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I have two kids and a husband and a crazy family schedule. Sometimes we eat together and often we don't. I find that cooking batches of things on Sundays to use throughout the week helps. I'll bake or grill extra chicken, fish, beef (roast, steak or ground), and possibly make extra rice, pasta, etc. or pre-bake some russet or sweet potatoes. I also might cut up some extra veggies (onions, peppers, carrots, zucchini, etc.). Then on a busy weeknight all I have to do is reheat the meat and a starch (if needed/wanted), and pan sautee some quick veggies or microwave steam some broccoli and we're good to go. (I also use "cheater" lower calorie sauces for toppings on the meat and veggies, such as flavored hummus, salsa, etc. to add different flavors. Or add the pre-cooked chicken with some of the veggies with some romaine lettuce or spinach into a salad. The key is being prepared and having several options ready to go so you're not tempted to go out, or order in for pizza or something not as healthy. Good luck! A small suggestion: I wouldn't be too fixated on the six month duration. Small changes over time will yield results, but 5 pounds per month is a lot if you don't have a whole lot to lose. You may see 5 lbs. per month for the first few months, but it might not be consistently that high. As long as you're creating healthy habits and moving in the right direction, you're doing great!
by kkd1125 (submitted a week ago)
Broke my plateau
Way to go, CCerza!!! I want to follow in your footsteps. I've been in a bit of a plateau for the past 6 months. I've lost 52 lbs. since Dec 2012, so our progress is similar. Slow and steady weight loss is ideal so you're doing great. We'll get there!
by kkd1125 (submitted a week ago)
accurate excercise logging/calorie burning tool please
Lisa, I got a BodyMedia Band for Christmas and I was surprised how accurate FatSecret is in comparison. Maybe not all calorie counts for activities align on both platforms, but FS is pretty close in activity estimation.
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
I gave up...BIG MISTAKE
Good for you, GillesG, for getting back up! That's the most important part. Don't give up on yourself. Make yourself a promise that if you slip again, you will get back on track at the next meal, or next day, and not let the slip last for 4 months. Perhaps you can write down what you're feeling now about the last 4 months of letting go and the weight gain, and return to that writing the next time you're tempted to give up. It will remind you how hard this is to start over again and that you don't ever want to give up on taking care of yourself. Good luck! We're here for you!
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
Why is my ticker not updated on my posts?
Does anyone know if the weight loss ticker is working again? I would like to add it back to my signature, but don't want it to be stuck at the same weight forever like before.
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
Three or 5-6 meals a day?
I have 3 meals a day plus 2-3 snacks. I think you have to eat in a way that works for your daily routine and hunger needs. I find that a snack can really help me control hunger between meals and keeps my energy up. For example, if I have a lighter breakfast, I will have a snack around 10:00-10:30 in the morning at work. In the late afternoon at work I might have an apple cut up with 1-2 Tbsp. of peanut or almond butter to dip in, or a yogurt, or an apple or nuts on my drive home. And I almost ALWAYS plan for some kind of dessert snack after dinner. It may not work for me this way forever, but it's worked for me so far.
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
Great! It's so good for your spirit to celebrate all kinds of health victories, not just downward movement on the scale!
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
lgreeny, welcome to FS! I know 113 lbs sounds soooo HUGE and like you have a long road to travel. But the time will go by so fast and in a year when you look back and see where you are vs. where you started you will be so glad you made healthy choices along the way. I started my healthy journey "this time" (after practically a lifetime of obesity) about 14 months ago with 110 lbs. to lose. I've lost 50. Now seeing that I "only" have 60 more to lose is exciting. You will get there. Take new, small steps each week to introduce healthy habits into your life to replace unhealthy ones. Just be honest with yourself, track your food, and get back on track as soon as possible when you slip up. You will have slip ups, so don't feel you have to be perfect. Just learn from them and move on. This is a journey with a windy path, not a straight line. Remember...progress, not perfection. Good luck to you!
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
I saw the most ironic cart of groceries
Wow, Hoser, I would have wanted to say something, too. I once saw a mom with 2 kids in tow say no to a single bag of M&M's at the checkout line for her kids, but in her cart there was a few boxes of sugared kids cereal, pop tarts, soda, chips, etc., etc.
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
What's your favorite Greek Yogurt?
