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I think it depends on why you are doing Atkins. If it is for health reasons, then just "switching to Calorie-Count" isn't going to work. I think the key to doing Atkins cheaply is investing in a crock pot so you can buy the big, cheap cuts of meat. I try to find any meat that is less than 2 dollars a pound and I buy it and freeze it, if I can. When I am in financial lean times, I will just eat the same thing every day. So I can buy a package of meat and then ingredients for a salad or a bag of frozen broccoli and that gets me through the week. It gets tiring eating the same thing, but it works. Good luck.
by katekat (submitted a year ago)
I am stuck on atkins
I have read the latest two Atkins books cover to cover and in both they talk about how the bars and shakes can slow weight loss. I try to only eat them when I am really craving something sweet and nothing else seems to work.
by katekat (submitted a year ago)
my tummy is big
I tend toward hourglass (curvy hourglass, but still even). As soon as I start to lose weight it comes off the top part. I can go down a full two sizes in my chest before my belly and behind. I wish I could control where it came off first, that would be great.
by katekat (submitted a year ago)
I am stuck on atkins
Two years ago my mom and I went on Atkins together. We ate the exact same food and she lost 3 times as much weight as I did. I had to cut out soda, Atkins bars, and start adding olive oil to my veggies to begin to see results. I can't remember if it is in the new Atkins book or not, but I know there was a section in one of the older books that talked about people who were *resistant* Without seeing your food it is tough to say what the slow down is, but I will say that some people are more sensitive to sugar. Could there be *hidden* sugars that you are not aware of? A lot of mayonnaise, salad dressings, condiments, and even prepared meats have sugar. Personally, I have to eat almost completely *natural* to lose weight on Atkins. Good luck!
by katekat (submitted a year ago)
Atkins Diet phase 1
I am sorry you are getting discouraged, but I know I'd like to lose a half an inch off my waist! I just started Atkins again (I am on day three of induction). But I have done it twice before. The first time the weight just melted off. The second time it took a lot longer to see results, but eventually I did see results. Maybe there are some hidden carbs or sugar in your food that you are not aware of? That can slow down weight loss.
by katekat (submitted a year ago)
woo hoo
Brenda-- I know exactly what you mean! I have a closet full of 16/18/20 clothes that I either haven't been able to wear for over a year, or have NEVER been able to wear. Two summers ago I lost 70 pounds. I got rid of all my "fat clothes" and bought new clothes. Some were even a size smaller because I was going to "get into them." Then I went the opposite direction and gained ALL the weight back plus. I had to buy 3x and 24 pants last year. Which are all too big now thank god. Your comment about the shoes is funny. I have noticed the weight loss in my shoes and jewelry! I have bracelets that were too tight that fit better now. Good luck and keep on going!!
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
Anyone else terrified of Thanksgiving
I am worried about this as well. My biggest problem is when I feel like I am denying myself it backfires. So, I am going to try to follow Dolly Parton's advice and eat whatever I want that day; just small portions of it. I figure if I eat all the healthy food first (salad, veggies, and whatnot) then I can have bites of everything else. It does help that I am the main cook for my T-day. This way I know exactly what is in everything and I have a LOT of control over how healthy the side dishes are. Do you think it would help if you made a healthy side dish or dessert that you know you really love so that you will look forward to eating that instead of all the other stuff? Good luck!! Either way, thank goodness it is only one day!
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
Has no one noticed your weight loss yet?
People give me compliments on how I look and I know it is code for "you've lost weight." And that is fine. I don't really want people commenting on my weight gains or losses. So, I prefer the compliments to my overall appearance rather than on my weight loss. MM392--Mother-in-laws are really good at knowing what to say! No fear! Go for it. My hairstyle has never really made me look more or less fat. Usually, it was my behind that made me look "fat." NOT my haircut ;)
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
When people don't notice your weight loss
I get compliments on my outfits, my hair, and general appearance that I did not get 30 pounds ago. I think it is just that people don't want to bring up weight. Which is fine, because I would just as soon not talk about my weight with people. I only talk about my struggles with food with close friends and family. Oh, and of course on FatSecret!
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
What will you do when you've reached goal that you wouldn't do now?
1. I will travel more. Flying has just gotten too hard. 2. I will take Kayak lessons. I am mortified that that I won't fit into the kayak. 3. I will go horseback riding again. I am well over the minimum weight for the animal's comfort. 4. I will sit in restaurant booths. I have begun requesting tables because it is just too uncomfortable squeeze into a booth. 5. I would really LOVE to be able to run. I have a surgically reconstructed kneee, so I don't know about this one. But, boy would it be nice! 5.
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
How to make exercise a priority?
I, too, am having trouble with the motivation to exercise. I like it while I am doing it. I LOVE it after i've done it. But, man getting into gear and doing it is hard. I can find the time to do SO many other things, and exercise seems to get pushed to the back.
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
Still hungry
Have you been measuring? Sometimes my scale doesn't show a change, but my measurements do.
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
the biggest loser
Yes, those of you are talking about how easy it is to lose weight, yes the science of it is quite easy. Eat healthy and move your body. It is quite simple. But, there are usually a lot more complicated emotional stuff going on. Everyone has problems, for those of us with food addiction or disordered eating our problems are very very public. My problems with eating are the first thing people see. Other people with other types of problems often can reveal those problems in their own time at their discetion. It is very easy to look at a fat person and tell them about the science of weight loss, but in reality it can be very similar to telling a drug addict or an alcoholic "just quit drinking." Whatever else The Biggest Loser may show people, I do appreciate that fact that the contestants are encouraged to treat their reasons for eating and not just go through a weight loss boot camp.
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
Scale schmale
I have made a similar pledge! And Wed is my day too! We can do it.
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)
the biggest loser
This is interesting. I sometimes feel like I have actually done something after watching the show, when really all I have done is sit for two hours while other people worked out. I really see your point. I do like to see the before and after, that is my favorite part.
by katekat (submitted 4 years ago)

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