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I went through this same question a couple of months ago and had a cousin who happened to do Insanity after she finished P90X. From what she said, Insanity was harder on her joints(ankle, knees), but I think sometimes that can be helped with the right shoes and workout surfaces. I only decided against Insanity b/c my husband had purchased Power 90 and P90X previously and I gave them a shot. Power 90 was a great lead into P90X. Now, I am feeling the fittest I have in my 36 years. There is a P90X Lean version and it incorporates more cardio, less strength, but is has both. Sorry to get off on a tangent. I never though I'd much like working out in my basement, but it is great!
by loveaic (submitted 6 years ago)
Goal Number 3 - 332 pounds, 200 pounds lost 12 months 3 weeks.
WoW!! That is amazing!
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Okay this morning: 5ft 3in. 144.4 pounds body fat %:? still kind of flabby :) Bust 37 in Chest 32 in Waist(at smallest point) 31 in Waist(at belly button) 35 in Hips (fullest point) 39.5 in Thighs (fullest point-upper) 23 in Could not do arms on my own.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
I've been wanting to take my measurements, but waiting for a morning when I have time! Where did you take them exactly? Like bust: was that with a bra on or off? Waist: was that at the belly button? Hips: Widest part? I'll try to post mine tomorrow morning.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Your Favorite Workout Music
I have to listen to stuff that is kind of calm when I go out for a jog or I can't relax at all. 80s stuff like John Cougar Mellencamp, Heart, OMD, Howard Jones or some country tunes. If my Alice in Chains or Metallica type stuff comes on I have to skip them or I feel like I get stressed. It's weird. I like that stuff when I am driving or cleaning my house.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Lose weight fast. How to do it safely.
kokusho, so strength training every 4-5 days? Do you alternate upper body vs. lower body? Like the following for example: Monday=Upper Body, Tuesday=Lower Body, Wednesday=day off, Thursday=HIIT, Friday=Upper Body, Saturday=Lower Body, and so on? Also, what are your thoughts about fitting workouts into what works with your schedule? I've got kids at the age where there is lots of running around and not a convenient time to literally go to the gym like I used to. What do you think about the Power 90 and P90X videos since I can do them at 5am or 8pm depending on when I can fit them in? Are the really set up to get you toned good enough? I've been working out a variety of different ways the past 4 months (running and various workout tapes [Power 90, Slim in 6, ab videos] to fit my schedule) and have lost 15 pounds and I am only seeing toning results in my arms and my legs. Nothing great is happing in my midsection. Am I just spinning my wheels with the tapes?
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Quick Poll: Do you find it harder to be consistent with exercise or food?
Food for sure! I wouldn't fight my weight so much if I didn't struggle All The Time with how much crap I put in my mouth. I can do good a few days in a row, and then BAM! I wipe out all the good I just did. Working on it though. I am determined this time not to quit.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Are You a Motivator or a Struggler.... Which Do You Want To Be?
I am for sure a "struggler" with my diet. Okay with the exercise part, horrible with the diet part. At least I've got half going for me. Working on, "struggling" with the other half.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Whats the best substitute adiction to a food addict?
Darbo, I think what you said is how I have been able to keep myself between 150 and 160 for so long. I will get up to 160 and go "woa" and I am able to get myslef back to 150 or so. I am just tired of how I do that and plus, for just once in my life, I'd like to be about 130. I don't know why that number. It just sounds good! I was like 125 when I was in 5th grade, so I feel like I've never known what it feels like to be "thin". Thanks!
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Whats the best substitute adiction to a food addict?
I think I see better now Nicole. It doesn't matter what the food may be, healthy or not, you can't stop eating after what would be considered an average portion? So, it is almost like that satisfied full feeling doesn't kick in until it is too late and you've already eaten too much? If that is it, a good way maybe to try to fight that is to make sure you pre portion everything and eat slowly. I know sometimes, if I'm at a weak moment, I'll notice that I'm on my 4th piece of cinnamon sugar toast b/c it just tastes soooooo darn good! When I know that is just a comfort food and two pieces is probably plenty. So, I can totally get that. I definately struggle with that. It is like all self control is gone for 10 or 15 minutes. I guess it is retraining my brain.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Whats the best substitute adiction to a food addict?
Yes Kate! Blowing it: That is the biggest thing I am trying get straight in my head! And for me, it is the hardest. I'm stubborn like that :) I love your blog, I just added it to my favorites so I can take some time and hopefully get those positive vibes in my head. Plus, I need to learn how to cook!!! and you have some great ideas!
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Diet Sodas
I have to limit my diet soda drinking b/c I tend to need a salty snack to go with it and that adds empty calories and sodium to my day, but I think in moderation is fine.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Whats the best substitute adiction to a food addict?
