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I gave up most caffeine a few years ago due to a heart issue and honestly don't miss it. I will occasionally have a soda with caffeine if I'm at a restaurant or stop at a gas station while I'm on the road, but otherwise stick to caffeine free. It took me probably 2 or 3 weeks of going caffeine free to get over the "cravings" for it, but now I don't miss it and honestly I never knew how bad I felt before.
by mars2kids (submitted 2 days ago)
setting own daily calorie allowance on Fatsecret
Yep, the RDI calculator here estimates really high. Also, if you're using the exercise estimates here I think those are high also, so beware, if you're not losing, but showing a deficit, it may be because the exercise estimates are too high for you. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted a week ago)
Sleep Aids
Have you tried Melatonin? You can find it with the vitamins/supplements. My hubby uses it because he works the night shift and has trouble sleeping on his days off. He's taken prescription sleep aids and quit them and only takes the Melatonin now. I've tried it to help me sleep, but it made me groggy. As for the effects on metabolism I know my hubby hasn't seen any and my mom's been taking it for years and has lost about 100 lbs in the last year. If you have concerns that a sleep aid could be effecting weight loss ask the doc and they may have some good recommendations or be able to switch what you're using. Maybe it's the lack of sleep itself that's wreaking havoc. I get health tips from my work and here is the one from yesterday: Did you know that lack of sleep can affect your hunger and appetite? A recent study found that when participants slept only four hours a night they had lower levels of the hormone leptin than when they slept a full 10 hours. Leptin is a hormone that reduces hunger. A lack of sleep also caused the hormone that stimulates appetite to increase. Get enough shut-eye! It could play an important role in helping you manage your weight. Source: National Institutes of Health
by mars2kids (submitted a month ago)
Running Shoes
Socolova- I did a lot of looking on and it helped quite a bit. I ended up going with Asics. I tried on a lot of shoes, went to about 4 stores and fell in love with the Asics Gel Endurance Ultra 2.0, unfortunately I could only find them at one store, so I'm sure if I go looking for these again I won't be able to find them. I tried on a lot of brands, but that was the particular shoe for me. I test them out running and my hip felt better throughout the run and I was even able to push myself a little harder than I have been. Thanks for all the suggestions!! I'm so glad that I was able to find shoes to help!
by mars2kids (submitted a month ago)
Running Shoes
The nearest store that has people who can actually help fit you for running shoes is about 3 hours away and I just don't have time in the near future to make the trip, but I would love to go and get there input at some point. I'm going to go to the site you suggested today and see what I can find, sounds like a great deal. My hubby has suggested Brooks, but they are a little expensive, and I've been looking at Asics also, so I'm glad you mentioned those too. Thanks!! :)
by mars2kids (submitted a month ago)
E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y...I'm hungry! (Portable Snacks Quick List)
I tend to eat a lot of small things throughout the day because it just works better for me and keeps me from eating a lot at one sitting. When my son has baseball games in the evenings I try to keep a 100 calorie granola bar in my purse, I know not the best for me, but better than a candy bar from the concession stand. Or, I'll count out about 10 almonds and half a serving of raisins and put both in a baggie and snack on that when I feel the urge. At work I keep a bag with ice packs by my desk and keep a cheese stick, fruit, or yogurt and a little granola every day for those moments when I'm hungry and don't want to give in to chocolate or run out and grab fast food. Just taking the edge off the hunger can help so much. Thanks for the ideas!
by mars2kids (submitted a month ago)
Running Shoes
I am thinking about buying some new running shoes. My current shoes don't have the best support, they are fine when I'm walking around, but after doing some research online I think they may be part of the reason I've been having so much pain in my hips after I run. I need to find a good pair of running shoes for underpronation, so any suggestions would be great. I have really high arches, so arch support is important. I bought insoles for my current shoes, but after a couple of weeks they already seemed to be worn down quite a bit. So any advice on buying shoes, reviews for shoes, or any info would be great!! I also don't have a ton of money to spend, so if anyone knows of a website that has deals or an inexpensive brand that works well, that would be good too. Thanks!!
by mars2kids (submitted a month ago)
going bonkers
I'm with kkd, try to not weigh yourself for a week, then see if you have a loss. If I weigh more than once a week it drives me nuts because it's so up and down. Try to concentrate more on what you're doing, your eating, exercise, how your clothes fit, more than what the scale says because it is not always very nice. :) You're doing great!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 months ago)
I seem to be plateauing early. How do I break it???