I use the Fage 0% and love it! I have it often with berries or other fruit, and nuts. One of my favorite recipes is what I call "Mock Choc Mousse." I stir 1 tablespoon of Nutella into 1/2 Cup of Fage 0%. It's rich and creamy and delicious! I know some don't eat Nutella due to sugars, but you can probably also make this with your own organic, low or non sugar version of a cocoa hazelnut butter (which I need to try!).
by kkd1125 (submitted a month ago)
Oatmeal: Variations on a theme
Love your ideas, especially toasting the oats first...yum!!! I've also gone the Nutella route with oatmeal, as well as peanut or almond butter. I usually add 1 tablespoon of either to 1 cup of oatmeal. My other favorite is blueberries and raw unsalted almonds or hazelnuts. I also throw in some flax seeds or chia seeds every once in a while. I've never tried the savory approach to oatmeal before, but I think I'll try it. Thanks for the tips, Hoser!
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
One pound a week is great, sustainable weight loss. Slow and steady weight loss is more likely to stick. Have faith in the process and know that you are progressing and getting healthier, even if slowly.
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
Another newbie!
Hurray for you for taking a big positive step toward better health. There are lots of wonderful people here on FS to offer advice, encouragement and support. Take advantage of reading all the forums, journals and reaching out to ask questions. Logging your food is very enlightening and you will soon understand what your body needs to thrive on and lose weight on. Good luck to you in your journey!
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
I love the motto made famous by Dory in Finding Nemo..."Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming!" I tell myself this whenever I think I am getting "tired" of eating healthy and working out. If I just keep doing what I need to do, I'll get there. Happy Sunday everyone!
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
needing a buddie
Hi Believing. Welcome to the fat secret community! I've been here for almost 4 years but just became successful in the past year and I've lost 50 pounds. I have a lot to go still, but I'm finally enjoying living a healthy lifestyle and being consistently active for the first time in my life. There are a lot of wonderful members here with great advice and experiences to share. Just remember to take small steps and be kind to yourself. Try not to get hung up on the number on the scale and focus on all the wonderful, new healthy habits you are creating and how good you feel. Good luck to you!
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
Been Good?? Done Well? Go and reward yourself ...
Great post! It almost reads like a poem, worthy of printing out and posting near my scale. :) My next goal is when I reach 200 lbs. (I'm currently at 225), I will go on a shopping trip to Victoria's Secret for all new sexy undies. I got a gift card for Christmas, but I don't want to go there until I'm a bit smaller.
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
Girl Scout Cookies
They're hard to resist, especially since they're usually only available for a few months out of the year. If you find you can't eat them in reasonable portions, don't buy them. Or buy a box only when you'll be around a group of people to share them with. If you feel strong enough to try to control your portions, divide the entire box from the start out into portions and put them into Ziploc bags. Leave one bag out to enjoy now and put the rest in the freezer. Plan your meals each day or every other day to allow one little snack bag. There are certain food items I really want to have every day -- like peanut butte or Nutella -- and I try to plan for them in my daily calorie count.
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
Hello from South Texas
If I know the ingredients in a recipe, I usually just enter in the measurements of the raw ingredients of the recipe that I make (such as 1/2 cup onions, 4 ounces boneless skinless chicken breast, 1/2 cup carrots, 1 cup cooked noodles, 1 cup chicken broth, etc.) rather than find a comparable pre-assembled meal item in the food list.
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
Share Your NSV's (Non Scale Victories)
In the Jillian Michael's workout DVDs that I do, she often includes a quadriceps stretch at the end which involves grabbing your foot while bending your leg back so that your foot touches your bum and you therefore get a good stretch along your front quad. And she does this standing up without holding on to anything for balance. When I started her DVDs a little less than a year ago, I could not easily grab my foot nor could I get my leg to bend all the way back far enough to touch my foot to my bum. and I had to hold on to my fireplace mantle for balance. Now with 50 lbs. gone, I can stand alone, grab my foot and bend it back all the way. It's amazing what you can do with many pounds of leg fat gone!
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
how do u get past the cravings??
I agree with everyone above who said to not "disallow" yourself from eating pizza so that when/if you do, you feel like you have blown it. I try to plan for pizza or other favorite foods and when I do have it, I make sure it's a REALLY GOOD PIZZA! I make sure it's from the restaurant/take-out pizza place that I like and has the toppings I want. I plan for the calories, too, whether it will be one slice or two. If I go a little over my RDI, I'm ok and try to do a little better the next day. Or, often I make my own mini pizzas at home with some whole wheat flatbread type crusts and whatever toppings I want. It's easier to count and control calories and I get to eat it fresh from the oven. Just try a few strategies to help you enjoy pizza without it causing you such guilt. Good luck to you!
by kkd1125 (submitted 2 months ago)
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