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Eat to Live
Vegetarians have to be careful about vit B12 deficiency and the effects come later in life in terms of Alzheimers. Supplementing is ok but the best sources of vit B12 come from animal sources.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Eat to Live
I think a lot of his information is valuable and many people should shift more to plant-based foods vs the stuff they are eating. Even if you follow it 85-90% of the time, I bet you'll see some nice results. Just make lifestyle changes, not temporary changes because weightloss becomes temporary too.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Need morning energy during 16:8
Draglist, if I can interpret, the short answer to "will coconut oil break my fast" is yes because anything but water breaks a true fast, however, your body will still reap the benefits from fasting even if you consume it during your fast period because coconut oil is a fat (and the type of fat it is matters too I think). So fast loss, lower blood sugar/insulin, autophagy (the way the body that deals with destruction of cells), etc., will still be achieved even if you don't stick to a true fast (water only).
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Need morning energy during 16:8
Draglist, I found this which I think answers your question on coconut oil in your morning coffee and if it will break your fast (excerpt from the article): "“Doesn’t This Break the Fast?” This is the most common question I get as how this also can fit into an IF or 2 Meals lifestyle. In short “Yes”, as anything but water “breaks” a true fast. However I also like to ask the question “What particular benefit are you looking to maintain with 100% fasting?”. If it is lower blood sugar/insulin, then that is still maintained as fat alone should not impact levels (like protein and carbs will). If it is for autophagy, then you are still having the proper environment with lower insulin/blood sugar and protein intake. Also combined with caffeine will help through mTOR/p70S6K inhibition (inverse relationship with autophagy). Still want to burn fat? Well coconut oil shown above will increase EE (energy expenditure) and not inhibit overall fat oxidation. In fact one small study (Klein S, 1992) done comparing metabolic parameters of a fasted state vs lipid (fat) only showed: Changes in plasma glucose, free fatty acids, ketone bodies, insulin, and epinephrine concentrations during fasting were the same in both the control and lipid studies. While no one really just eats fat only all day, it showed that the metabolic parameters from fasting are more from carbohydrate restriction (protein was also restricted too). So the real question becomes rather “Do you need a pure fast to reap the benefits or is there a better way to go about it?”. For many especially those with compromised stress loads, adrenal/cortisol issues, lower bodyfat (making access to FFAs harder) or those with more mentally demanding jobs and needing more “brain fuel”, this may just be a better (or “gentler”) way to go about an IF/2 Meals protocol lifestyle. I think of it more of an “enhanced” fast..or perhaps this is just progressing into IF 2.0."
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 weeks ago)
3 Pt. Chocolate Breakfast
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Fasting for Lent
While you've made some good steps, I'd still look to what you are eating. What I often see is people eating poor diets but just less calories. Sure you can exercise off a bad diet but if you aren't a gym rat, it's so much easier if you transition to healthier foods (like I noticed you don't get a lot of omega 3 fats or vegetables). If you eat the right foods, your body will do better at regulating body fat and the response is weightloss. It really can be that easy. I've done some reading on metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance and it's supposedly the most common reason why people can't lose weight. They've stressed out their bodies with overeating and horrible refined foods. Magnesium deficieny is another cause and simply supplementing with 400 mg daily helps. I like this article - Good luck and remember, Lent is a time for inner change. Think of what you put in your body and ask if it's healthy or harmful.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Need morning energy during 16:8
Draglist, I had heard that the calorie range should be under 30 or 40ish but anything over that you may break your fast. The butter and coconut oil, while great for your brain, may just break your fast. Like I posted earlier, there are thoughts on both sides. I read in "Mark's Daily Apple" that it's not really suggested due to the calories but if you find something more solid to the contrary let us all know. I love coconut oil in my coffee but don't do it for fear it will break my fast.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Need morning energy during 16:8
Hey, I found this about "transitioning" to a fasting pattern of eating. Have you been fasting long? That could play a factor in addition to what you are eating during your feed window during this transition. Either way, it's a good little clip.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Need morning energy during 16:8
I have no troubles in the morning either and I do the 16/8. For a bit I'm sort of hungry but it passes. I drink a couple of cups of coffee in the morning but I drink it black. I've read about that and the bullet proof coffee but I've also read that it breaks your fast. Are you drinking enough water? Have you tried working out or going for a walk?