You are not that heavy so it may take a little longer to lose. I'm about the same weight as you and I try to exercise 3-5 times per week and try to keep my eating clean and I'm lucky to lose probably 1/2 lb per week. I feel your pain with wanting faster results, but if you look at it as a lifestyle change it's going to take some time. You are trying to change habits and that takes a while, so don't give up on yourself, just stick with it and you'll get there. I'd say to keep track of everything you eat. If you're exercising a couple of times per day you need to fuel your body with enough calories to burn, but not so much that you go over. Once you get into the routine of recording all of your calories it just becomes second nature. Try it for a couple of weeks and you may be surprised by what you see. Don't cheat yourself by not recording things that you pick at here and there either because those calories count too. :) If you're already recording, maybe you need more protein and fewer carbs, or maybe there is something you can change like more whole grains and less white rice. Finding the right balance of calories can be tricky, but you can do it. You've already lost 22 lbs, and that's great!! Don't be too hard on yourself. :) Good luck!
by mars2kids (submitted 2 months ago)
Day 2
I'm going to get annoying because I'm replying to all of your posts, sorry. I went through that too and the best routine for me has been to eat breakfast before work, bring a piece of fruit or cheese for a snack before lunch, then have lunch an hour or 2 later, then have a yogurt with granola or some almonds for an afternoon snack around 3 or 3:30 (I get off at 4:30). That's how I make it through the work day. Sometimes I don't eat my snacks if I'm really busy or even lazy that day, but if I'm going to workout after work or have a late dinner I make sure to at least do my afternoon snack. One of the ladies at work actually commented that it seems like I eat all day, and I do, just not huge amounts. :) You'll figure out what works best for you. Also, focus on if you're really hungry or just bored or need some water. I try to ask myself now if I'm wanting to raid the candy dish because I'm hungry or is it because I'm stressed, bored, happy, or something else, and usually I can talk myself out of it. I hope the days just keep getting better!
by mars2kids (submitted 3 months ago)
Hey There!
Yep, I'm with you there. When I don't see the numbers I somehow can kid myself into thinking that the junk food I just ate wasn't as bad as it actually was. Honesty is the best policy. :)
by mars2kids (submitted 3 months ago)
Hey There!
Good luck!! Having those health issues has to be hard, but they can also be a good motivator to eat better and exercise. It sounds like you are a busy person too, between work, a child, and school, I'm sure you've had a hard time finding time to do something for yourself. One of the best things to do, which I'm sure you already know, is to record your food. That's one thing that keeps me coming back to this site, because it's so easy for me to enter my daily intake. The other thing that keeps me coming back is the support. The people here are great, so make sure you utilize them if you have any questions or just need a motivational boost. There are some great motivational people on this site who have succeeded just by eating better and exercising, no fad diets, no super crazy workouts, just good ol' effort. You can do this, get that momentum going!! :)
by mars2kids (submitted 3 months ago)
Fed up with counting calories and carbs - learning to trust myself with food.
I'm like Draglist, when I quit counting I tend to eat junk and it starts with just a chocolate here or there, then it's out for fast food, and just grows from there and I fool myself into thinking it's not so bad. I record what I eat and with doing some running now I'm trying to balance my protein and carbs more, but I don't feel like I've given anything up, I am eating healthier and feeling better. I feel like I'm eating like a healthy person, because that is what I think is normal, so I guess eating like a normal person depends on the definition. I've never used Atkins or any diet that is very restrictive, but I would imagine it would be hard for me to stick to. I really hope trusting yourself works for you!! I hope to be able to go without counting myself someday. Just keep eating healthy and I'm sure you'll have success!! :)
by mars2kids (submitted 3 months ago)
appitiete suppressants
I'm like some others here, I had gained about 60 lbs. when I was pregnant with my son and after he was born was looking for a quick way to get it off. I went to GNC and bought a kit with like 4 or 5 different pills for weight loss. I also had a pretty physical job and I was not eating much. So, the weight started to come off pretty quickly, but I started feeling horrible. I actually was hospitalized with a kidney infection, I'm not sure if those pills were actually the cause, but after I stopped taking them I felt much better. There is a reason all of those pills come and go so quickly, because they aren't good for us. I have been up and down the last few years, but found the best way for me to lose is to be accountable for what I'm eating by recording all my food, get regular exercise, and come here for support when I'm feeling weak. You can do this on your own and you'll feel so much more empowered if you do. Every time I just want to eat a piece of chocolate or something because I'm bored, or just because it's there, I have to push past it and be strong, then at the end of the day I can look back at my healthy eating and be proud of myself. Don't make yourself more unhealthy using pills or powders, just do it yourself, you'll be much happier with your results. I hope you don't see any of these posts as ganging up on you or bullying or anything like that. Everyone here is truly trying to help and make sure you do the best thing for your body. Whatever you decide is ultimately up to you and none of us can make the decision for you, so I wish you the best either way. Good luck!!
