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Mayo and Ranch and Dip Replacement!
Trader Joe's has a few yogurt dips that are really good too. A guacamole dip, spinach and kale dip and some sort of jalepeno yogurt dip. I use veggies to dip to so low in calories, good for you, yum!
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 months ago)
5:2 Fast Diet
I have, I still do. I'm fasting today actually. I've had lots of success and besides weightloss, I have seen great bloodwork results too. Good luck! It can be a little hard at first but as you do it, it gets easier. If you want ideas on what I eat, just look at my food diary. I only log fast days (most times).
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 months ago)
Carbs... replacement foods
As a previous "carbivore" eating nearly 200-250+ grams of carbs daily, I had a lot of challenges replacing my favorite processed/refined carbs like cereal, breads, pasta, rice, etc. I replaced them with another carb--vegetables and low sugar fruits and berries. Other foods that make up my diet are good fats--nuts, seeds, avacado, coconut oil and good quality proteins like chicken, pork, fish, eggs. I still eat whole grains like quinoa, brown rice but in the old days I would have had 2-3 servings in a sitting. Now I only have one. But since discovering veggies and how to make them in a variety of ways, I realy love them.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 months ago)
lose 2 pounds a week
There's a lot of people doing intermittent fasting on this site. I being one of them. Once I started,I never looke back, lost 30 lbs in 5-6 months. You can do alternative day fasting (500 calories on fast days),eat what ever you want on feed days, 2 day fasting/5 day normal eating, 16 hour daily fasts/8 hour normal eating. I have found I'm less hungry, have more energy, my blood results have improved dramatically. Unless you have some health issues, I'm not aware of, you could give it a try.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 months ago)
Sunday is Fasting day
I love IF but couldn't do Sunday's. I wish I could but with the husband and the kids home and Sunday being the only day of the week I can make an big family meal, not possible. I do my IF during the week (5:2--2 days fast of 500 calories, 5 days normal eating). I hope more people try it tho, it's great and has done a lot for my health besides weightloss.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 months ago)
best diet and weight loss tips
That it's also about when you eat--there is so much good information on intermittent fasting. The documentary by Michael Mosely "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" kick started it for me. Another member posted the link below, after I lost all my weight, I sent them a thanks for sharing it.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 months ago)
Grilled Balsamic Chicken
I'm fasting today too but yum! We'll have to try another day.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 months ago)
Diet Broken for Operation
I was hospitalized 2 times last year and was bed-ridden for a good part of the year before and after back surgery. When in the hospital, only order healthy food and just watch calories. My hospital let me chose as little or as much as I wanted so I was mindful of what I was choosing. I recall several healthy options along with a lot of bad foods (cupcakes, pie, chips, etc). When back at home, you aren't moving much so you don't need a ton of calories or carbs. Concentrate on lean proteins (get a powder if you can't prepare meats) and lots of fresh fruits and veggies--what you eat should be highly nutrtional to help your body heal. I didn't gain any weight despite being in the condition I was in. I was shocked because nearly everyone I know in my position usually gain a lot of weight--so it can be done. I guess I give credit to the permanent changes I made to my food choices. They have become the way I eat, not a temporarty thing to lose weight.
by mrspackrat (submitted 4 months ago)
Not eating enough calories before I max out my carbs
What about an avocado? It's a superfood, high in calories, full of good fats, vitamins, etc., low net carbs.
by mrspackrat (submitted 4 months ago)
Low carb question
I keep mine between 50-100 g daily but somtimes go as high as 150 g daily. Most days I do keep it in the lower range. And like howzat4u, I mainly watch/cut out processed grains and sugars. Going low carb takes a while for your body to adjust but the longer you do it, it gets easier as your body switches from glucose to fat for fuel. This is a great article on your body and that it prefers fat for fuel over glucose. Good luck!
by mrspackrat (submitted 4 months ago)
Need a more balanced diet.
A rule of thumb is 1 g of protein per 1 lb of lean body mass daily. Going low carb, I keep my net carbs (carbs-fiber) between 50-125 g daily and mainly from veggies, the rest I fill with good fats. I wouldn't go crazy trying to get exact about it. I was like you, lots of fats and carbs but hardly any protein. I've definately found a better balance.
