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Hey gal, I['m "cleopatra" the QUEEN OF DE NILE! I too need an accountability partner...been off my diet and WAY too much weigh! I'm a 68 yr old, very active retired registered advanced practice nurse who has freaking TAUGHT dieting and nutrition to patients for years, now I'm going to start back on my weight loss and try to lose 50 pounds. My physician, who is a friend as well, told me "you are FAT AND OLD" so get over it and lose weight and quit whining. I'm actually in pretty good health, but I'm a heck of a cook and love to EAT! I live in Arkansas on a farm where my ancestors settled in 1833, a widow with one adult son living here working the farm, and he also is a camp director for Boy animals and love the outdoors, but been sitting on my duff stuffing my face. Joyce
by oxdrover (submitted 3 years ago)
Food allergies, especially onion
Congratulations on such a huge weight loss Kingcole! That is absolutely amazing!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Hello! just starting my weight loss journey
Hi, welcome! I've lost 28 pounds so far. I'm a retired advanced practice nurse and diabetic educator who didn't take my own advice and after my husband died I gained about 70 pounds and now I have diabetes, high blood pressure and am FAT! So----I have made some LIFE STYLE CHANGES. Don't call it a "diet"---diets are for short term, this has to be a LIFE STYLE CHANGE in order to be effective. Also, I am following the American Heart Association's recommendation about the amount of SODIUM (salt) which is 1,500 mg for everyone, or less. Actually, they estimate most americans eat 3-5,000 and I was probably eating 10,000 as I loved jerky and corned beef (I made my own) and lots of CHEESE (which has lots of salt!) so it is a LEARNING PROCESS. I am trying to keep my calories to about 1500 per day (anything less than 1200 puts your female body into "starvation mode") and your husband depending on his size can eat between 1800 and 2000 calories and probably still lose weight (yep, men have the advantage!) But don't get discouraged! Take a good multivitamin, and start reading labels. More and more stores are putting out canned goods that have NO ADDED SALT. Breads are usually high in sodium so read labels and pick a lower sodium one. Prepared sauces and boxed dinners have HIGH SODIUM in them, so again, read labels. I'm having to THINK before I prepare a meal now instead of just putting something on the table without thinking, but now that I am into the swing of it, it is actually getting where it is about as quick to think about sodium content as calorie content. I also MEASURE everything I put on my plate. For meals where you cook up a big pot, like stew, I just write down the weights or measurements of items going into it add them all together and divide by the cups to get the calories per cup and/or the sodium per serving. You can even make a dish here and fat secret will calculate the calories and servings. Good luck!!!!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Can't get the number on the scale to go down!
Are you drinking enough water? Your body needs water in order to burn fat to get rid of it. Are you eating ENOUGH calories? If you are not eating enough calories, your body goes into starving metabolism and hangs on to as much fat as it can for "hard times." So make sure to eat enough calories for your basal metabolism (what you would need if you were on a bed in a coma) for women this is generally bout 1200 and men at least 1800. Exercise: exercise revs up your metabolism so that even lying on a couch you burn more calories than you would have without the previous exercise. Also, keep in mind that our body tries hard to maintain our weight (that's why humans survived during eons of hard times of feast and famine, ) so BE PATIENT. Good luck
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
how many carbs allowed for a 1200 diet?
Jerry, taking in too few calories (I am assuming you are a guy) may throw your body into a "starving" state and it starts to conserve calories by stopping repair and upkeep, it ends up that you stop losing weight because your body thinks you are starving and tries to protect you by sacrificing itself. A guy should eat at least what is "basal metabolism" (the amount of calories you would need at your present weight to lie on the bed and breathe and live) for their size, usually about 1800 calories, and a woman about 1200, then gradually up your exercise (FS will calculate this for you) and the pounds should come off in a healthy manner and stay off. When you exercise, your basal metabolic rate will gradually increase so that you actually burn more calories even lying down asleep than you would if you hadn't exercised. Healthy is the key; with fruits and veggies and fiber and if you eat meat, lower fat meats. Calories do count! Good luck and keep the faith!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
How do you "shop" at your market?
