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Back pain cured, from better diet. Immediately !!!
I just wanted to say one of my friends and I had bad knees and when we started eating clean, no processed foods the pain went away. Food is medicine. Laurie P.S. Not selling or buying anything! Other than food.
by laurieslife (submitted 3 months ago)
Diet - Can anyone help?
Weight watchers
by laurieslife (submitted 4 months ago)
2014 is the year I....
Close the deal. Hit my goal. I get within 10 lbs and I start eating. Fear of success???? I lost 110 then go up ten down ten, No more :)
by laurieslife (submitted 4 months ago)
14 is a great age to get comfortable with your body. Like whatever size you are now. Don,t think I,ll he happy when u hit a certain weight. ,cuz I,ve lost weight and still been unhappy. Think of the things youd like to do and stsrt doing them. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours a protein and carb at each meal. Definitely track your food it keeps u accountable. Find things u love to do then exercise is fun. I play tennis and volleyball and walk my dog none of those things feel like exercise cuz i really enjoy them. I think strength training is great because it makes me feel so strong as a woman. I feel like I,m invincible which helps me stay on track. If your parents could get u a trainer or go to the gym with a friend more likely to keep up. Plan your meals schedule your workouts. Feel your feelings dont eat them. You are so worth it. I lost 100 lbs on weight watchers and regained fifty relost on biggest loser. It is a lifestyle and your worth it. Eat fresh not processed. Here,s to you!!! Laurie
by laurieslife (submitted a year ago)
Sara, let,s post tomm in traveling sistas, I like your format: SW:starting weight CW:current weight GW: goal weight Weighin Tomm using sara,s format, sistas
by laurieslife (submitted a year ago)
Sara, let,s post tomm in traveling sistas, I like your format: SW:starting weight CW:current weight GW: goal weight Weighin Tomm using sara,s format, sistas
by laurieslife (submitted a year ago)
Enter Exercise
Last night when I was.entering exercise time changed and it posted yesterdays exercise to today does anyone know delete whole entry, I,ve tried
by laurieslife (submitted a year ago)
bingo wings
I have bat wings too since I lost 100 lbs lets hope there is a miracle. Dr.oz does have a show on cellulitenif u his site. Hope someone gives is great feedback or has had success,please share.
by laurieslife (submitted a year ago)
Hyperflavor foods that are processed are also designed in the lab to make you want more. Sugar,salt, etc.
by laurieslife (submitted a year ago)

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Thanks mummydee for answering that question. I was out of town and was not where WiFi was available.
by wholefoodnut on 21 Apr 14 04:52 AM
This supplement gives you strong physic
You get the smaller bodybuilders the amateurs when you get to some other women who may only be on 1540now this can really be a problem because adieu for them maybe as little as 1200 1400 1500 calories ...
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It is indeed "Recommended Daily Intake". When people here on FatSecret refer to RDI, it is the calorie intake number that Fatsecret hands you when you look in your food diary. Also, welcome ...
by kingkeld on 21 Apr 14 03:45 AM
Older Yet Feeling I can finally lose the weight no longer how long it takes!
Welcome aboard! It's my experience that age really doesn't matter all that much when it comes to weight loss. From my experience teaching weight loss classes, I have had several 80+ ladies ...
by kingkeld on 21 Apr 14 03:01 AM
Anybody know how many calories are in these...?
I'm not sure if your exact choices are covered here, but I'm sure you can find something close to it. :)
by kingkeld on 21 Apr 14 02:58 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins