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It will also be slightly highlighted when you click "my notifications". "my notifications" is on the side of your "my fatsecret" page. Does that help?
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 4 years ago)
bone structure
I do. I am 5'4" also. In my early 20's, when I worked out and went dancing and watched what I ate. I weighed 144. My back and shoulders were bony. I was about a size 4. With 42 inch hips! I still had a tummy pouch no matter what I did. I learned to embrace the thickness. It is a part of me. :-) Being that small was alot of work to maintain, that is why my goal is 160, about a size 10. I think a size 10 will be healthy enough for me. :-)
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
running tshirts
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
I use my spike day for cravings. It usually helps me knock it out. I do find that unless I get it out of the house on the spike day, I will have more the day after. I am trying to eat my craving and throw the rest out on the actual spike day. My hubby doesn't like to waste so I have not been so strong in that. I got to remember, if it is my craving - my rules! His craving - his rules!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
Rude people
I do one of two things - get upset and express how their rude behavior is hurting/bothering me, which is sometimes rude, too. Or I fall apart and yell "you're rude!". This is usually followed by me bursting into tears. I can not STAND rude behavior, or basic lack of manners. Don't talk with your mouth full. Don't use your phone in a movie theater. Try not to interrupt a conversation. Use excuse me and acknowledge an “excuse me” if said to you. These are some of the BASIC manners for a polite society. I try to let most slide, but it does make me steam!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
Now I am hungry, and thirsty! LOL Too funny!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
Kelley Armstong is an AWESMOE writer. She does the Otherworld storyline. And some teen books, and a story about a hit women. All are excellent. P.J. Tracy does the monkeewrench books. Fantastic! Sue Grafton has the Alphabet Series about a PI. Very good and funny! The Sookie book by Charliane Harris are to die for. Read almost all of them in a day. But her best books are the Harper series, about a women stuck by lightning (when she was 15) who can now find the dead. Harry Potter is a good but easy read. John Sanford Prey books are great. As is Michael Connelly's Bosch series. Lee Child Reacher Series is awesome, especially if you like army stuff. (I don't really love army stuff but the books are great!) Anything by James Patterson is a light read. LOL I like the Women's Murder Club and Alex cross the best for him. Robert Parker's Spencer books are always fun. Andrew Vachess books, not comic books, are a little dark but addictive! A silly fun time is the Dexter books by Jeff Lindsay. Can be a little weird and gruesome, but silly none the less. That's all I can think of for now. Happy Reading!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
Where are you?
Lindsay, my hubby is a Bills fan! In a few years we plan on going to a game up there!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
Where are you?
Scituate, Rhode Island - USA
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
is it possible to download or export data
Thanks for this info!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 5 years ago)
Dieting/Calorie Count
I am 5'4" and I am naturally curvy. My lowest is 144 and that was 15yrs ago. I danced almost every night, went to the gym 3 hrs at a time 3-4 days a week, and went for walks often. I was a size 4-6 with a 22 inch waist. My shoulder blades were positvely boney! Everybody is different, you just have to find what works for you. Sorry if this is coming off grouchy. I'm, well, grouchy. LOL Having a bad night. Good luck to you!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
I need advice (long)
Glad your feeling better! Sometimes having a plan in action lifts the weight off your shoulders. It is hard to make friends sometimes. It is scary to do, especially when you are vunerable, but maybe be very direct with those other Mom's you like? Just say "want to get a coffee or something"?. Set up a play date as cover, maybe?