CONGRATULATIONS HEALTHY BABS!!! I'm also going on 2 yrs no cigs and have lost 28 pounds, so hang in there, it does get easier. We also raise and process our own beef (grassfed organic) and I raise a few chickens (non organic) and have our own eggs, so don't buy much meat. Since I am on a VERY LOW SODIUM diet, I don't buy anything that has added salt in it, so finding fresh or frozen or canned foods without added salt is a challenge. I also try to use spices in foods instead of salt, and since I cook for my son as well as myself, he adds salt to his at the table and I don't. I make a list of things I am OUT of (I keep a well stocked pantry) so I don't forget stuff I need, but I also look over the shelves and the fresh produce as well as frozen. I also go to an organic store which has freshly ground grains and flours, etc. Since breads tend to have a lot of sodium in them I'm starting to learn to make my own yeast breads (besides corn bread which also has a lot of sodium in it) I'm also trying to incorporate more oats into my diet (I do not like cooked oatmeal so am having to figure other ways) to help with cholesterol reduction. Balancing things sodium versus calories is tough, as many lower calorie products are high in sodium, so am preparing most of my meals from scratch. I'm visiting a friend out of my state and she's a great cook, but can't eat a bite she cooks, because of the sodium, so I am making chicken/vegetable soup with a bit of rice in it that I LOVE and am pretty well living on that while I'm here, but fortunately I can eat the same thing several days in a row without burning out on it if I like it. I no longer feel so "deprived" about the lack of salt and calories, though lately I've felt really hungry I think due to lack of sunlight on these gloomy/snowy/rainy days.
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
McRib's Nebulous Origins
anyone who goes to any commercial slaughter house for ANY SPECIES will immediately turn VEGAN...anyone who visits a commercial chicken farm will never eat commercially grown chicken again, ditto turkey (though I make myself for TG, I just try not to think about it) pig farms are the same way, can't get within a mile of them before you PUKE. I raise my own beef and don't eat meat that I did not PERSONALLY KNOW before it died! I know everyone can't do that, but if you will eat meat, do your best to find either ORGANIC or GRASS FED or PASTURE RAISED meats and poultry. You will do yourself a favor as those animals have been naturally fed and humanely slaughtered in small USDA facilities that are as clean or cleaner than an operating room. Commercial meat animals are subjected to unrelenting stress, filthy nasty conditions and killed by the thousands per day on an assembly line where the workers are worked like slaves and are not personally invested in clean meat products. It may cost you a bit more, but you will be supporting sustainable agriculture, humane treatment of meat animals and birds, and small businesses (the slaughter facilities) and the "family" farm, not an mega-filthy-farm like Tyson, or other factor farms that are bad for the environment and are more concerned with wringing a cent's profit out of a suffering animal and a debt-ridden farmer trying to survive. I'm off my rant now, LOL but seriously, consider not only eating less but eating quality AND SAFETY! If you are going to eat meat at all. (And I do! I just raise my own)
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
calorie break down
Frances, you might be better off if you are seriously trying to lose weight by restricting caloric intake to delete the alcohol completely as "empty calories" that are not nutritious or necessary. By eliminating things like "sugar soda" "concentrated candy" etc except in VERY MINUTE pieces (like 1 chocolate "kiss" a week or something along that line) you can lose weight better, faster, and in a more healthy way. 3500 calories=one pound however you slice it, so eliminating those calories that really don't provide our bodies with necessary and healthy fuel and/or repair parts we can take off weight and be more healthy. Good luck. BTW all the percentages etc are approximate as well, as the number of calories taken in or burned. IT is just a GUIDE LINE, but that is better I think than nothing. FS does help me focus and keeps me "honest" most of the time....last night I "cheated" and ended up with too much sodium (*which they don't track here at all, but I do on my journal) and ended up with swollen feet this morning even though my calories were only over 200 over my set of 1500, I "gained" 2 pounds on my scale of water I had held into my system to try to get rid of that extra salt. So back to being a "good" girl and though I loveeeeee cheese, it has too much sodium in it and I need to lay off it, no matter how few calories it has! Good luck! Keep on plugging!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Binging does not equal fun
Stacie!!!Good for you, GREAT ANSWER!!! to a very common problem.
