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Desk work / Long hours
I work a desk job. I do intermittent fasting to maintain my nearly 40 lb weightloss (and which helped me drop the weight in 6 months).
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 days ago)
I do the 5:2 also. I really love it and you feel so good after a fast day. Some days it can be hard and if that happens, just don't worry and try another day. The more you do it, the easier it gets. Foods that are satisfying and keep me going are protein--hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, fish, chicken, protein powder and lots of fresh veggies. I recently discovered chicken broth to sip on. Low calorie and very filling. Super healthy if you make your own stock from scratch.
by mrspackrat (submitted a week ago)
Intermittent fasting
I lost my weight an continue to do IF (5:2 fast) because of the benefits. I no longer get shaky, have a headache or am crabby when I don't eat (great blood sugar). My cholesterol is awesome. My arthritis disappears. I have low body fat. Are there weeks when I don't do IF, sure, I've actually gone months without it. There are many forms of IF too. As someone mentioned, it's when you DON'T eat. You can do the 16/8 a couple of times a week, do it every day, do the 5:2 like I do. There are others. So to me, it's flexible and a great way to access those fat reserves and a form of cleansing for your body. As far as nutrient deficiencies, that's impossible with the way most people practice IF. Plus, my fast days are 500 calories and I get more nutrients in those 500 calories than some people get on a 2000 calorie diet. So for me, this is very sustainable and was my solution to losing weight and keeping it off. People who love food or can't control themselves won't succeed no matter what they do. It's definitely not for everyone but I recommend anyone give it a try. Anyone wanting to see what it's all about just google "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" a BBC documentary. It was what started me.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Why am I stuck?
High carbs, low fat, IMO that's why. Your body needs fat to burn fat. I can see lowering bad fats but get plenty of good fats. They help with insulin sensitivity and reduce body inflammation.
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
Fast Mimicking Diet
From what I read, you have to buy these packets for this diet. I say, save your money. There are several ways you can do an intermittent fasting and reap the benefits and you can eat your own foods. There's the 5:2 Diet of fasting 2 days a week on 500-600 calories, eat normal the other 5 days. There's even a 16/8 fast where you fast 16 hours a day, eat normally 8 hours a day. There's many other variations where you can get the same results as this Fast Mimicking Diet at no cost to you. I've been fasting for a few years now and really think it helps in overall health and weightloss so there I would encourage you. This program, I wouldn't personally do it.
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
Are You Sabotaging Your Own Weight Loss Goals?
Two things I follow. The 80/20 rule of eating where you eat the healthiest 80% of the time so you don't deny yourself anything. Also, don't eat more just because you work out. Most workouts only burn about 200-400 calories but many people justify more or larger portions of food that ends up being more than their workout burned. I concentrate on total calories for the day being a certain amount workout or not.
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
"Tricks of the Trade". Fool Me Once Shame On You. Fool Me Twice Shame On Me.
Glaun, at least you know it and are aware of your calories (whether you log them or not). I have family that have no clue how many calories they pack in before they even hit dinner. And then beg for ideas on how to exercise harder to lose weight. If you breakfast/lunch is already 2,500-3,000 calories, no workout is going to help you!
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 months ago)
Mayo and Ranch and Dip Replacement!
Trader Joe's has a few yogurt dips that are really good too. A guacamole dip, spinach and kale dip and some sort of jalepeno yogurt dip. I use veggies to dip to so low in calories, good for you, yum!
by mrspackrat (submitted 6 months ago)
5:2 Fast Diet
I have, I still do. I'm fasting today actually. I've had lots of success and besides weightloss, I have seen great bloodwork results too. Good luck! It can be a little hard at first but as you do it, it gets easier. If you want ideas on what I eat, just look at my food diary. I only log fast days (most times).
by mrspackrat (submitted 7 months ago)
Carbs... replacement foods
As a previous "carbivore" eating nearly 200-250+ grams of carbs daily, I had a lot of challenges replacing my favorite processed/refined carbs like cereal, breads, pasta, rice, etc. I replaced them with another carb--vegetables and low sugar fruits and berries. Other foods that make up my diet are good fats--nuts, seeds, avacado, coconut oil and good quality proteins like chicken, pork, fish, eggs. I still eat whole grains like quinoa, brown rice but in the old days I would have had 2-3 servings in a sitting. Now I only have one. But since discovering veggies and how to make them in a variety of ways, I realy love them.