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
I need advice (long)
I just read your last response. I have a family member who use a safe journal. You write whatever is bothering you in it for them to read. Then they can write back. You can also leave positive notes. It is for them to have a discussion/argument w/o being nasty. I am not a fan of the silent treatment that is longer then a few minutes. Some sites say this about the silent treatment... 1.Significance ◦Generally, it is a power play--a way of taking a stand and refusing to give in. By keeping silent the spouse is actually making a grand statement . . . I am right and you are wrong--until you see it my way, I will punish you by not speaking to you. Effects ◦The effects of the silent treatment could create a large gap in the relationship if frequent bouts of silence interrupt what should be healthy communication. Manipulating your partner through silence does not promote growth in your relationship. ◦Function ◦The silent treatment functions in a relationship a few ways--it says you are not willing to compromise, you believe your partner should be punished for not agreeing with you and you don't have enough respect to talk things through to find a solution. None of these things are good for a marriage. Time Frame ◦Whether lasting a few minutes, hours or days there is never an acceptable time to keep silent from your partner. Without communication a relationship will wither and eventually die. You both need to find your communication and compromise. It is tough that you do not have friends near by. You need to remedy that! Your lack of friends is your responsibility! Do not let him guilt you out of a social circle. It is necessary! Either reconnect with someone from your past that lives near you…or go on a friend hunt! Your outside social life is not his responsibility, but yours. By the same token, he should not make you feel guilty for your friends that are not to his liking. That is why they are your friends and not his. :-) You obviously need to be able to express yourself to another human body. Find/reconnect w a friend, not his, find your own.
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
I need advice (long)
I have been thinking of what to say and I am still not sure. LOL You definitely need to "talk". I find that if I write it down, it clears my head before a big talk. You need to straight up ask if his friends/friend’s wives or girlfriends don’t care for you. Don’t be angry, don’t act hurt, just be matter of fact. If there is no problem on their end, then ask him why he doesn’t want you to go. Tell him you feel that he wants to go out with them but you feel never with you. In guyville, he might be thinking…he lives with you and he wants a night off from “family”. I am all for a night off from “family”, as long as you both make time for a relationship night, and a family night, in addition to a friend night. My hubby and I have a date night once a week. Friend night is Friday. Family day is Sunday if our daughter (my step) is not around, or Saturday if she is. The rest of the week is to do as we please. Does not mean we don’t hang some, or visit family or friends together. It just means it is not one of those mandatory days and the time is flexible. You need to tell him you feel like your drifting apart. It will be very hard to say, but he needs to hear it. & don’t clean his puke for him. If you want to help, clean it together…lol. My hubby and I argue about 2 things mostly. Cleaning and his “snapping”. So now the house is messier because I will only clean if he cleans with me. If he mows the lawn, I clean the house at the same time. If he finishes first, I stop. He doesn’t want to clean the kitchen… I say I can’t cook until the dishes are done. Let me know when you are hungry and I will help you clean. I was resenting him because I did 95% of the domestic junk. So, I changed me. I figured out what would make me happier. I let him know that I was changing my ways. The house is not up to my standards, but I don’t resent the man I love anymore. That is a win, I think!  For his snapping, I told him how it made me feel. His response was that he did not hear it and he thinks I am overreacting. He also said I made him feel like a jerk when I reprimand him. I don’t want that….so we compromised that he would try to watch the snapping (if he does, I get a kiss and an apology), and I will try not to be as sensitive. You guys need a compromise. You guys need a date night on a regular basis. You need to find out why you don’t get to go out with his friends. (Do you do out the same night with your friends or do you stay home with the kids?) If you would get a babysitter if you are included, get one if you are not. Go out! Don’t stay home and wallow and resent! You might not resent his time out with friends if you go out too. I guess I am saying you need to express your unhappiness. You also need to listen to him about his needs. He might need that night off w/o you. And that is ok! As long as he comes home to you, and treats you with respect and kindness…it is ok! But if you need to be included once every couple of months…he needs to listen to you about that. Find your compromise!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
A small step for mankind, a giant step for me.
So happy for you! You have inspired me more then you will ever know! (Today is my Indulgence Day.) Good luck and I am glad you are not leaving FS. :-)
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
How Do You Stay Motivated?