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
hcg diet
Dear Lalaleah, I gained 60 pounds over a 6 year period after my husband died, and it was a combination of depression and denial--"Oh, it's just a pound....oh, it's just another pound...." until I got to where I felt like I did when I was 9 months preg! Couldn't bend over to clip my toenails and breathe at the same time! My blood pressure came UP and my blood sugar came UP and my feet started to swell! I had quit exercising like I should have and the worse I felt the more depressed I got and the more depressed I was the worse I felt, and the worse I felt the more I ate, and the less I moved and the more I gained weight. (hamster on a wheel, running hard to get no where!) SET MY MIND to actually losing weight instead of just "trying" to quit eating so much....started testing my blood sugar, and blood pressure on a regular basis, and GETTING REAL on doing what I KNOW is right, safe etc. But it isn't a "diet" it really MUST BE a life style change and CHANGE starts in my head, between my ears...and I AM IN CONTROL OF MYSELF and what I eat and when. Sure, I get URGES but I don't have to give in to those urges to eat more or rationalize "oh, it is just one more bite" but if I DO give in to those urges I ADMIT IT to myself (I'm the only one keeping score) but it seems to me that WRITING it down on FS DOES help. I bought a pedometer and am trying to actively increase the number of steps I take each day. Even if it is cold and rainy outside I can walk from one end of my house to the other and get a mile and a half done that way while I listen to music, or put on some music and DANCE in the living room while no one is watching. YOu said you just "got to a place where I only saw myself getting bigger"---well try visualizing yourself getting smaller! Literally, close your eyes and "see" yourself getting smaller and smaller! With just the 21 pounds off I actually have a "waist" of sorts in the middle of my tummy for the first time in a LONG time, I may be "fat" but I am at least HOUR GLASS SHAPED again---even if it is a PLUMP hour glass! So I celebrate my "wrinkle" (my son laughs at that! what women glories in having WRINKLES?) ME!!!! ME!!!!! ME!!!!! It beats the heck out of being stretched tight like a drum head or a preg woman!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
hcg diet
Some very good advice about trying to find a way to get wt. off and keep it off. I am still 40 pounds over weight, but as a (retired) medical practitioner I do know that there is only, and ONLY ONE way to lose fat and that is to burn it taking in less calories than you burn...but that said, if you take in too few calories to meet basal metabolism (usually for women about 1200, and men 15-1800) then your body will go into a "starvation" state where it starts to BURN up your muscle tissue in order to produce glucose to feed your brain....but the extra protein produced from tearing down this muscle tissue is thrown away as waste and in the process damages the kidneys (protein is a big molecule) It is the equivalent of taking the carborator off your Big expensive SUV and putting it on your kid's motor cycle and then throwing the SUV away because it doesn't run. Fat cells don't use calories they just "sit" and muscle cells must use calories to live so when you starve and lose muscles the body actually needs less energy to survive (at least for a while) so it gets to where it can "survive" on 800 calories a day, then when you take in 1000 it STORES the extra as FAT--so the yo-yo dieting loses muscle and gains fat with each cycle of starve and eat. It isn't about "losing weight" it is about LOSING THE EXCESS ADIPOSE TISSUE (fat) that we have stored in our bodies by taking in more calories than we burned. The body doesn't see "fat" as "energy" normally and the brain needs glucose in any case, and the body will destroy muscle to get that glucose at any price, right on down to the point that the starvation has caused blindness and other major problems. While I would LOVE TO THINK there was an EASY BUTTON to lose all the weight I wanted while eating the foods I crave---just like the ads say on television every night between food commercials that make me "slobber"---I know there is no quick or easy solution for healthy and long lasting fat loss...if there was, Believe me I would have FOUND IT, but the chemistry of the body metabolism is not going to be changed by my wishing for an "easy" or "painless" way out