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Energy cost of rollerblading
If those numbers are correct then you would take your weight in kg (1kg=2.2lbs) x time spent rollerblading x .12. Therefore, if you weigh 80kg and you rollerblade for 45 minutes you would burn 432kcal. Sounds like a good workout to me!
by karabeth (submitted 4 years ago)
THANKSGIVING healthy tweaks to traditional favorites?
I am making the bite-size pecan pies from as my dessert contribution. I don't control a lot of the menu so I just need to prioritize and focus on my favorites! I made a healthy stuffing a few years ago, but unfortunately my sister made her novelty "White Castle" stuffing so the healthy stuff was not a hit :(
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Please help - I weigh 60kg and height 1.68m,female. How many calories should i be eating per day???
Switch up your weight routine. Do less reps with heavier weights. You are so close to where you want to be that the tiniest change may bring you there. You will be sore but it will feel so good :)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
fermales! Havnt had a period in five months.
This happened to me in college and it was mostly stress related. Both from working out and mental stress. My gyno actually sat me down recently and told me that there is no real reason to get your period every month. She advised that I use my birth control all the way through the month to never get my period (PMS was turning me into a crazy person lol.) Just listen to your doctor and listen to your body :)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
protein powders
I use Jay Robb Chocolate whey protein. Only 1g of carbs for 25g of protein. They also make an egg white protein powder but I prefer the whey. Available through the Jay Robb website or Amazon.
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
What's your Danger Food?
I think I have finally gotten my ice cream cravings under control. I either don't have them or I work them into my RDI. BUT my danger foods are chips and dips. All kinds. All the time. I have no off button! Tortilla chips and queso or pita chips and hot spinach/artichoke dip and I am a GONER.
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Do you guys think that my diet is healthy?
Snow, I don't think that kind of negativity is the point in any of these forums. Everyone has a different path (congrats to Sherilyn on your amazing weightloss!) and what works for some may not work for others. This post originated when you were asking for opinions from others on your diet. The community is giving them to you. If you do not actually want to acknowledge the suggestions then it may be best to remove the thread. Be Healthy. Be happy. Best of luck!
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Do you guys think that my diet is healthy?
While you are probably meeting micronutrient values with all of the fruits and vegetables in your diet you are definitely not getting a proper amount of protein or fat. The pound of fruit that you are having for lunch is full of sugar. Cut out the weight loss shakes and diet drinks to lower the amount of chemicals you are consuming and add in more lean meat and eggs. Even on a low calorie diet you need to be eating balanced meals. Your body will not be able to handle this diet for a long period of time and you may permanently damage your metabolism in the long run.
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Amusement Park food
Turkey legs are an amusement park staple. They are just roasted meat, but they are not a very low-fat option if you monitor that. They are also extremely large and filling! I used to work in amusement parks so I know how hard it is to find something good. A lot of parks have themed restaurants now. Find a mediterranean place and you will find a lot of options :)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
not sleeping
Take a hot shower before bed. The water evaporating off your skin as you cool down naturally calms your body into sleep. Extra Sleepytime Tea also works for me most of the time, but that may be mental. Sometimes just the act of sitting down and drinking tea is enough to bore me to sleep ;)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Solidarity at the gym
This just made my morning. Thanks for posting!!
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Bikram Yoga (Hot Yoga)
This is copied from the Livestrong website... Calories Burned According to the calories burned calculator created by QuickFit Yoga, an individual weighing 150 lbs. can expect to burn about 1,000 calories during each session of Bikram yoga, which is roughly the equivalent of running 6 mph for 90 minutes. While this is a general number, individuals weighing 120 to 160 lbs. can expect to burn at least 350 to 700 calories per hour doing Bikram yoga. Read more:
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
You can always focus on other things that make you feel good about your body. A facial or a mani/pedi. If you are working out a lot you can treat yourself to a massage. For a more budget-friendly option just treat to small make-up, skin care or hair care items. A small clothing related reward would be a new nightie or bra/panty set. It is inexpensive and seeing yourself in a new and sexy way will give you a little confidence boost to get to your next goal ;)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Cauli Rice
I made the cauliflower fried "rice" recipe from this site 2 days ago and it was amazingly tasty! It didn't taste a bit like cauliflower! I am going to make a double batch next time because I licked the bowl clean. I just grated the raw cauliflower on the cheese grater as well. It worked like a charm for me. Some bigger pieces got into the mix but it didn't both me one bit, just added some more texture!
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
I would have a day of BRUNCH. Sausage biscuits covered in gravy, an entire pan of cheesy potato casserole, surf and turf eggs benedict, stuffed croissants, and a dozen of the "pancakes and bacon" cupcakes I tried this weekend (candied bacon on top!!) I would fill the rest of the calories with pitchers of mimosas, bellinis and breakfast martinis! Okay, now who is going to brunch with me?
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Only Exercise, No diet.
I wouldn't automatically assume that someone is trying to have an eating disorder. And if you are under the impression that is the direction that someone is headed, it probably is not the right choice to insult them. FMZ, we need to know more about you in order to understand your goals and properly advise you. To start off, how tall are you? If you are 5 feet tall then weighing 100lbs isn't that uncommon. If you are significantly taller, that will be a hard weight to get to and maintain healthily. You are only 19, so any sort of crash dieting or strenuous eating/workout combinations may have negative effects on your metabolism for the rest of your life. This took me a very long time to realize, but it isn't always about "skinny" it is about HEALTHY. With a healthy balanced way of eating and an active lifestyle you will be the healthiest you possible. For some the bonus is being skinny, for others it is having curves in all the right places, but for all it is about living happily in your own skin because you know that you are making the right choices for you. We all have different starting points and different journeys. This is a positive website to help one another along the way.
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Eating after work....
I have found that if I enter my entire day of food in the morning I am more likely to stick to it. I plan a smaller but satisfying dinner and since I already ate and accounted for the rest of my calories earlier in the day I simply don't let myself add anything else into the mix. Frontloading your day with protein by having it with breakfast and lunch, or even a protein shake before you leave the workplace will keep you feeling much more satisfied later in the afternoon. I used to tell myself that I deserved ice cream because I was so good the rest of the day... It totally defeats the purpose of being good the rest of the day! I suggest finding different ways to reward yourself so that you can get rid of that mentality altogether :)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Kate Upton and Skinny Gurl website slam
I almost posted about this last night because I was so ticked off! I got sucked into the blog and every single post and comment kept making me more and more worked up. It was like a trainwreck... I couldn't take my eyes away. The disillusions of the women (they are not all young girls, many are grown women) are one thing, but the amount of hate is revolting. Attitudes like that make me even more thankful for the people on this site :)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Where are you on the Global Fat Scale?
I'm smiling so much at these Yemen comments! I've never been able to see BMI on a global scale before, very interesting. I am most like a Somalian. Now I feel like I want to try Somalian food. Hmm... I couldn't even tell you what that would be!
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
Incorrect nutrient counts on some products??
CJT - My stats looked great the way it was before but I just knew it was too good to be true ;)
by karabeth (submitted 5 years ago)
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