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Share Your NSV's (Non Scale Victories)
Great job everyone! Its the way we feel and not just the scale that defines progress :) My NSV is that last weekend my mom told me that I must be pretty close to high school weight. That's almost 15 years ago! I wish I still had clothes from then to try on. I would love to see if my prom dress still fit, but I donated it a while ago. The best part is that I feel way more confident and fit than I ever did in HS, and mom is actually wrong - I am about 20lbs from HS weight, but I don't ever need to be and am ok with that!
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
Lemon Juice in it really making a difference?
Not sure about the body chemistry stuff. I don't quite understand how lemon would make your body more alkaline - its a acid. Baking soda makes sense; its a base and people have been using it as an antacid for decades. Tums taste a lot better though :) Regardless, I think anything that gets you drinking water when you don't normally is probably a good thing. A weird thing that I hear a lot about that might be good indirectly for weight loss is adding a tablespoon of cider vinegar to a glass of water. It supposedly eases pain in your joints (if your joints hurt you're probably less likely to exercise). I don't have joint problems so I haven't tried it, although a long distance hiker I know seems to find it very important in her routine. Certainly won't hurt you, although it probably tastes funky! That lemon juice vs enamel is no joke though, I have some friends as real world examples (I am NOT a dentist nor hygienist). One guy who ate lemons as a teenager has really sensitive teeth and his dentist said his enamel looked like what a person in their 40s would have. He's 28! I imagine heavy soda drinkers and yes, the vinegar thing above would have similar effects, but lemon juice is much more acidic than soda or vinegar.
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
Is it possible I started dieting at to low of RDI?
Bump it up to something more sustainable. Starting that low right away may set you up for failure or frustration. Best to start slow. Or, another method that works for some folks is to vary your RDI every day, like eat 1500 one day, 2400 another, etc. I found I self-regulate, so I eat a little bit more when I'm hungry and less when I'm not. Somedays I barely eat 1200 calories! At the end of the week I usually see a net loss. There are some free calculators for this method, your mileage may vary. You may want to consult a professional familiar with gall bladder issues to get a better idea of where to start.
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
Affording the food for a healthier
Oops! I thought that went to the post, not to you! I'm sorry!
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
Affording the food for a healthier
They have a program in my neighborhood where you can trade food stamps for farmer's market tokens. The markets can be cheaper than the grocery store for fresh food (although not always). Maybe that is an option for you? Good luck!
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
beer drinking
I'd go more flavor with less consumption - I'm a fan of Belgian beers. They are delicious, sweet even, have a higher alcohol content so you have to drink them slow and alternate with water - you'll only drink 8oz all night while your husband dinks 4 or 5 12oz buds! Plus, in the end its not the beer that'll get you, its the food you snack on while drinking the beer! Fries, nachos, wings, etc. Each wing is 100kcal not even including sauce or blue cheese! I personally have refused to give up beer, I might be losing weight a little slower but I don't feel deprived, and again I pick the more expensive and higher quality ones. I feel satisfied with just one while the rest of my friends keep drinking more. Plus when the beer is $7 a glass you savor it a bit more instead of chugging it down!
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
stretch marks
That's what a friend of mine used it for - stretch marks from a growth spurt and weight loss. I am just clumsy, so I use it for scars :) We both had pretty good results. It reduced the appearance of a scar I had 5 stitches for, and some childhood ones here and there. Hope it helps!
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
stretch marks
I've used Mederma on scars successfully and I've heard others confirm its helped with stretch marks. It seems pricy at first because its just a small tube, but you only need a little bit. It seems to last forever.
by ktexp2 (submitted a year ago)
Skin Ripping Stretch Marks
Any chance you can wrap an ace bandage around the affected area, or wear compression clothing? I can't say this has happened to me, I have some stretch marks from losing weight but they don't really hurt; however I tend to wear tight spandex clothing when I work out to reduce jiggle, mostly because its annoying. Maybe it keeps skin from hurting too? I wish I knew. At any rate, good luck, I hope you find a solution!
by ktexp2 (submitted 2 years ago)
food and exercise entrys
Yes, in the side bar, you can set up exercise defaults. Each day can be unique. Each day you have to go into the exercise diary though and select one of the radio buttons, otherwise it won't show up in your daily calendar.
by ktexp2 (submitted 2 years ago)
I might try to use my kitchen scale to see the net amount of marinade that soaked in. Weigh the food before marinating, then again right before cooking - the difference in weight (if any) should be the net amount that soaked in. Like you said, it probably isn't very much. Most of the calories would probably be from oils if you've used them or if it is a commercially bottled one. If your marinades are just vinegar and spices I doubt its worth the effort! Not sure if this is actually accurate though - marinades are weird, I think they actually draw fluid from the meat, so maybe this doesn't work the way I think it should!
by ktexp2 (submitted 2 years ago)
Feature request: Calories as an "amount"
That is a great idea - one of the reasons I've fallen off the wagon a few times is because it just gets exhausting trying to get every weirdo thing on the food journal! I find myself doing a similar method to option 3.
by ktexp2 (submitted 2 years ago)

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