of the problem I created by eating more calories than my body burned. I do know however, that there are MANY HARMFUL and dangerous promises out there for that "easy" way out. Bernie Madoff cheated people out of billions of dollars because he promised them an "easy" "safe" and "painless" way to make money and they believed him. There are lots of people out there SELLING "magic" and "painless and easy" dieting---I hope that people here and in general will not fall for the "fantasy" of these programs. Back in the days of the phen-fen pills I had people coming to my clinic begging for the pills and leaving in tears when we refused to Rx them (even when other medical practitioners were doing it we were afraid of the safety of these "easy" pills, and did not Rx them, and it turned out that we were RIGHT!) I am now having to follow my own advice I've given to patients a thousand times, eat three meals a day in moderate proportion, with a wide variety of foods, and exercise ---fat secret helps me to pretty well stick to this routine, and I'm grateful for that. I've lost 21 pounds 1 or 2 pounds a week, and getting used to the lower calorie intake, and eating three meals a day instead of one continuous meal starting at 5 or 6 p.m. and lasting until I go to bed. I'm also on a lower sodium diet as well, which has decreased the edema in my feet, normalized my blood pressure and blood glucose without any medication, and I'm going to stick to the LIFE STYLE CHANGE (don't call it a diet!) until I reach my goal, and then monitor my weight and eating habits until my weight becomes STABLE at the goal weight. I wish all of you continued success, but I do encourage everyone to do this "sensibly" and to not become discouraged when you fall of the "wagon" which I think we all do from time to time. Don't beat yourself up if you make a choice to "cheat"---just go back to what you know is sensible and get back on the wagon! Good luck to everyone in their journey.
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
RDI Sodium
The American Heart association recommends that we should keep the sodium intake from all sources to between 1500 and 2,000 mg per day. They estimate the average american eatys from 3500+ . I am a "country" cook so lots of bacon, ham, sausage and other processed meats. Quit gardening so my canned veggies have lots of added salt, and of course any canned sauces or bottled are filled with sodium. Breads are high in sodium as well. My feet were swelling terribly and as a retired nurse I knew what weas happening but didnt' want ot admit it, but aI am here to say "hI, mY NAME IS jOYCE AND I AM A SALT A HOLIC! I keep up with it more in my head now but did keep up with it in my jouirnal, now just kind of keep a running tally in my head of what I have eaten and how much sodium is in it. I'm type II diabetic and am trying to lose weight (21 pounds down 39 to go) and try to keep my calories not below 1200 and not more than 1500, though tonight I went a couple hundcred over the 1500--snacking after supper. Been losing about 1-2 pounds a week, slow, but is moving in the right direction and thnis is a life style change for me not just a diet it off and then gain it back. Being a nurse I'm keeping "records" on myself that I can share with my doctor AND keep me "honest" I even managed to make some low sodium corn bread dressing for TG that was killer! So I am enjoying losing the weight, and also learning how to make tasty meals without the sodium. New recipes, new ideas, and ways to cut the salt. Found some canned good without the sodium and that helps so am mmaking my own picante sauce etc. I starte a little group for lower sodium if you guys want to join I've been putting up threads on low sodium products and idea. Anb yes, Pixiestyx, WATER can have sodium in it...even city water may have 110 mg per liter or more. Well, I'm off to bed it is after midnight here. Nice to meet you guys! Kepep up the good work!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Dieting with Fibromyalgia