by mars2kids (submitted 3 months ago)
New here, looking for friends
Good luck!! My aunt had surgery for thyroid cancer a few years ago and I'm happy to report she's doing well and just as active as she was before, if not more. I hope you're 100% quickly!
by mars2kids (submitted 3 months ago)
New here, looking for friends
I'm with you on all fronts! I've been here a while, but it seems like a constant battle between my will power and sugary snacks, pizza, chocolate, well a lot of foods, but I'm learning and doing better. I'm pretty okay with the shape of my body, but would love to look more lean. I sent you a buddy request. Welcome aboard!! You can do this! :)
by mars2kids (submitted 3 months ago)
Weekends are terrible
I am with the rest, it's just hard on the weekends! I tend to want to eat because I'm at home and guess what, there's a lot of food in my house. :) Recently I started being a little more strict with myself and recording on the weekends. I feel like I don't have many calories during the week to spare for the weekends, so I make sure I'm getting my workouts in and recording my food here. I've found that when I record my food I tend to want to do better because I can see the numbers. Before when I wasn't recording I'd be eating a few chips here and there, or some peanut butter, or a granola bar, not huge calorie busters but things that could put me over my RDI by 100 or 200 calories and that seemed to be messing with all my hard work from the past week, and I didn't need them. Now after a couple of weeks, this past weekend wasn't as hard to get through. I didn't find myself constantly thinking about food, what's in the cupboard, what's for lunch, what's for dinner. I have learned that I'm not really any more hungry on the weekend I just want to eat because it's there. I still allow myself some treats, but I make sure they fit in my day and I've found some new lower calorie treats or tweaks on my recipes that are yummy. My words of advice would be to make sure you're recording on the weekend and keep yourself busy so you don't have idle hands to creep into any snacks. :)
by mars2kids (submitted 4 months ago)
Favorite free fitness videos/trainers?
I like You sign up with a username and password, but it costs nothing and they don't send you e-mails. The workouts are about 20 mins and they kick butt. They mix up the workouts so it's different every day and you record your reps after each exercise so you can see how you did and if you want you can see the list of people who did the workout that day and how you compare. They are good, quick workouts. The only equipment they use are resistance bands, but you could probably use hand weights instead. They have a video before each move to show you correct form, then you do the move for 20 seconds, have a 10 second rest to record your results and you repeat the same move 6 times. There are 6 moves total per day and a pre and post stretch. Good workout if you're in a hurry or need a supplemental workout.
by mars2kids (submitted 4 months ago)
So damn proud! - part two.
If you win or not, you know you have people out there that you have inspired. The people at the magazine obviously were inspired, as well as numerous people on this site. I'd say that's a win! Unfortunately, there is no prize other than an electronic pat on the back if you don't win the contest, but you're definitely a winner to all of us here. You should be proud, you've earned that right! Good for you!!
by mars2kids (submitted 4 months ago)
I would say it probably depends on your RDI, maybe it's set too high for you to begin with. If you're not consistently going under 1200 calories or anything like that, I'd say you're fine. And if you are eating 80% of your RDI and aren't hungry maybe try setting your RDI a little lower and see if you're more comfortable there. I know my RDI according to this site is way too high for me, so I set mine about 200 calories or so lower. If you're eating healthy and not hungry, 80% should be good.
by mars2kids (submitted 5 months ago)
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