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How much is 1 cup?
It's a volume measurement equal to 8 fluid ounces ...but used to measure both dry and liquid items. Sounds like you are somewhere that commonly uses weight instead of volume in recipes? If so, just get a cup or bowl and add 237mL of water, and then mark that level with tape or pen or something. That is one cup! [url= is a link [/url]to my favorite handy-dandy online measurement converter. Hope that helps!
by lisakp71 (submitted 4 years ago)
How to calculate homemade chilli bean soup
Actually, from experience I would say that while it's NICE to share a recipe, stuff seems to hang in not-yet-approved limbo for.ev.errr once you submit it. And while it's in that pending status, you cannot adjust any of the individual ingredients. Recipe IS the best way to go, though - especially if this is something that you eat regularly, as shmiller said. I just prefer to keep recipes private because I hate not being able to adjust ingredients (since I never seem to make the same thing the same way twice, ha!). And she's also right about adding servings to your food diary easily: for that, recipes cannot be beat!
by lisakp71 (submitted 4 years ago)
Lemon Juice in it really making a difference?
How on earth does something so acidic as lemon juice create a more alkaline system? That is very counterintuitive. And can you even consume enough to make that happen?? Not arguing. Really wondering what the mechanism is there.
by lisakp71 (submitted 4 years ago)
Having your "Monthlies" makes you eat more? Fact or fiction?
Pre-shark week, I just have a cruddy attitude in general - so the thought of making good choices and being mindful and all that other stuff? SCREW IT. And also I just want to hibernate and think hateful thoughts... while chewing on something carby. So, even if it's not specific cravings it's still a monthly struggle not to just sit and seethe and eat my face off. :) In summary: FACT
by lisakp71 (submitted 4 years ago)
deleting exercise entry
Depends on your device, I guess - I've always been able to do that from mobile! Basically, take the activity you don't want on there and reset the time allotted to zero hours, zero minutes (for example, if you said you walked for 30 minutes, DECREASE by 30 minutes). You will have to say you did something else for that 30 minutes, so that your full 24 hours is accounted for - so INCREASE sleeping or resting (or something else) by that amount of time. In essence, that deletes the entry! It's just stupidly complicated until you get the hang if it! :)
by lisakp71 (submitted 4 years ago)
Oh, the smoothies I'm referring to are not made at home - an awesome banh mi shop makes them with boba (and craptons of sweetend condensed milk), ha! But I have seen lots of yummy-looking recipes online (thank you, pinterest!) that ARE health & wellness oriented. I truly HATE bananas, but there are tons of recipes that combine them with avocados. Usually with some honey or agave plus some Greek yogurt - sometimes with orange juice or strawberries, or some other fruit too - even blueberries! Avocados have a mild enough flavor that they can swing either sweet or savory quite easily - and the silkiness is just awesome. Worth a shot if you've never tried it!
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Avocados are awesome! I grew up with a tree in my backyard, and was SO sad the first time I had to go buy one. A dollar WHAT, ha! Lime is a natural pairing - squirt a little into the well in the middle, maybe sprinkle some salt & pepper (or just lemon pepper, in a pinch) and scoop out with a spoon. Avocado smoothies are AWESOME. Guac is great - lime, a little garlic plus a fork is all you really need, but you could also add some chopped onions and tomatoes and maybe peppers or green Tabasco for extra flavors. On any sandwich or in any salad or of course on any Mexican food. I wouldn't put them in the fridge for too long, though - they do not appreciate being cold! Rub some lemon or lime juice on the flesh, then seal them away from the air (ziploc or in a tupperware). If it's a half avocado left, just place it face down on a plate.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
What do you think about the famous: Based on a 2,000 calorie diet?
+1 to NCNOLE and Ingria. It's just an example, the random number to which they chose to standardize all our foods' nutrition labels. It does NOT mean: hey, we should all be eating this amount. It is a totally separate set of info from how you would calculate your own personal intake needs.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
No one noticed the weight loss
This happened to me - I had lost about 40lb relatively quickly and then coasted at a steady weight for a while. About 4-5 weeks into the steady weight I suddenly started hearing "OHMYGOSH what have you done?!". When I told them I hadn't lost any weight since the last three times they saw me, they all looked at me like I was crazy - but it was true! Sometimes it has to sink in, sometimes it takes a while for your body to rearrange itself (like, maybe your face is the last thing to lose? Maybe you lose weight evenly until you dip below a certain point and then BAM magically your butt is noticeably smaller or something). Your body does lots of weird things. And so do other people's brains, ha! Shmiller's right, though! I will always tell someone when I think they look great ...but I don't get super specific about weight unless I have personal knowledge that they have been working on it.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
I think the biggest thing I learned from calorie "budgeting" as kingkeld describes *hi keld!* is that there really aren't any terrible foods. Getting away from that mindset has helped me tremendously toward thinking of this new eating plan as my way of life rather than a diet. Analogy: a Lexus isn't a terrible car, it's just fairly expensive... but if you budget wisely and aren't overspending on other expenses, you can make it happen. Same for your pizza. Don't 'overspend' on your other meals for the day and taDAH! pizza makes sense. Without guilt.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Am I doing this right.
