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Looking for LOW sugar and LOW Carb snacks
I don't personally snack between meals, the protein I get sustains me. But if I do a snack, I'll eat avocado with some veggies, berries, nuts, string cheese, imitation crab.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
Coffee with Cream
If allowed, you may want to try coconut milk--canned or So Delicious sold in a box. So Delicious has unsweetened vanilla which tastes good. Canned coconut milk gives it a slight coconut flavor. Also try a mix of Irish butter and organic virgin coconut oil (about 1 tsp of each). The fats are great for you.
by mrspackrat (submitted 5 months ago)
break snack
Most crackers are processed, have lots of sugar and drive hunger and make you crave them more. Stop eating them and pick something else, the craving will stop on their own. I've done this with sugar. It works.
by mrspackrat (submitted 8 months ago)
Is it wrong to ask roommate to pay higher utility bill?
58 or 63! Sorry but I'd move.
by mrspackrat (submitted 8 months ago)
Well crap! :)
by mrspackrat (submitted 8 months ago)
How to add a combo food?
I know saves time :)
by mrspackrat (submitted a year ago)
How to add a combo food?
You enter it in your "cookbook" as a recipe. Click on My Cook Book and then Submit Recipe. There's an option to publish it?? or something like that but really just save it for your use. Then you can add it to your food diary each day without having to add each ingredient.
by mrspackrat (submitted a year ago)
Low carb question
To calculate total calories, I've always taken my goal weight x 10 to lose weight. Stick to your 50 g for carbs. Protein depends on how active you are. I take my lean body mass x .5 (sedentary)or .8 (moderately active) or 1 g (active) to determine total grams of lean protein daily. Fill the rest of your calories with fats.
by mrspackrat (submitted a year ago)
Help! What am I doing wrong?
You also indicate that you are eating 1300 calories but do you deduct calories for your workout to get to that total? I find people overestimate the calories they burn at the gym. Most good/solid workouts burn only about 250-300 calories. I wouldn't even count that against my total calorie count for the day. Also, the types of foods you consume can make a difference when it comes to storing fat. High glycemic foods drive up insulin which promotes fat storage. So if you are eating at the top of your calorie range and eating foods that promote fat storage, you're not going to see much as far as fat loss. More maintenance of your current weight. A really good way to burn stored fat is not to eat. So many people eat from the time they rise to the time they go to bed. Instead, take advantage of that fast state your body naturally goes into each night after your last meal and before your "breakfast" the next day. Try and go 16 hours if you can (eat within an 8 hour window). Makes a big difference.
by mrspackrat (submitted a year ago)
a lot more to go
I've been "corrected" here. You can eat whatever you want, you body doesn't know the difference and metabolizes/treats all food the same. Food is food. So eat all the candy you want, it has no affect on your body. LOL
by mrspackrat (submitted a year ago)
Diets do not work.......
I define diet as the kinds of food that a person eats :) I spent months tracking my calories meticulously, working out like they say. I lost nothing. I dropped my calories, maintained my workout, I lost nothing. I was convinced I was born to be fat. I was what I like to call a "carbivore" where I primarily ate potatoes, breads, cereals, rice, pasta. I didn't eat much protein or fruits/veggies. I was not a believer that what you ate mattered. I thought I could work off anything I ate. I refused to give up the foods I love. But the weight was not coming off so I did the unthinkable and took someone's advice an changed what I ate. I replaced all those processed carbs with fresh veggies, low sugar fruits, healthy proteins, good fats. I learned to love new foods and my family now does too. I think short term or in moderation, those other foods are ok but for me, a diet rich in those foods over a long period of time took a toll on my body and I also gained a lot of weight. They say those foods can create hormonal responses in your body that make your body want to hold onto fat. While it wasn't immediate, once I eliminated most of these foods, I suddenly saw a steady decline in my weight and I never looked back. I occasionally will eat some of my old foods but my body bloats and I feel horrible. I don't really enjoy them much anymore. I would take a serious look at what you eat and make some changes. Maybe you were not as imbalanced as I was but making permanent changes to how you eat will give you long term health benefits.
by mrspackrat (submitted a year ago)
Top 5 Biggest Fast Food Offenders
There are some here that say eat what you want, it doesn't matter as long as you don't eat too many calories so your list of foods would be fine to eat. I personally believe food triggers hormonal responses that control metabolic processes in your body (the amount of fat burned/the amount of fat stored). By eating the right foods, you can trigger the right metabolic response such as increasing your body╩╝s ability to burn fat and lose weight. Eating those foods on your list occasionally will not hurt you but if your diet is primarily made up of those foods or processed/refined or foods filled with sugars/artificial sweeteners, I think it may prevent you from seeing real weightloss or would slow that process considerably.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
Newbie Keto question..Help, Please
Net carbs (carbs - fiber)
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
Don't reduce fats, or at least the healthy ones. Just get rid of processed/refined carbs, they are useless to your body anyway and are extra calories you don't need.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
Body designed to store fat rather than burn it for some
The video covers metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance. AMA statistics say that 34% of the adult population in the US suffer from metabolic syndrome. The older we get the more prone we are to getting this. I'm not going to post a boat load of research and site a bunch of websites. This is very real and this way of eating can help reduce body fat and improve overall health. Anyone with the symptoms may opt to change their diet and it may just help them. You young kids who eat what you want and hit the gym to drop a few have no idea what you're in for the older you get. Maybe you are healthy and can lose weigh easily, this wasn't directed at you.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
Body designed to store fat rather than burn it for some
Ummm, the researcher is skinnier than you. Dr. Manny is just the host of the show. Sometimes we should first see the story before we open our big mouth and spew hogwash?
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
Body designed to store fat rather than burn it for some
Interesting Dr. Manny segment where his guest discusses how for some, sugars and carbs get stored more readily rather than being burned. For those people, it's not as simple as calories in/out. They need to focus on eating fat burning foods (leafy greens, broccoli, fresh meats, fish, healthy fats) to lose weight. Eliminate the fat storing foods (pastas, breads, even healthy whole grains like oats) because your body can't process them. Also a few myths he addresses: You can't work out on an empty stomach - Myth, it's actually better for fat burning All fruit is good for you - Myth avoid the high sugar ones/high glycemic A good workout means you have to sweat a lot - Myth, we've been tricked by the gyms to think you have to work out hard to lose weight, short interval workouts are more effective
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
How to determine a Goal Weight
I just set mine based on when I last felt great and I surpassed that. Just watch total calories supposedly "burned" through exercise tracker on this site. It's not accurate at all. Just set your ideal calories for the day and just watch that despite exercise. In setting total calories for the day, I was told to use your current weight x 12. That is the total calories to maintain your current weight. Any less than that and you should lose weight.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
Favorite free fitness videos/trainers?
Shin Ohtake with MaxWorkouts- simple, can do at home with little equipment, super effective. He teaches you how to work out doing intervals, no long workouts or laboring at the gym. He also doesn't keep selling you more workout tapes or food and supplements. Best program IMO.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
Normal Diet of 3 meals a day + snacks?
A great article and much of what is here was also in the documentary "Eat, Fast and Live Longer." There are so many health benefits to fasting and weightloss is one of them. When I see people struggling to lose weight I just want to tell them to put the fork down and walk away! You will not starve but instead, many great things will start to happen.
by mrspackrat (submitted 2 years ago)
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