick with it. Pain is sometimes a sign of progress. If you stick with it it should get easier.
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Aww, hope you feel better soon, Jane! I usually feel the same way you do, just wanna cuddle up with the Kiddos and read or veg out in front of the tv. At times, when suffering from a cold I have found that settling for a brisk walk instead of a full workout is a good middle ground. You feel a little refreshed, maintain some good health habits, but don't feel like you just punished the hell out of an already worn down body.
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Saddest story of Obesity
[quote=k8yk]If someone claimed to enjoy cutting themselves, we'd tell them they needed a psychiatrist. This is no different, IMO.[/quote] Wow. Excellent point K8. Also, many of us have felt the pain, sadness, disappointment and embarrassment that comes with being over weight. The thought of selling yourself out, and subjecting yourself to that emotional pain and physical doom willingly is just very sad.
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
u guys just dont understand
Paris, Your last line indicates that you are truly a insightful person. You realize that the unhappiness you feel about your body is not your only struggle. It's really important that you realize this, and search for some inner peace and happiness, otherwise you can lose ALL of the weight you want, and still feel unhappy with yourself. There are a lot of depressed, unhappy skinny girls out there, too. :) Hollywood offers plenty of examples. True happiness absolutely does come from within.
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
I can't take it any more - it's "LOSE" weight, not "LOOSE" (post your pet peeves
Don't sweat the small stuff is right, but it's good to vent about common annoyances, too. :) I saw "ore" instead of "or" a few weeks ago. Really!??! :lol: It takes all kinds, I guess. :)
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
STOP mE bINgiNG hElp
I'm a binge eater BIG TIME, and understand how some days seem nearly impossible to resist the urge to eat! Hang in there, and think about how you will feel afterward, if you do give into the food craving. Will you be happy? Or will you feel disappointed in yourself. Also, think about where you want to be a week, or a month from now. Will eating whatever you want today help you toward those goals? Sometimes just getting away from food helps. Is there any activity you enjoy that removes you from food, and gives you a sense of happiness and pleasure without food? You're doing a great job recognizing your weakness, and wrestling with it, rather than giving up. Keep up the fight, you'll be happy you did! :)
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
fast food
I'm a fan of the Taco Bell "Fresco" menu. The "Chicken Ranchero Taco, Fresco Style" is a decent choice. I think it has around 150 calories, a fair amount of protein and very little fat. The tomato/cilantro salsa they put on it is actually quite flavorful, so you don't feel like you're eating some gross healthy punishment food. :) I've looked at a lot of places, and the Fresco menu is one of the best options out there if you're on the go and have to east fast food.
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Adding exercises
LOVE my Polar heart rate monitor. Have had it 3 years and it works like a charm. It has all sorts of features, many of which I don't even use that much. The calorie count and workout log is invaluable though.
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Getting enough fiber while watching carbs
Why not?
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Getting enough fiber while watching carbs
Wow, I sure would love to see that recipe, cheeto! Please do post it, if you don't mind. :)
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Tofu Shirataki Noodles
Thanks a million for posting about this Sheri! I'm fairly new to FS and had never seen the noodles before. I picked some up in the refrigerated health food section of the grocery store last night, threw them in w/stir fried veggies and they were delicious! Finally, noodles I can eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :d Thank you!
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
The Human Brain- Carbohydrates
Moderation is key, along with differentiating between 'good' productive, blood sugar stabilizing carbs and 'bad' blood sugar spiking, empty carbs. The difference between the two is huge. They shouldn't even be called the same thing! ;) Thanks for posting this K8, it's such a hot button topic with regard to both weight loss/management and decent nutrition!
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
How to deal with critics
[quote]Mean-spirited strangers can receive The Finger. [/quote] :lol: I love it!!! Chic, what you're experiencing is absolutely cruel. Surely people wouldn't do this thoughtless crap if they knew how it can hurt someone. :( Keep your chin up. Your decision to lose weight, or not to is all [i]yours[/i]. It belongs to you, and no one else. I hope these people hold themselves to the very same unsolicited standards they're pushing on you! Sometimes people who aren't addressing the areas that need improvement in their own lives feel compelled to help "fix" others. :roll: Big or small, short or tall, we [b]all[/b] have our issues.
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
Getting enough fiber while watching carbs
I am struggling to maintain a 40-30-30 ratio between carbs, protein and fat. In holding my carbs at 40% I'm having a really hard time getting enough fiber in my diet. I'll average maybe 10g/day, which comes up 15g short! And I eat steel cut oats for breakfast and whole wheat bread or legumes for lunch! I also eat a fair amount of fresh fruits and veggies, but still don't come close to 25g/day. :( I know fiber is important for satiety and good long term health, but I'm at a loss for how to get more into my diet, without totally blowing the daily carb intake limit. It seems that everything with fiber also has too high a carb count. I'm trying to avoid fiber bars and processed foods that contain lots of additives or artificial sweeteners that I used to rely on. Any suggestions out there? I could sure use some pointers as this has me stumped. Thanks all!
by peasncues (submitted 8 years ago)
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