by mrspackrat (submitted 4 months ago)
Dieting + working out with no results, help
[quote=dayberndt]Try to almost completely eliminate fat from your diet for a week, then the next week any sugar/carbs (max of 20 netcarbs a day).quote] I don't even know if it's even possible to eliminate all fat from your diet but every cell in your body has a layer of fat and when that layer is made up of good fats it helps prevent insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes) and insulin sensitivity (most common reason for gaining fat). Fat also slows down digestion, assimulates those fat solubale vitamens, helps you lost fat, etc. So fat is not bad, too many calories is.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
Egg Whites
I agree with mummydee and eggs yolks are great for you (see article below). The yolk is also rich in B12 (not the white) which is key to a healthy metabolism. If you are going to forego fat skip the kind that comes in processed/packaged foods which are all packed with bad fats. But fat is so important to losing weight and people should educate themselves on why low fat diets won't help with your weightloss. And if they are worried about cholesterol, it's not eggs they should stay away from but the breads, baked goods, cereals and pastries.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
Dieting + working out with no results, help
I read this question recently--if you put 5 lbs of muscle on a scale and 5 lbs of fat, do they weigh the same? Ummm, yes :) I had people tell me for years I was gaining muscle in lieu of fat or I was on a plateau. The truth was, it was a combination of eating too much and eating the wrong foods so my body wouldn't let go of the extra weight. I was fat and fit. You need to truly log everything you eat (and maybe you do). If you are under your RDI, look to what you are eating. I posted this in another thread but feel it's worth repeating. Don't over eat, don't eat foods that spike insulin. Instead replace processed/carb-filled and/or sugary foods with low sugar/low glycemic options. It is impossible to have high levels of insulin in your system while burning fat at the same time. If you eat a meal that has too high of a glycemic index, your blood sugar will spike, causing a large release in insulin. During this period of time your body can't use fat for fuel (even if you are operating under a calorie deficit and even if you workout like crazy). You can get everything else right and not make good progress if you allow your insulin levels to get out of whack.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
Free Popular Workout Ebook (limited time only)
Posting this about 20 times is not a way to win people over.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
Food Intake vs Calorie Counting please help im stuck lol
I'll keep it more simple. Don't over eat, don't eat foods that spike insulin. Instead replace processed/carb-filled and/or sugary foods with low sugar/low glycemic options. It is impossible to have high levels of insulin in your system while burning fat at the same time. If you eat a meal that has too high of a glycemic index, your blood sugar will spike, causing a large release in insulin. During this period of time your body can't use fat for fuel (even if you are operating under a calorie deficit and even if you workout like crazy). You can get everything else right and not make good progress if you allow your insulin levels to get out of whack. Bottom line, take a good hard look at what you are eating and make some better choices. And don't go low fat, instead replace bad fats with omega 3 fats which help improve insulin sensitivity.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
not loosing weight
Toroda, you make some good points and really it all boils down to how sensitive your insulin is (everybody is different). Insulin is a hormone that regulates the absorption of sugar (glucose) by cells. When your cells are not sensitive, insulin levels go up. The people with good insulin sensitivity can eat foods that convert to glucose easily and the calories in/out approach works for them. But if your cells are not sensitive to insulin, what you eat can make a difference and make weightloss slow/harder than the person with good insulin sensitivity. Many of the diets supported here work because they are low glucose or improve insulin resistance. Low-carb is low glucose. Fasting or IF improves insulin sensitivity. Suggestions for people with insulin sensitivity are the obvious--don't overeat (raises insulin levels). To get what you need and not overeat, you have to select foods that are lower in calories (lean meats, veggies, high fiber foods, etc). But also you need to limit foods that spike insulin and that includes complex carbs (carbohydrate that is not a fiber it is going to be turned into a sugar). Eating good fats is recommened because if your cells are made up of unhealthy fat, they will not bind with insulin easily, which leads to fat gain and elevated cortisol. There are a number of vitamins and minerals your body needs to help maintain healthy insulin levels. For example, magnesium is necessary for the action of and manufacture of insulin. When you raise your insulin, you lose magnesium, and the cells become even more insulin resistant. I'm sure there's someone who can sum it up better but really, once you address insulin sensistivity, weightloss is the great side effect.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
It's most likely something you are eating if you don't have other symptoms like cramping, pain or discomfort. Is your diet high in sodium? sugar? Could be even dairy, wheat, gluten, nuts. You would need to remove foods from your diet and see if it goes away or when reintroducing the food the symptoms come back you know.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
Just begining
Besides eating within your total recommended calories, chose foods that are low on the glycemic index (keeps insulin low which is great for burning fat), go lower carb for that reason plus carbs/sugars tend to drive hunger. Get a good amount of lean proteins and increase your omega 3 fats (don't go low fat and watch the bad fats). Just look at your plate and chose to replace some of the processed/sugar foods with better choices. That's how I started. Also, supplement, particularly your B's, D's and magnesium. Then walk a little each day. Keeping the body moving is good for you. You don't need to be a gym rat to do this! :)
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
5:2 Doet
Protein and vegetables are my go to foods on a fast day. Protein curbs hunger, breads would drive hunger as do foods with sugars. But if you are doing the 5:2 or any IF, it really shouldn't matter what you eat as fasting itself keeps insulin low and low insulin allows your body to burn fat. I see so many people who claim to be on a plateau and then I look at their diet that is packed with carbs and sugars. Low insulin is so key to weightloss and should be factored in when making food choices.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
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