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Don't wait, start now
I have asked the exact same question before. Why do some folks need a 'start' date. What about September 1st is going to be different that today? To me, thats a procrastination excuse. When September 1 comes, nothing changes except for the start day, which now becomes Ocober 1, or heck, lets just start taking care of ourselves January 1st, you know...after the holidays.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
A different kind of "before and after" photos
To meet Robert Englund...WOW I am in awe...oh and the weightloss is fantastic too!
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
What do you eat at night?
I'll second the cottage cheese. I use to be in the "no snack before bed" camp. Found that when I got up in the morning I was ravenous, or found that I was feeling hungry before going to sleep, which means a restless night. I really started to notice this after adding Body Pump to my week. I now eat a small snack before turning in. I love cottage cheese with a fresh seasonal fruit. Light, tasty and satisfying
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Morning Protein
Yeah, I didn't get that he wanted to eat while driving either. When I drive, that's all I do. Last thing I need is to be in an accident cause I spilled a hot sandwich on my lap. Just say no to distracted driving. Anyway, you should stop and enjoy your food. It shouldn't be something you do while doing something else.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
How do you lose the last 10 lbs???
What ever you are doing now, switch it up. Don't hang on to the same eating or workout routines week in/week out. Your body needs to be constantly guessing and challenged.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Morning Protein
I take a carton of egg whites to work. 2 oz of that and 3 wedges of Laughing Cow cheese make a quick and tasty omelette in the microwave. The carton lasts me two weeks.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Gym Pet Peeves
Thanks debrarae, that reminds me of one. Guys that think they own the fans! Seriously, you see someone doing cardio in front of a fan, don't move it toward the weight room, ask the service folks to put another one up.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
What to snack on when reading a book or watching a movie?
Get an air popper! Air popped popcorn has minimal calories. Just skip the butter and salt!
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Anyone dealing with exercize-induced amenorrhea?
If it doesn't happen after 3 months, you need to see your doctor. Lifestyle changes can and often do cause a shift in menstral patterns, that's not a worry. The worry comes if it doesn't return after 3 months.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Diet Soda's - Do they slow you down?
If you are borderline anemic, be careful about how much black tea you ingest. It hampers the body's ability to adsorb iron for women.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Good morning protein?
Can't go wrong with plain greek yogurt. You add what ever flavor you want to it. You have whey powder? Greek yogurt is a perfect medium for mixing it. My favorite is Fage Total 0.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Before and After, anyone?
Just gorgeous, and what a great role model for the wee one!
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Personal Trainers that arn't perfect
My first personal trainer was a woman in her late 40's that I wouldn't even consider as being "in shape". She knew her stuff though and that's what I was paying her for. To me, personal trainers don't have to be ripped. I prefer one that is not "perfect" as I can identify better with someone who is still a work in progress.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Know your privacy!!!
Folks here do remember that this is a free site? The only way this site stays afloat is through advertisements, and part of that is the ability for bots to pick up stuff through your profile. Don't put things on here that you don't want the public to see or pictures of your kids or the area you live in. This also goes for ANY social networking site. They are in no way, shape, or form safe from public eyes even with so called security settings. What you put out on the internet is permanent and public ALWAYS!
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
I am In Need of Prayers because I am Haveing major Health issues
God helps those who help themselves. You are in my prayers, but you must provide the action. He can only guide you, he can not take you by the hand. I would also direct you to your local church for more prayer and support.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Exercise Sucks!
I didn't always get slap happy about exercising either, it comes with time...and results. Now I look forward to going. I love the way I feel after. If you read my journal, you can see that wasn't always the case. I could fast talk myself out of exercise any day of the week...and often did.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Wii Fit Plus
I like EA Active better than the Wii Fit series. The resistance band provided gives a much better workout than the 'games' provided through the Wii Fit. With that said, I really like the Yoga instruction provided with the Wii Fit, and I like that I can track my weight using the balance board.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Buddies journals, etc.
Select My Fatsecret from the top menu, then My Fatsecret again. On the line about 1/3 the way down on the page you will see Member(s): and a bunch of options. Choose My Buddies and all activity. This will bring up all the activity that your buddies have done up to 10 entries (I think).
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Does Sugar/Chocolate stall weight loss for anyone?
Since you have your diet calendar as private, I really can't tell you if the sweets are the culprit. There are tons of reasons why you are not seeing changes on the scale. The biggest culprit is portions. If you are not measuring your food, this is a good place to start. Are you logging your meals? Every item that passes your lips needs to be accounted for. Are you calorie counting? If so, be sure to get your RDI from more than one calculator.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
Gym Pet Peeves
Worse than the one who doesn't wear deodorant, the guy or gal that washes in perfume eeewwwww! I am highly sensitive to the stuff. Some folks were this so heavy you can smell them when they park the car.
by mammasix (submitted 3 years ago)
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Sweet tooth
I got my Quest bars tonight and freaked... 27 grams of carbs. But then I saw the fiber was 18 grams, so I guess that qualifies as 9 'net' carbs. Let's see how they do.
by Draglist on 24 Oct 14 09:12 PM
Work Potluck
I like the dip! That's pretty cool. I also like the deviled eggs idea, but someone else is already bringing those.
by mars2kids on 24 Oct 14 12:06 PM
Vegan Diet
Hi. I'm trying to eat a vegan diet. Does anyone follow this type of eating plan? What types of food do you eat to get full?
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barcode scanner giving me the wrong items
I think this has to do with the database and it stinks because there is no getting around it. THis has happened to me twice. I put in some pork rinds and I got cheese!
by mrsmole on 24 Oct 14 09:10 AM
Input my meals to the wrong day - easiest/quickest way to copy them to correct day?
This happened to me by mistake the other day - there is a way to copy the entire eating day somehow to another day, but since I had accidentally switched two days, I just decided to leave them that way ...
by mrsmole on 24 Oct 14 09:07 AM
ideal jean size
Well done everybody!
by fatihaji02 on 24 Oct 14 06:41 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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