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Gaining weight again
you can eat even 0 grams of carbs and gain weight if you eat too many calories with the rest anyway. First short term weigh fluctuations can be due to different reasons including water, muscle soreness or some temporary issues. If you are following a low carb diet it is only normal that as soon as you eat again some carbs your glycogen reserves get replenished. A better way to assess your progress is to monitor your fat percentage rather than just the weight.
by paperiniko (submitted 4 years ago)
6 Myths About Wheat
before starting your holy wars on GMO, try to read the articles for a change without stopping at the first paragraph and then even feeling compelled to leave silly comments about it. 99% of it is not about GMO anyway so please try not to go off topic and hijack it.If you want to talk about GMO feel free to start your own thread where you can wage your holy wars against Monsanto America and all the devils you feel like fighting, this is not about it.
by paperiniko (submitted 4 years ago)
6 Myths About Wheat
well reading before commenting would be a good start, both the article and review are very well documented and scientifically supported
by paperiniko (submitted 4 years ago)
6 Myths About Wheat
Interesting article and critical review on the latest darling of the diet industry
by paperiniko (submitted 4 years ago)
Resetting Metabolism
provided that your RMR is right (that is you input the right data regarding your activity level and personal stat) there is no way that you will not loose fat by creating a deficit of over 1000 kcal per day. With that type of deficit would be impossible not too loose fat and weight. The advice to increase the intake is sound though not that much for this so called metabolism reset that is one of the hundreds myths that surround dieters, but because it is important to get used to habits that you can sustain for the long run and crash diets clearly are not.
by paperiniko (submitted 4 years ago)
Eat, Fast, Live Longer!
the rationale seems sound although there are not yet good human studies to back it up. I ran a short term experiment in Jan-Feb this year for 6 weeks and the result were that while my blood pressure went considerably down, when I weighed in again I had lost weigh but increased my fat % which I think might have been related to the fact that the calorie deficit was too concentrated instead of being spread out over a week
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
it depends on the personal profile and preferences, for kids it is generally not advisable for adults soy is a good alternative as almond milk is. I have been using them for over 3 years now
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
Major binge
it is inevitable from time to time to overat, to me it happens now on average once every week or so, but it does not do too many damages since I can balance it out on the rest of the week and actually it is positive to release the pressure from time to time, the only thing it is necessary to do is to track what you eat also when "binging" so that you can always know where you stand. For instance yesterday I ended up eating around 4700 kcal with a surplus of about 1800 on the day but over the week I am still down about 3000. Keep track!
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
HCG Warrior Diet Drops??
ok with that approach why not experimenting cocaine, heroine or some other drug, what kind of argument is that? What results are you looking for, if somebody starves himself what do you expect it will happen? Enough silly posts on this ridiculous diet and stop spamming with links to scam video and websites please
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
Best Exercises
the best exercise and the one that burns more calories especially when you start and are considerably overweight is walking for at least half hour and possibly more, it is low impact but can be sustained for way longer and in the end burns way more calories than a session or two at the gym. Once you get fitter a mix of resistance training and high interval aerobic training is ideal
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
last time i weighed myself it was 97 days ago, i track my calories and measure my waist from time to time, I will weigh in in a couple of weeks after completing my P90 round of training. Weighing too often is counter productive in my opinion
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
Best Diet Plan??
insuline does not make you fat, excessive calories do. Insuline role is one of the most complex and misunderstood ones in our physiology yet plenty of people keep repeating the same nonsense over and over again. The best diet is the one you can follow for life, so if a certain approach makes you feel deprived and looking forward to the day when you can finally eat " normally" that is a sign that it might not be right for you. It is way more important for long term success to find a sustainable approach than shedding pounds very quickly, it is the only suggestion I feel comfortable giving to anybody. Then finding out what works for you is part of your personal journey, just avoid fad diets and people trying to sell you their Truth
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
Gained back all 20 lbs I had lost on Atkins! NOW WHAT?
[quote=Theo166]I'm thinking what you've proven is your addiction to sugar. Atkins might be better for you because it squeezes out all the bad sugar. On WW, you are more likely to have sugar, and relapse. It takes many tries to quit bad habits, like smoking etc. DON'T give up.[/quote] and yet she failed after doing atkins ! failure rates are high for all diets and do not depend on the carbs or proteins. Atkins is in my opinion a terrible diet because there are very few people who are likely to refrain from eating sugars for ever, it is unsustainable.Of course it works as long as you follow it, all diets do, but that is not the point. The point is to find a lifestyle change that you can adopt for life, not for 1 week, not for 1 month and not even for 1 year. Can you reasonably follow atkins and other approaches like that for life, I doubt it. I am sure there are a few who can but it is probably even less than the already low number of those who on average can maintain their weight. Don't look for a diet book, but for a way of eating and monitoring what you eat that you can be happy with the rest is mostly BS repeated over and over again.
