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As far as I know you can't add steps, only time.
by mars2kids (submitted a year ago)
Well, here goes...........
Good luck! When you eat better and exercise the feeling better comes with it. Just keep trying different things and something will stick for you, if it's low carb then great, if not try replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones or do some extra exercise if you are going to eat a big meal, little things can make a big difference. I know it's easier said than done when temptations are all over the place, but you can do it. I haven't had a soda in 3 weeks and I haven't been eating as much sugar per day and I'm feeling good. 3 weeks isn't a long time, but I have a lot of weeks to go in my life, so I have to start somewhere. :) I hope you have success!!
by mars2kids (submitted a year ago)
RDI, should I always hit 100%
I also think that FS is high in the recommended RDI. I set mine at 1400, but aim for lower. I've lost consuming around that as long as I'm getting exercise in as well. With time you also learn how much you need to keep you feeling satisfied and to keep losing. I started with a higher RDI and as I was eating cleaner and exercising started lowering until I was consistently losing. I don't think I will ever go under 1200 because for me that is just not realistic and I couldn't stay that low for a long period of time. I'm not in this for quick loss, I'm in this to get healthy and stay healthy for the long haul.
by mars2kids (submitted a year ago)
Have chronic pain medical condition - fibromyalgia, hard to lose weight
I have pain ranging from joint pain to pain from abdominal scar tissue. I don't have quite as much weight to lose, but suffering from pain can make it hard for anyone. The scar tissue pain is relatively new for me and since Thanksgiving I gained around 10 lbs, and that was mostly from being sedentary and partly from stress eating. When I exercise it does help me work through the pain. Is it ever painful to exercise? Sure it is, but I usually feel good when I'm done and keep it low impact if it's a bad day. Also, stretching feels amazing so that is always a good reward at the end of my workout. Tonight I'm going for a walk. It's not a hard workout, but it will burn calories, will take stress away to keep me from eating, and is not hard on my body. Just because we have pain issues doesn't mean we can't be healthy or do healthy things. We just have to stick to getting those healthy foods in and get the exercise in where we can. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Out for a Run???
I've done the couch to 5K or 10K app and it does intervals of walking and running and I feel your pain. When I first started it was only a minute of running and it really wasn't bad, then upping to 90 seconds I was ready to be done by the 90 second mark, who thought 30 seconds could make that much difference? Even if you workout on a regular basis and do cardio, running is different, it uses different muscles, and makes your body work in a different way than your used to so it's like anything else you just have to work up to it. You may start out being winded in 2 minutes, but give it a week or so and that 2 minutes may turn into 2 1/2 or 3 minutes before you feel winded or maybe even more. If you feel like speed walking does you more good, keep doing it, you don't have to run to get the benefits of exercise. I enjoy running because I feel like I'm pushing myself and I can kind of compete with myself for my time. I had to learn to pace myself though so I didn't get winded so quickly. If you can I'd suggest an app, like couch to 5K, it may help you pace yourself over time. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Huge weight gain/loss in a short period of time
Are you weighing in in the morning before you eat anything? Also, are you weighing in at the same time each day? If you weigh in after eating or drinking a lot of water, you could have a large gain. 15 lbs seems like a lot to be able to gain and lose. If that is water retention you may want to check with your doctor the next time you go in and let them know that is happening. Also like Snezica said salt can make you retain too. If you're eating a lot worse on the weekends try to cut some of that out and that will help too. Spoiling ourselves on the weekend isn't good if we do well all week, I'm working on this because I have a bad habit of it. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Logging Daily Food
You can add something by typing in the food then "add a new item " will appear at the bottom of the list. When you click on that you'll have to fill in all of the nutritional info and you can save it. You can choose to share it with everyone then if someone else is looking for the same food they can find it easier. You can add recipes too by going to your cookbook and submitting a recipe. I've done that a lot and not shared them but then I have a list of a lot of the common meals I eat. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
fatsecret noob
Welcome! I've tried other sites for calorie counting and always end up back here because it's so much easier to track here. And the support here is awesome. I am an up and down person, I always have been, I gain and lose, then gain, then lose again. Right now I'm on the gaining end, and trying to make some changes for the better. I know what I need to do, it's just doing it that is hard. My hubby and I are both trying to be healthy and being able to support each other is nice. Our plan for the year is to incorporate more healthy eating and exercise and try to do better through the holidays at the end of the year so we're not on the gain train to start next year. Good luck to you!! If you stick with it you will find success! :)
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
The Clock Thingy
It's showing the calories you burned from exercise, plus the calories that your body burns daily from just existing. The clock I think is just the icon they chose for the time you spend burning calories. So, you can count things like work, driving, walking, shopping, exercise, etc. Anything you do that burns calories. So the site will then give you the difference between the calories you took in and the calories you burned and you will either be plus or minus for the day. Hopefully that makes sense. :)
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Heart Rate Monitor Watches for Men
Anyone? Anyone at all??? Any suggestions are welcome. :)
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Heart Rate Monitor Watches for Men
I'm looking at getting my hubby a heart rate monitor watch for Christmas. He really wants something to track his heart rate and activity. I know he would prefer something that he didn't need a chest strap for. Any guys out there have a heart rate monitor watch that they either love or hate? I'd love to hear from people who have some first hand experience, or even someone who's gotten feedback from someone else who has one. I don't want to spend an arm and a leg, but I know these aren't cheap. Thanks in advance! -Mar
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
How much
Janie52- I just checked out that link and it has some great info! Thanks for sharing!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Work Potluck
Thanks for the tips! Fortunately when we have potlucks here there aren't a ton of options because there just aren't many people. I figured if I tried to bring something somewhat healthy, like a vegetarian chili, and something else that's at least a little healthy I know I can do pretty well. I know someone else is bringing a veggie tray, so I am just going to do my best and fill up with veggies and hopefully there just won't be any room for dessert. Oh, and my desk is upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs, so that makes it harder to make extra trips. :)
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Work Potluck
I like the dip! That's pretty cool. I also like the deviled eggs idea, but someone else is already bringing those.