Hi, I am a retired advanced practice nurse, and I was dx with Fibro in 1989, but realize that I have had it a lot longer than that. I also have SLEEP APNEA and realize that I'd had that a LOT LONGER than I thought, I have treatment for the sleep apnea (the machine) and I am 90% better since I started treating the sleep apnea. LACK OF PROPER SLEEP causes all kinds of pain and makes other kinds of pain that you have as well, WORSE. I suggest that anyone who has FM also be checked for SLEEP APNEA. The worst part of it is that the sleep test is very expensive (over $4500) and the machines are very expensive and many insurances won't pay but half the cost of the machine if they pay anything. Medicare and a supplemental policy will usually pay most of it. I just had a repeat study 9 years after my first study and am on my second machine. It takes some getting used to, but makes life bearable. The surgery to "correct" the causes of sleep apnea are VERY painful and don't work all that well either, mostly resulting in a lower pressure on your machine, is about all the benefit they do. So I do not recommend them. My husband had the surgery and it was terrible and didn't help a lot, and I know others who have had it and none would do it again. FM is a disrupter of sleep, but fatigue from lack of sleep also causes muscle pain. Remember that LACK OF SLEEP has been used for centuries as TORTURE...with FM it is a case of which came first, the pain or the lack of sleep, but look at both possiblities and treat them both. Good luck. PS I have not had any help from avoiding any particular foods
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
How to submit nutrition information
Hi, I'm not sure how to do this but I haven't found any of the store brand foods that I use that are NOT on here---I shop wal mart a lot and so far everything they use "Great Value" and even the Kroger house brands are here...Unless you are using something that is pretty rare I would think it would already be here. I've been really surprised at how MANY and complete the list is. I'm having to watch just about everything that is not "fresh" food as I am on a limited SODIUM diet..and canned and most prepared foods are loaded with it. Yesterday was a challenge making "lower" sodium Turkey and dressing. If one food is high in sodium have to balance the entire meal by having other things that are NO sodium...etc. Managed to come up with an very low sodium dinner in spite of the fact that the turkey is pumped full of sodium at the processing plant. I'm new at this so from now on will see if I can't find something that isn't pumped full of a sodium solution when I shop, but that was the thing I had on hand in the freezer (just didn't look!) Hope you can figure out what you need to know! This isn't a "perfect" site, but it is helpful. I wish there was a place to include medication, blood pressures and blood sugars, but I use the journal for that. I also started a "group" for lower sodium cooking, and I put threads up there with information I want to use and recipes etc. where i can find them and anyone else interested in lower sodium diets can also find them as well as products that I find that are low calorie and taste good (found some ice cream) and products that I try and don't like for whatever reason. You might try that as well. It is easy and very user friendly to start your own group! Good luck!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Husband Sabotage...
Dear K8, You said it so well, and it is all about LIFESTYLE CHANGE....and assuming responsibility for ourselves. This is not a "diet" it is a lifestyle change...difficult partly because I don't WANT to do some of it, like give up the HIGH SODIUM LIFESTYLE or the "eat what I want when I want it" lifestyle, or "not have to think before I put a meal on the table" lifestyle, and now I have to plan, and think, and measure, and change recipes and actually put some EFFORT into putting a healthy meal that TASTES GOOD on the table. Even in only a relatively few weeks, though, I've lost 19 pounds, my feet no longer swell, my blood sugar and blood pressure are both normalized without medication and I FEEL BETTER ALL there are some positive results already!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
things that make you go hmmmm
UNFORTUNATELY, there is NO magic pill or diet or anything else that will "let you eat your favorite foods" and "no exercise" and "melt off the pounds." No matter what we'd like to believe it is burn more calories than you take in. End of lesson. If there was a "secret" diet/formula that would work, I'd pay any price. In the meantime! I am sticking to it--the lifestyle change (don't call it diet) so I can keep the weight off and feel better, live longer and live more healthy! Wish I had a magic wand, though.....wish,,,,wish,,,,wis... LOL
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Anyone Fall off the wagon and lose track of how long it was?