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
The rational and scientific weight loss discussion thread
I think that a lot of the confusion in good or bad faith is caused by this rule of the 3500 kcal per pound of fat. I have been implementing the calorie counting approach for almost 17 months now and obviously it works, but the progression is never linear and most of all what is most important to monitor is the fat% rather than just weight. This is because weight can be affected by several other aspects that do not affect the success of lack of thereof of a particular fat loss strategy. What I can tell is that in terms of fat loss calories are just calories and a lot of the nonsense spread around by the usual suspects really annoys me. Of course in terms of general well being it is important also to monitor the quality of the calories and not only its quantity and composition, but that does not mean that a high protein or high carbs approach is inherently better. Proteins have several good features that make them particularly useful in a calorie controlled diet, without having to buy all the BS about our ancestors and the supposedly better diet of the hunters gatherers that did not have a lot of strokes or cancers for the simple reason that they died young. The main positive side is that proteins get digested slowly so along with fiber rich foods such as beans (also rich in proteins) they keep you full for longer which helps when trying to eat less. Other than that for fat loss purposes 2000 kcal of chocolate is almost exactly like 2000 kcal of chicken breast. Another good feature is that when coupled with resistance training they help to retain and increase muscles. With regards to my personal strategy I do not weigh in any more at fixed intervals (they used to be 2-4 weeks) but whenever I achieve a calorie deficit goal, generally between 20 and 30000 kcal deficit. When I account for my bodymedia 10% accuracy it always predicts very well my weight/fat trends. Of course there is always some aproximation in the short term. That is the reason why the weigh in intervals are growing considerably, because it is way harder to generate deficits now that I have lost 70 pounds and I almost never eat less than 2200-2500 kcal (often more). Still monitoring the calories has put me in control and while I eat (and a few times overeat) everything there is one rule that I never break that is to log my food (all). Doing this has allowed me to basically get rid of the scale in the last 10 months during which I only used it 3-4 times and still loose fat and weight (albeit at a slower pace of course), but at the end of every day I always know where my deficit stands vs the last time I weighed in, so if for instance I have had 1 or 2 days of overeating I just need to budget for them. Since October I moved my food log to my fitness pal since FS does not sync with bodymedia, although I still prefer FS log in absolute terms, but being able to log and sync calories burnt and eaten make the whole process quite easy and allows me to keep in check.
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
I do not know Insanity but have started P90 and done it for 51 days with a break now of 2 weeks and I will try to resume it next week. It is very well designed and allow to progress at one's own pace with alternative options depending on the fitness level. It definetly requires commitment since you need to do it 6 times a week, but I think it is way better than a DIY workout as it is balanced and has tons of resources online. Overall although I was skeptical at the start I think that if you are not already very well versed in training program and do not want to invest in a personal trainer, these BB products are quite a good alternative, but as usual the most important thing is the personal commitment
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
Very funny take on Fad Diets vs Calories in/out for weightloss
sounds about right
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
toning and sagginess.
a good resistance a aerobic workout program is P90 and can be adapted to one's needs and ability via low impact exercises but there are many others out there. Bear in mind that if you have lost weight very rapidly after several years of carrying extra weight, sagging skin is inevitable. Over time it slowly adapts to some extent but in some cases the only way to correct that is via surgery. That's one of the many reasons why it is better not to loose weight too fast.
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
can you really eat what you want as long as your in a calorie deficit?
[quote=koreainsincere]Sounds good but be aware that muscle weighs more than fat![/quote] no it doesn't :) and it is perfectly possible to loose fat (not lbm)with a high carb diet, and I am saying from experience. What affects the lbm loss proportion is the entity of the calorie deficits and the lack of strenght training but with training and a normal not extreme calorie deficit it is possible to loose fat and keep lbm even with a high proportion of carbs, maybe using some care in assuming protein and carbs after a very heavy training. Protein have one good effect in terms of appetite control but for all other purposes their calories count in the same way as carbs
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
Need Expert Advice to Build Body
i have had a similar journey, with a higher loss and I am finding P90 a good program to improve fitness at home with 6 training sessions a week that alternate resistance and aerobic and do not require a lot of tools other than a mat and a couple of dumbbells. Supplements after resistance training can be useful but not necessary at least until you reach a very high intensity
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
Pizza, Ice Cream, Cake, Cookies and BOOZE
I have been eating all those things and still lost weight consistently and viceversa. What counts is that you eat less calories than you consume not what type of calories you eat. You might well stop eating pizza, pasta and cakes and still go overboard on other foods. Be sure to login all what you eat and burn and the results will come
by paperiniko (submitted 5 years ago)
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