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Coconut Oil???
Coconut oil is a natural laxative....(I can't eat it on my diet)
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
husband left me married 9yrs and 4 can i stay on track while i am do depressed???
Celebrate as much as you can! I agree with the folks above, who said to let it go, if he left HE wasn't worth it! Support and help your kids to know that it wasn't anything they did... set yourself some personal goals...and then set to work fulfilling them! Imagine how much fun its going to be, next time he sees you, and your life is together, and you look HOT...and best of all, you DIDN'T need him to help you do it!! Big hugs by the way...that sucks, and I dont know a single soul that hasn't gone through it.
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
I have actually stopped using salad dressing completely. I use a flavoured olive favorite being garlic flavoured!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Open Mouth....Insert Foot
I think we should just remove all the warning labels off of all products....the stupid people will eventually die off that way.
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Confession to Strangers or Trying to get out of Depression
Hang in sounds like things are looking up!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Making healthy foods taste better?
I use a garlic flavoured olive oil to give veggies some flavour with much less calories than butter or other spreads. Since I need to incorporate 2 tbsp of oil anyways, it might as well taste good!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
iPhone app and web site
What Iphone do you have and which OS are you running? (to check which OS, tap settings-> general-> software update) Does it say that your software is up to date also?
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
iPhone app and web site
have you tried something simple to start? Reboot your phone and then reconnect to see if the updated info is there..
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Who wears biker shorts under dresses? (can we talk about chaffing?)
Any running room type store will carry a chafing cream...most marathonners use it because there is a great amount of chafing in a marathon. just rub it on, its like a gel that stays slippery until washed off..
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Omron Full Body Composition Sensing Monitor and Scale
pssst!! I just found it on amazon for only $69!!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Self control
I don't eat out at restaurants at all anymore. I don't keep my trigger foods like pop or chips in the house at all anymore. I do have a "cheat" every once in a while...but I'm quite happy on my restrictive diet. I like knowing what I'm having for breakfast,lunch and afternoon snack, as well as what my choices are for dinner ahead of time. I dont crave anything more than I want to be healthy. I have 3 Christmas parties this month. One is breakfast where I will bring my is lunch where I can order off the menu, and dinner will be 8 oz of meat with no oil or additives to the meat and plain steamed veggies..(I can add my own garlic flavoured olive oil for taste) Planning ahead will get me through, I am eating this way to benefit myself not anyone else, so if they have a problem with it...thats their problem, not mine.
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Everything that goes in your mouth has to be counted....and LOTS of water!!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Anyone Started Ideal Protein??? I want to help!!
Hi, I am on the Ideal Protein Program, and I have been doing this for 13 weeks. I started Aug 3, 2012 at 229 and I am now at 194. My goal is 155, which I hope to reach by Feb 2013. If you are just started this program, please reach out if you need someone to talk to, or bounce some questions off of. I am NO EXPERT, but I'd love to help!!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Its NICE to see some success!
I'm 49 years old, and when I started this diet, I was 229. Not my highest weight though....that was close to 260. I worked my ass off (literally) and got down to 180, by working out and exercising. That took me close to 18 months to lose 80 lbs. When two of the guys I work with, went on Ideal Protein, I sat back and watched....expecting them to lose and then do the bounce back once they hit their goal. I watched the heavier one lose 62 lbs in 16 weeks. Its been 4 months since they both completed the program and finished the maintenance program, and they both look great! When I got the coaches business card from them, I set up a meeting with her, and I went. She gave her speech and her explainations...I asked my questions and got answers to everything. I did still think that the only way was working out like a dog...but I was willing to try. I just dont think I can go through that all over again. I mean, I like going to the gym, but I was walking to work, going to the gym twice a day and walking home...I spent probabily 2-3 hours exercising. I liked Lise from the first time I met her. She was a no BS kinda girl, who has your back, but isnt afraid to tell you when you're doing something wrong. She guides you back on the right path. Aug 3 i weighed, Nov 6th I am 195. Now, I know I'm not going to drop weight like the guys did....but its going at a reasonable rate, and I'm happy with the speed and the results. 13 weeks for 34 lbs is a reasonable expectation. I like the food...I get a little chocolate flavoured something everyday for a snack. I have never eaten this much veggies, and I have given up my love for Coke! Yes, I can have a diet pop every once in a while, but I am not so inclined as I used to be. (I had one in the last 13 weeks and I felt bloated) I feel like my self confidence is coming back! I am doing something that most people have difficulty doing, and I have not cheated one little bit! (I am not having any cravings, I dont chase the sugar high like I used to. I dont NEED to eat anything that isnt on my diet plan!)I feel better since I have gone from size 24 pants to size 16! I have lost 6 inches off my theighs! (while I would LOVE that to have been my belly, it is going down too!) I know that there was a reason for that fat...all that insulation saved me from many hurts. BUT I DONT NEED IT ANYMORE!!! :d if u have any questions, please ask!! I would LOVE to help!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Body by Vi
I did it right before the diet I am on now. I gained weight....mostly because there was no coaching aspect... it was here's your shake mix...see ya! Thanks for the $125 a month!!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Day one
the first few days are the hardest!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Is it okay to blow a day?
No blow out days here...none at all. I've had plenty of blow out days...thats what got me here in the first place. Now, my focus in on my goal, and I think it would be too hard for me to have a cheat day. I have consistantly dropped weight and I dont want to throw all that work away. Some peopl may be able to do that, but I guess thats part of the learning process...what I can and can't handle..
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
I don't have a scale at home
I dont know how I would do this without a me its like having a car without a speedometer. I guess I am somewhat obsessed with the scale...I weigh myself once a day, when i first get up. Since I have a fairly strict dietplan, I know what I will be eating everyday, but the scale is my reward! Its my visual sign of improvement...How do you know how to get where you're going, if you dont know where you are?
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
Any South African Dieters?
Not in SA, but would love a buddy!!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
need help
I have experienced that and I am on the Ideal Protein Diet. My longest was 3 weeks without any change, then it just dropped. Sometimes it seems like my body was holding onto the weight, then, it just let it go. I agree with the post above that says make sure you're drinking enough water, taking your vitamins and make sure you are eating your 4 cups of veggies per day....It will happen!!
by jeepjenn (submitted 2 years ago)
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