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normal to feel weak?
Hey tofuturkey!! Im not a doctor, but I think it may be the fact that your NOT eating the 4-5 meals a day. Your supposed to eat every 3 to 4 hrs (or 2 to 3 I forgot which one) even if your not hungry. The reason for this is so that your metabolism doesnt drop too low, and your body wont go into starvation mode. You may not be giving your body enough energy to run and stay up. Eat a few more calories, and a little more often and you should feel fine. Those 9 days are very difficult, and you have to make sure youre eating enough calories ESPECIALLY if your exercising. Calories in, calories out is true, but your body also needs some of those calories to run efficiently. I always feel like a banana gives me a little extra energy, I always have one before I work out. Theyre a little high in calories, but SOOO good for you. Dont give up just yet. Make a few adjustments, and hang in there!!!!! It will be worth it!!!!
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
101 Reasons to Lose Weight
[b][/b]Head Held High Even if I havent lost weight, or have, or even gained, Just knowing I am doing something good for myself, my health, my body (especially exercise) makes me walk around with a little extra "ummmph". [b][/b]Free Shopping Being able to "reshop" clothes in my closet I havent fit into in a VERY long time. Especially for my tight budget! :d
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
Normal healthy eaters?
You have to keep an open mind. Everybody's different. I can definetly see how tracking all those calories can possibly lead some to become crazy about what theyre eating. On the same note, what may become an unhealthy obsession for one person, may be what keeps someone else on track. Being able to track calories has taught me ALOT about portion control. I never knew how many calories I was consuming before I started changing my eating habits, and it was pretty alarming. As far as the comparison on the bottom, I dont think its intended to become a contest, or make you feel like your not doing it right just because your not keeping up with other people. Keep in mind that many people dont track EVERY day, or may only track SOME of what they are eating. It still averages out all together, so the numbers are very misleading. If it bothers you, dont look at it, or dont make anything of it. Everybody's different, so concern yourself with YOUR success, and YOUR plans, and everything will be just fine. Hope it wasnt harsh. =0) Everyone keep up the good work!!!!! Losing weight is a hard battle, be proud you are strong enough to be fighting!
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
Pound for Pound Challenge
=0) Thank You for that. I pledged weight loss as well. Its a great cause, and Im proud to be a part of it.
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
phase 1 meals for 9 days
Thats great!!! Thank You!
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
Need some support!
Oh sorry, I just realize you are on EXTREME fat smash. Again, you can use the recipes as long as it follows the guidelines of the cycle your in. And dont forget the allowed snacks. But dont freak out if you mess up.
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
Need some support!
I can support you!! 115 does seem reasonable, but dont set your goals too high because if you dont meet them, you may feel defeated. 20 lbs to me may be easier to lose than you because I have alot more weight so its a smaller percentage of my body fat, you have to remember that. As far as the soup and nuts, its ok everyone slips the important part is to get back up and keep going, dont give in, and no matter what don't allow yourself to say "well I already messed up today, im going to mess up the rest of the week". In the first few days you ARE going to have some hunger pangs. I PROMISE they will go away in the first week or so. You may get a little headache too. The important thing is to make wise food choices. Instead of a cream of mushroom soup, make some homemade vegetable soup, and instead of macadamia nuts, eat some almonds or pop some low fat popcorn. This diet allows you to eat alot, its really just a matter of WHAT you eat. And lastly, dont forget to exercise!! It can help shed those pounds, and your body will love you for it. Do some cardio and some weight training. Calories in, calories out. Exercise will get those calories out!! Sorry, i wrote a novel. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask. Oh yeah and the recipes in the back of the book, yes you can use them as meals as long as they are for the right Phase. There are also some great recipes on this site. Good luck!!!!!
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
I just want to say how supportive and motivating everyone seems to be on this site. There are days when I am just not feeling great about my diet or what I am doing, and sometimes coming on this site and reading comments and accomplishments and hardships that other people may be going through can give me that extra push to keep going. I just want to say thank you for everyone who motivates and inspires and supports other people here and that it is trully appreciated. It is amazing how a few kind words from a complete stranger can make sure a huge difference in someone's day. Everyone here is amazing!! Keep up the good work!! [i][/i];)
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
I need some fitness advice
[quote=Sweetalot]Because the winter months throw off my outdoor fitness routine, I've been keeping fit indoors with the Biggest Loser fitness DVD's. The segments are short, you select which ones you want to do and they are quite effective in a really small amount of time. The other equation is to eat healthy foods and monitor how much you eat. Fitness & nutrition go hand-in-hand.[/quote] What kind of exercise do they have you do?
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
I need some fitness advice
Ok heres my fitness advice. Switch from processed foods to non processed foods. I had a trainer like 5 years ago, he was great by the way I lost about 20 lbs in one month, and he taught me about how processed foods and sugar were created not very long ago, but that fresh fruits and veggies and meats have been around forever. SO try to stick to those foods, your body will love them!!! As far as exercise, whenever people ask me how to get motivated to work out i tell them, pick your favorite songs or maybe get some new ones that you can get "excited" about listening to, and only allow yourself to listen to them while working out. Cardio is very important for weight loss, but so is weight training. If you dont know ho to weight train, go to you library. There are so many books that show what exercises to do for each body part, and the best part is most of them show how to do them at the gym machines, or with your own weights so there are no excuses!!!! You can even search online there are alot of sites to instruct you. Hope it helps!
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
First thing I do is pick some of my favorite songs, and ONLY allow myself to listen to them at the gym. Sometimes I want to hear them so bad, it pretty much pushes me to go. The same works even if you dont work out at the gym. Secondly, give yourself small treats for small goals. If your goal is to eat right all week and exercise say 3x this week, then at the end of the week if you have met your goal, then do something for yourself like get your nails done. Always keep in mind how great it is doing your body and when I know I am treating it right, i tend to walk with my head a little higher. It feels good, and that should motivate you. Hope it helps!
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
Hey! So far, I like this site as well. Stumbled on it looking for recipes, but it has so much more to offer. This is my 3rd time on fat smash. Did really well and lost 40 lbs the first time, the 2nd time I ended up getting very sick and had to stop to take care of myself. Im ready to do it again!! Its the only thing that has worked for me so far. Im here if anyone has questions, or wants motivation. I know I need some. =0)
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)
Weighing myself too much???
Hi. I have a bad habit of weighing myself too much as well. But from personal experience, the first time I did this diet, I behaved and didint weigh myself until the 10th day, to find out I had lost a pretty good amount. The second time, I wasnt so disciplined and found myself very discouraged and ready to give up by the 3rd day. To me, it seems like it fluctuates a little, especially during the detox. So try REALLY hard not to weigh yourself. As far as the beans, I eat them EVERY day because they are what get me by. I tend to feel a little bloated at times because they do give me alot of gas, but it seemed to me that after a little while, my body got more used to it. And about the gum, I dont think youre SUPPOSED to have it since youre detoxing, but it wont ruin anything im sure. I have a little sweetener everyday, and even coffee sometimes. I wouldnt get by without it, so if those few pieces of gum help you get by, then go for it!! I wouldnt be worried about it. Hope it helps! ;)
by micami (submitted 8 years ago)

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