Wait, you've been maintaining a [b][u]deficit[/u][/b] of 2,000 calories per day? I hope not, your body will FREAK OUT and decide it's starving! That's the fastest, surest way there is to go into a weight-loss stall. Even for a guy with a bit of meat on his bones, 800 calories/day is pretty dang up there. I've heard a general rule of thumb to not consistently go over 1,000/day. Biggest suggestion I'd make past that: unless you're performing deliberate exercise, don't enter anything past sleeping and resting. No desk work, driving, etc. Those calorie expenditure totals, as you noticed, are notoriously optimistic. Don't double-down on the optimism by adding in other passive activities! When you get out on those walks and bike rides, definitely add those in. Otherwise, leave just the two defaults. Good luck, sounds like you're really thinking carefuly about your choices - that's the most important part!
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Favorite Yogurt ?
Fage is still my absolute favorite. I would disagree that there's much better out there (especially plain). I do think Chobani is also really good, and (super-surpise to me!) Costco's Kirkland brand is a very acceptable substitute as well; it's got the same great flavor and texture with no grit, and has no crazy ingredients: milk and germs, that's it, just as good plain yogurt should be! It's so good that I suspect that it's made in the same place as one of the majors. If you ever branch out into flavored options, I think the Chobani 0% fat singles are great - both because they are based on the superior yogurt (there's a layer of plain yogurt sitting on top of a layer of the flavor stuff) and because they have really interesting flavors. I don't usually eat flavored, but their blood orange is AMAZING. I also recently tried a Dannon toasted coconut flavor (full fat) that was SO FLIPPING GOOD.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
It depends on your nutritional goals, and depends on the sushi. If you want to go lower carb, then the rice is not your friend. If you're simply lower calorie, then it can be a good choice... as long as you're not going with the sauced, fried, tempura-anything choices too much. It's like most kinds of foods: you can probably find ways to enjoy it, if you keep your specific goals in mind!
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
I have a question please
Yes, exactly what dshafer and FullaBella are saying. That number is the # of calories difference between your intake and your output. If you ate more than you burned, it would be an up arrow and the number is HOW MANY more calories. Same for the opposite: down arrow's number is how many more you burned than ate. As dshafer mentioned, the arrows are either green or red. Basically: green, good. Red, bad ...for weight loss, anyway - I know not everyone on here is looking to lose.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
As for sweet treats, there are lots of sugar free puddings that I find delicious; my favorite is Jello brand creme brulee flavor rice pudding (I usually put a little sprinkle of walnuts on top for crunch and for flavor contrast). As for the cravings themselves, check how much of your diet is carbs. Carbs want carbs, and by eating bread or rice or something else carby you are almost certainly creating these sugar cravings. Cutting back on your carbs will make your life a lot easier on the cravings front. I just took a quick peek at your food diary, and in the admittedly brief look I saw that most days your net carb intake is in the 150g-200g range, while the highest I ever saw your protein was right around 60g. Trust me, I am a true carb lover and I came to this conclusion extremely reluctantly ...but I DID come to it: you will feel a lot better and have way fewer (and less intense!) of these cravings if you significantly increase your protein intake and cut way back on the carbs. Having 3-4 times as many carbs as protein is a perfect way to create this cravings scenario you're describing! Luckily it's not a hard thing to do, it just takes a little thought and preplanning and a slightly new perspective. You can do it!
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Questions for those doing Intermittent Fasting
Haha, eKatherine! Iñigo Montoya makes me happy. :) ...yes, THAT is what I got from this. Other than: Hi Keld!! *waving*
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Making healthy foods taste better?
I +1 the roasting. I have never sliced thinly, just chunk up my broccoli or cauliflower into bite-sized pieces and give them a once-over with olive oil from my Misto (and maybe some ground red pepper flakes). Pop them in a HIGH oven for 15 minutes or so. I like it with a light sprinkling of salt when they come out. :D SO good!
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Sweet Tooth
Oh, and apples! I haven't 'baked' them, but I do love to sprinkle sliced apples with Stevia (because it's crunchy like sugar, not because they need the extra sweetness - somehow that makes it a different experience than just fruit, ha!) and some pumpkin pie spice - like a little mini apple pie-flavored treat.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Sweet Tooth
SF pudding is the bomb! I LOVE the Creme Brulee flavor of rice pudding (Jello brand), especially with a little bit of chopped walnuts sprinkled on top. I haven't tried the popcorn chips (but now I really want to!) but the Orville Redenbacher mini-bags of SmartPop! (healthier version) Kettle Korn is pretty amazing. Lots of sweet/salty snacking for the calorie buck, if you like that sort of thing. :) Another favorite of mine is 97% fat free, no sugar added ice cream sandwiches from Walmart - their brand (Great Value). Super tasty, like you cannot tell the difference tasty, and not too shabby on the calories. 110, I think - and a crapton of fiber, weirdly enough.
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
Nursing and weight loss
A lot of your milk supply has to do with how much your baby nurses. I've always heard that the lactic acid created from working out heavily can make your milk taste different. If that's true, maybe your baby is adjusting to this and not nursing as much as usual? There are probably also ways to time your workouts (just prior, just after?) vs. when you nurse to minimize these effects, too. And my last idea is to make sure you're taking in adequate calories to maintain nursing and whatever level of exercise you're doing. Definitely not a good time to go way under on intake. Good luck, have fun with that baby!
by lisakp71 (submitted 5 years ago)
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