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Work Potluck
I've got a potluck next week for work and I'm trying to figure out something to bring that won't be horrible calorie wise. I am thinking about making a vegetarian chili or something that is a healthier option. But I also want to bring something somewhat festive for Halloween. Does anybody have any fun Halloween ideas for a group potluck that won't break the bank? Or, other ideas besides vegetarian chili for a healthy potluck option. We have no stove at the office so it has to be something in a crock pot or cold. I appreciate any suggestions!!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Dieting and Self-esteem
I used to be like that too. I'd even stay awake at night because I was worrying about something I ate that day, or what I was going to eat at the restaurant we're going to tomorrow. Not anymore. I've started living my life and taking each day as it comes. I do plan my food for the days that I can, and just do the best I can for the days that I can't. We all have the days that we eat over our calorie allotment, but you do better the next day. I think the hardest part of this for me at first was not getting down about the things I did wrong, but then someone pointed out all of the things I was doing right. You're going to have life happen and go out to eat and go to a birthday party with cake, it happens, but you can't beat yourself up over it. If you have the will power to turn down the cake or you decide to skip the appetizers when you go out with friends, then great! If your friends don't support your choices, then don't go out to eat with them. You can do this. Don't forget to add up the positives because those count more than the negatives. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
I gave up most caffeine a few years ago due to a heart issue and honestly don't miss it. I will occasionally have a soda with caffeine if I'm at a restaurant or stop at a gas station while I'm on the road, but otherwise stick to caffeine free. It took me probably 2 or 3 weeks of going caffeine free to get over the "cravings" for it, but now I don't miss it and honestly I never knew how bad I felt before.
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
setting own daily calorie allowance on Fatsecret
Yep, the RDI calculator here estimates really high. Also, if you're using the exercise estimates here I think those are high also, so beware, if you're not losing, but showing a deficit, it may be because the exercise estimates are too high for you. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Sleep Aids
Have you tried Melatonin? You can find it with the vitamins/supplements. My hubby uses it because he works the night shift and has trouble sleeping on his days off. He's taken prescription sleep aids and quit them and only takes the Melatonin now. I've tried it to help me sleep, but it made me groggy. As for the effects on metabolism I know my hubby hasn't seen any and my mom's been taking it for years and has lost about 100 lbs in the last year. If you have concerns that a sleep aid could be effecting weight loss ask the doc and they may have some good recommendations or be able to switch what you're using. Maybe it's the lack of sleep itself that's wreaking havoc. I get health tips from my work and here is the one from yesterday: Did you know that lack of sleep can affect your hunger and appetite? A recent study found that when participants slept only four hours a night they had lower levels of the hormone leptin than when they slept a full 10 hours. Leptin is a hormone that reduces hunger. A lack of sleep also caused the hormone that stimulates appetite to increase. Get enough shut-eye! It could play an important role in helping you manage your weight. Source: National Institutes of Health
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
Running Shoes
Socolova- I did a lot of looking on and it helped quite a bit. I ended up going with Asics. I tried on a lot of shoes, went to about 4 stores and fell in love with the Asics Gel Endurance Ultra 2.0, unfortunately I could only find them at one store, so I'm sure if I go looking for these again I won't be able to find them. I tried on a lot of brands, but that was the particular shoe for me. I test them out running and my hip felt better throughout the run and I was even able to push myself a little harder than I have been. Thanks for all the suggestions!! I'm so glad that I was able to find shoes to help!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 years ago)
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