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Gastric Sleeve
My sister had gastric bypass surgery about 10 years ago. She lost weight for about 5 years but it crept back on and now she's almost to where she was. She also has severe health problems due to the fact her body cannot absorb the proper amount of nutrients from her food despite supplementing. I hope this sleeve is something different because I think my sister regrets the decision.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
up 1 lb
I notice you don't log your food completely. You are most likely overeating and not realizing it. Try logging everything for a while, you'd be surprised how it adds up. In addition, many people who are overweight suffer from some sort of metablic syndrome due to the stress on their bodies from long term over-eating or eating junk/imbalanced diet. I was a heavy refined carb eater, hardly any veggies or meat. Your body is so confused it may not know how to properly regulate the fat it stores despite less calories. I have some good articles on the topic if you are interested.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
How much do "normal" people eat?
Portion sizes are just part of the problem. We don't eat real food anymore but manufactured stuff that looks like food because of the convenience. My MIL is always showing me new snacks (crackers, chips, granola bars) she finds that are "healthy" in her mind because they say "baked" or "whole grain" but they are just junk food disguised as health food. The calories in these types of foods add up quickly too. When you eat real, whole foods, you feel satisfied and full.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
lose weight
Low fat? Your doctor is stuck in the 80's! :) But going low carb is good (replacing processed, refined or carbs that convert to sugar easily with healthier, high fiber carbs). I personally like more vegetables and low sugar fruits even in lieu of high-fiber breads, rices, etc. But like someone said, if you go low carb, you have to get your calories from either protein or fat. Your body needs fat to lose fat, just get more of the good fats (seeds, nuts, avacado, coconut oil, etc). Overall, the trick is replacing bad foods with healthier foods so you stay full longer and these foods tend to be less in calories, less calories means you lose weight.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Favorite free fitness videos/trainers?
Hot5 is a free app you can download onto your smart device and is loaded with workout videos. It was featured on one of the morning news shows and said it was the best free fitness app out there.
by mrspackrat (submitted 3 weeks ago)
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
Do you intermittent fast??
I do IF and love it (both the 16/8 or the 5:2). I've lost around 25ish lbs thru IF and now use it to maintain my weight. My daily calories are around 1400-1800 daily (although I'm sure some days I've eaten a lot more if there's a special occasion). I don't eat too many empty calories most days so many of my calories are nutrient-rich foods.
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
I need help!!
I was a "carbivore" too. It takes time but you ll start shifting from bad carbs once you realize how great you feel without them. Also up your good fats, seeds, nuts, avocado, etc, they have some protein too.
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
Hoser's Second Rule of Dieting
I would eat both the Twinkie and the artisan cupcake :) I like a good feast day every now and then.
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
Going for a permanent change
Track your food along the way and make yourself aware of what a serving looks like. Then make small adjustments to your food choices. Each week you should be losing weight if not you're simply eating too many calories. And I made the mistake of thinking exercise calories allowed me to eat more. All I did was exercise off the excess calories off and the result was my weight remained same for quite a long time. But start replacing refined, processed foods or foods high calorie with better choices. Your plate should always include a healthy portion of vegetables and less of the carbs that convert to sugar easily (rice, potatoes, breads, pastas, fruits, artificial sweeteners). And get lots of healthy fats. Good luck!
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
Doing the 40/40/20 ratio
I don't follow such a strict mix. I do keep my net carbs (carbs less fiber) between 100-150 I then experimented with various proteins and fats. I rediscovered foods and found new foods I love. But no matter what the mix, total calories are most important. If you over eat, you'll gain weight and on 2600 total calories , each week if you don't lose weight, you're eating too much. But don't take your old diet if the foods were junk and eat less. The culprit for most people is refined foods which you need to eliminate. Granted people can lose weight by eating junk but just less of it, but long-term I don't think that way of eating is sustainable. Whole foods are really the way to go. I personally think your body operates better on whole foods and when your body works properly, does a better job at regulating body fat.
by mrspackrat (submitted a month ago)
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