by mrspackrat (submitted 7 months ago)
lose 2 pounds a week
There's a lot of people doing intermittent fasting on this site. I being one of them. Once I started,I never looke back, lost 30 lbs in 5-6 months. You can do alternative day fasting (500 calories on fast days),eat what ever you want on feed days, 2 day fasting/5 day normal eating, 16 hour daily fasts/8 hour normal eating. I have found I'm less hungry, have more energy, my blood results have improved dramatically. Unless you have some health issues, I'm not aware of, you could give it a try.
by mrspackrat (submitted 7 months ago)
Sunday is Fasting day
I love IF but couldn't do Sunday's. I wish I could but with the husband and the kids home and Sunday being the only day of the week I can make an big family meal, not possible. I do my IF during the week (5:2--2 days fast of 500 calories, 5 days normal eating). I hope more people try it tho, it's great and has done a lot for my health besides weightloss.
by mrspackrat (submitted 7 months ago)
best diet and weight loss tips
That it's also about when you eat--there is so much good information on intermittent fasting. The documentary by Michael Mosely "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" kick started it for me. Another member posted the link below, after I lost all my weight, I sent them a thanks for sharing it.
by mrspackrat (submitted 7 months ago)
Grilled Balsamic Chicken
I'm fasting today too but yum! We'll have to try another day.
by mrspackrat (submitted 7 months ago)
Diet Broken for Operation
I was hospitalized 2 times last year and was bed-ridden for a good part of the year before and after back surgery. When in the hospital, only order healthy food and just watch calories. My hospital let me chose as little or as much as I wanted so I was mindful of what I was choosing. I recall several healthy options along with a lot of bad foods (cupcakes, pie, chips, etc). When back at home, you aren't moving much so you don't need a ton of calories or carbs. Concentrate on lean proteins (get a powder if you can't prepare meats) and lots of fresh fruits and veggies--what you eat should be highly nutrtional to help your body heal. I didn't gain any weight despite being in the condition I was in. I was shocked because nearly everyone I know in my position usually gain a lot of weight--so it can be done. I guess I give credit to the permanent changes I made to my food choices. They have become the way I eat, not a temporarty thing to lose weight.
by mrspackrat (submitted 8 months ago)
Not eating enough calories before I max out my carbs
What about an avocado? It's a superfood, high in calories, full of good fats, vitamins, etc., low net carbs.
by mrspackrat (submitted 8 months ago)
Low carb question
I keep mine between 50-100 g daily but somtimes go as high as 150 g daily. Most days I do keep it in the lower range. And like howzat4u, I mainly watch/cut out processed grains and sugars. Going low carb takes a while for your body to adjust but the longer you do it, it gets easier as your body switches from glucose to fat for fuel. This is a great article on your body and that it prefers fat for fuel over glucose. Good luck!
by mrspackrat (submitted 8 months ago)
Need a more balanced diet.
A rule of thumb is 1 g of protein per 1 lb of lean body mass daily. Going low carb, I keep my net carbs (carbs-fiber) between 50-125 g daily and mainly from veggies, the rest I fill with good fats. I wouldn't go crazy trying to get exact about it. I was like you, lots of fats and carbs but hardly any protein. I've definately found a better balance.
by mrspackrat (submitted 8 months ago)
Dieting + working out with no results, help
[quote=dayberndt]Try to almost completely eliminate fat from your diet for a week, then the next week any sugar/carbs (max of 20 netcarbs a day).quote] I don't even know if it's even possible to eliminate all fat from your diet but every cell in your body has a layer of fat and when that layer is made up of good fats it helps prevent insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes) and insulin sensitivity (most common reason for gaining fat). Fat also slows down digestion, assimulates those fat solubale vitamens, helps you lost fat, etc. So fat is not bad, too many calories is.
by mrspackrat (submitted 9 months ago)
Egg Whites
I agree with mummydee and eggs yolks are great for you (see article below). The yolk is also rich in B12 (not the white) which is key to a healthy metabolism. If you are going to forego fat skip the kind that comes in processed/packaged foods which are all packed with bad fats. But fat is so important to losing weight and people should educate themselves on why low fat diets won't help with your weightloss. And if they are worried about cholesterol, it's not eggs they should stay away from but the breads, baked goods, cereals and pastries.
by mrspackrat (submitted 9 months ago)
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