I'm a retired registered advanced practice nurse and I agree with K8yk that eating too little can cause you to STOP LOSING. Because our bodies developed during periods when there were long "fasts"---in fact it is only in modern times that most people in the "civilized world" have enough to eat 12 months a year,, much less a balanced diet! So in order to survive, our body developed the ability to "shut down" metabolism to bare minimum and CONSERVE FAT when it thought it was starving. However, the ONLY way the body can feed the brain and the only thing the brain can eat is glucose (sugar) so the body actually takes a muscle cell, takes the sugar out And feeds it to the brain, then because the muscle cell doesn't work any more, it throws away the protein and other good things from the muscle out through the kidneys. So you RETAIN FAT and LOSE MUSCLE when you eat too little (starvation diet) and since muscle cells are what use ENERGY and Fat cells don't, it gets harder and harder to lose any weight and your body gets to where it can "live" on 800 cal a day (of course not repairing things or doing normal upkeep so you get essentially more and more run down) then when you do go back to eating, the body stores these "extra" calories as you guessed it--MORE FAT! That is why yo-yo dieting is COUNTER PRODUCTIVE. For most women I suggest not less than 1200 cal and most men not less than 1500-1800 depending on size. I did a 1200 cal "jump start" diet for my weight loss program for 2 weeks and then moved to between a 12 and 1500 cal diet. I also, having grown up with a lot of high salt foods, am on the recommended 1500 mg of sodium (salt) which the American Heart Association recommends for everyone---and is necessary for me at age 63, to keep down swelling in my feet. I suggest if you have hit a plateau in weight, make sure you are getting ENOUGH calories and then if you are, increase the exercise. I bought a pedometer to measure how far I walk each day, and it gives me a NUMBER that I can see "increase" as I up the walking to motivate myself. Exercise is super important to weight loss, in my humble opinion, and even if a person is physically unable to walk, they can use weights or resistence bands for upper body work outs and this has proven to be very beneficial even in the very elderly! Get moving!!!!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Metabolic Disorders and Weight Loss
I am a retired registered nurse practitioner/diabetic educator and have gained 60 pounds over the last 6 years and guess what---have diabetes, type II, my HA1C is only a bit over 6 so not "bad" yet, but "metabolic syndrome" means that there are several CONNECTED things "out of whack" and not working correctly, so the heart and artery diseases as well as increased blood pressure and insulin resistence will all work together to raise your blood pressure and starve your cells of the nutrition they need. When BLOOD sugar is high it is because the insulin (which acts like a key to get sugar through the cell wall "door") isn't working correctly....Check out the American Heart Association recommendation for sodium intake. I have always eaten highly salted foods, bacon, jerky, corned beef, etc. and never had any problem with feet swelling but as I gained the weight, my feet started to swell and sugar got high (insulin resistence is increased by the adipose tissue ---i.e. fat cells) I have restricted my sodium (salt) intake to 1500 mg per day as the ADA recommends for EVERYONE instead of the 5-8,000 mg I was most likely eating and WA LA! No more swelling in the feet and legs, and with wt loss of 16 pounds Blood sugar is normalized and blood pressure is normalized (both without any medication) lung, heart, artery, kidney tests all normal (or better) for my age, and I'm increasing exercise slowly including walking and some modified upper body exercises. Check out the ADA and I also started a group for LOWER SODIUM DIETS. It is actually getting easier as I go along though I have had to LEARN TO COOK ALL OVER AGAIN, and to find good tasting spices to replace SALT. Also finding foods with little if any added sodium has been a challenge. Ghostly your researcg group sounds interesting tell us more!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
I'm back!!!
There's a small diabetic group here, not really active, but I'm new and in that group so would welcome you into the group. I think FS is a great benefit to diabetes patients, and I'll be glad to help you stay motivated! The key to diabetes is keeping your average Blood sugar moderate, no highs and no lows! exercise, food and medication (if needed) all like a 3-way see-saw balanced! Joyce
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
Hi, anyone else on low(er) sodium diet? American Heart Association less than 1500 mg sodium. Having to learn to read all labels, plan ahead on menus and THINK before I eat anything...can't just slap something wonderful on the table anymore, even low calorie things have lots of salt (sodium) in them. Trying to follow recommendation of 27% fat, 18% protein, 55% carbs and less than 1500 mg of seems if it is low calorie it is high sodium, (like diet ranch salad dressing, pickles, ketchup, steak sauce, etc. is like the SEE-FOOD diet, you SEE food, you just cna't eat it, or the TASTE GOOD diet, if it tastes good, SPIT IT OUT! LOL Help!!!!!
by oxdrover (submitted 7 years ago)
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