Boy do I hear ya Nicole! I've tried both exercise and keeping junk food out of the house and it does work, but for me, only temporarily. I eventually kind of get burnt out working out every few months, or I let myself buy something bad at the store and I blow it. I am working on how I can keep myself committed to this process so I can follow through for the rest of my life.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Skewed image of our bodies
Mine wasn't my parents, it was a handful of my peers starting in 4th and 5th grade. A cousin in 4th grade called me "fatso", and then in 5th grade I got "hippo hips" and "thunder thighs", then in 9th grade it was "fatgirl". I love it that now days (I am 36) most people are bigger than me. But, back 20-25 years ago, I was the exception; now I would have fit right in.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
5'3" 150 Size 12 is getting to be loose; 10s are a smidge tight yet. Large shirt I am thicker through the mid-section. I've measured my waist at like 34". Poor hip to waist ratio. Genetics.
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
This is so disgusting!!!
This is enough to make me want to give up anything processed!! Does it look like it is true to you all?
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Damage control any ideas on how to help my daughter?
[quote=MomofTwoGirls][quote=k8... she heavy because she's overweight, or is she just a big kid? I gotta tell you, when I was a teenager, I weighed 170-something the first time a doctor told me I was "severely overweight" and he was dead wrong now that I look back on it. Yeah, I was a little chunky, but nothing worth starving yourself over. But that's what I did. I began my journey to obesity which involved yo-yo dieting myself to almost 300 pounds. I always wonder, now that I'm 180 and I can see myself without that stupid f##king BMI chart messing with my mind, I realize that if I had simply learned that some women weigh more than 120 pounds and are still healthy (especially if those women are tall and muscular) and that the numerical value assigned to my weight means NOTHING, what would have happened to me if I had never been made to feel so bad about myself? I remember very clearly going home and looking into the mirror and not being able to understand HOW I could be "severely overweight". I thought I must be seeing myself wrong or something. To me, I didn't look fat... What a head game. Anyway, just throwing that out there. The number of your weight should not define your health or your self-worth. Ever.[/quote] Wow, amazing how you just turned this into all about you... don't quite get how, or why, but you did it. Whether the child is BMI overweight or not, or whether YOU were BMI overweight or not, really has nothing to do with this post. It has to do with how a moron of a teacher made this womans daughter, and probably most of the other girls feel in the class. Sad how you couldn't see that... Anyway, as I said in my previous post, I really hope you take this to the principal. Who knows how many years this teacher has been doing this, or how many years he plans to continue it. Be strong for yourself, and your beautiful daughter.[/quote] MOTG, your constant ragging on k8yk is so tiresome. The OP ASKED for IDEAS on how to help her daughter. You replied and she replied. Can't you just leave it at that?
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Are We Just Banging Our Heads Against The Wall?
Glad to hear that FatAgain! Your post really struck me when I read it. It really does have alot to do with mindset and knowledge. And, for me, not being in denial. I have discovered (after 36 years), I have a very small window of calories that make all the difference in my weight. If I want to lose weight, I eat between 1200-1400 calories per day. To stay steady I've seen 1500-1800 calories per day works and I guess when I am pigging out and gaining I am eating upwards of 1900 calories per day. I've never recorded that though because I was in denial!!! And, 1200-1400 calories does not seem like that much food to me! I really don't do well if I go below that. Also, I stay active with exercise 3-4 times a week. Sometimes I ramp it up and will workout 5-6 times a week. I am holding steady until my sister's wedding in two weeks and I am going to then try to put what I've realized to the test and see if I can make it to 135 by my vacation in July 2011. Good luck, stay strong and don't give up!
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
body percentage loss spreadsheet help
I've got one we've used here for Biggest Loser competitions. It is an Excel spreadsheet. How would I send it to you?
by loveaic (submitted 7 years ago)
Controversial Topic: What Causes Obesity?
For the whole population, I would just think it is the way our lifestyles are these days. Most parents working full-time, rushed, modern comforts: microwaves, processed foods, air conditioning-not used to feeling uncomfortable. Most people would look at you cross-eyed if you aked them about working out. Who has time to do that?? I think people find themselves overweight and then think there isn't anything they can do about it. So, they are kind of giving up before trying b/c how do you find time to exercise? Like a viscous circle. In my own case, I'd say lack of self esteem and confidence was my problem. I was a normal size until I hit puberty at age 9-10 which was in the 80s. I chubbed up and while I remained active playing sports, food became a comfort b/c I did get made fun of a bit. I was the chubby girl in class past 4th and 5th grade. I was doing slim fast by 7th grade and weight watchers by 9th. I maxed out at 164 sometime in high school but I am only 5'3". I have never allowed myself to go above that weight (minus pregnancy). So, since high school I have yo-yo'ed between 140 and 164. I'm tired of it and just wish I could get to 140. I know it is just a number, but that is in my head. Someone asked me the other day, what am I trying to lose? I guess they think I am just muscular and I am the way I am? or compared to my overweight parents and sisters that I look good enough? I wasn't sure what their point was. But anyway, I have to work at it or I would be a lot bigger!
by loveaic (submitted 8 years ago)
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