I use promises to keep me in line when I am unmotivated. I use a coworker instead of a family member or friend, or hubby because they give me too many “passes”. I promise to log my calories, to exercise 30 mins a day, 6 days a week. If I skip, I can make up the difference the next day. I promise not to buy lunch, or to have more then 1 shake per meal. I can’t but junk food for myself for work days. I get a pass for going out to lunch with a friend (can only have a 6 inch Subway sandwich, no soda, 1 bag of chips, no cookie). I know I will get self sabotage-y. This helps me not totally fall of a wagon. I don’t lie so the honor system works well for me. I WANT to lose weight and get healthier. I really do! But I know that I have a strong “I DON”T WANNA” tendency that is not in my best interest. The self sabotage is my bane. Most of the time…I am good because I want this. My promise is for the days I am moody, TOM, or bad life stuff happens and I want comfort food & my couch only. It is my safety net for my journey. It took me years to find a promise w/o any loop holes. I write it down for a reference when I am weak. I also agree that being involved in FS is also helping me; from seeing that my end result is attainable to being excited about doing a 5K. You have to find your weak point and find a way to make it your strength!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
Spouse Not Supportive
My hubby would help me be lazy. IE: It's too late for exercise, I got you a Kit Kat, Stay in bed, watch a movie now and exercise later (& then I wouldn’t). This time I really just did it on my own. But he is seeing how much happier I am: I am gaining some flexibility back. I don't complain as much about clothes. I am happier, so he is happier and 10x more supportive. He still will try to hand me his lazy card occasionally, but tells me he is proud of me after I suck it up and exercise. I used his non-support as a crutch for years. I am an adult. I, and only me, have the power to change my weight. I need a healthier lifestyle, so I am doing something about it. You have to realize you have the power to say no to junk food, or to say just 1 serving to junk food, or to eat the whole bag of junk food. Unless he forces you, it is an excuse. It took me 7 years to realize this. It is easier to blame a spouse for not helping then it is to except the responsibility for our own actions. I didn't truly want a change when I "blamed" him. I wanted an excuse as to why I "couldn't" lose weight. The day I accepted it was my choice & my responsibility& my "goal", is the day I made a change. I feel strong now. I feel like my goal is attainable. I feel like I can have a bad day followed by numerous good days. His support does not motivate me. It makes me feel good when he says he is proud of me. But the motivation is in me, with my needs, not his. I know it sounds harsh, saying that a spouse's lack of support is a crutch to failure. I could be wrong. I just know that once I let go of the idea that he was my guru, my food conscience, and my exercise drill sergeant & I wanted it for myself, I did better. I learned the word no with food. I got up early to exercise before a busy weekend day. I walked the dog before dinner on date night. I made a low fat pizza while he had NY System Dogs (that I cooked just for him). Even when you are married, in love, and have to be you. Do what is good for you! Get healthy for you! A spouse’s love and support will follow a healthier “you” around! You have to find your strength, and I am sure he will be proud of that!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
Body Cleansing
@ Ginnyray - The Master Cleanse helps colitis? I just had a MAJOR bout and I am still recovering...
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I do every day. If I dont, I sometimes lose motivation.
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
Any dog loving buddies?
I have 1 American Bulldog, Conan, who is 5 yrs old. We got him as a puppy. My hubby did not want a dog since he was still mourning his dog from years ago. I convinced him it would be good for me, walks every day! Well, Conan had an eye injury from the womb. He wasnt able to be walked or get too excited until about 6 months old. He hates the rain! So, no walks then. He started limping less then a year later after that. Both back knees are shot. Poor guy. 1 eye, food allergies, sensitive skin, grass allergy, two bad back knees and scared of almost everythinf except other dogs. Which is very strange because, due to his eye problem as a puppy, we could not socilaize him with other dogs, just people. Yet, he loves other dogs & and is afraid of most people. LOL He is a doll of a character and my 93lbs lap dog. Such a love bug! We can only walk him about 1-2 a week, to once every other week. It all depends on how he is feeling. It is good that he is VERY lazy or he would probably be bored out of is very small mind. (He is VERY dumb) Wish all your dogs happiness and health! Dogs ROCK!
by jessabridge4444 (submitted 6 years ago)
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