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I sneaked a peek!
Don't feel guilty, I sneak a peak all the time I practicaly weigh my self every morning:d
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
The biggest loser
Your too fuuuunyyy:d
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
The biggest loser
I should try that. for real. I would love to lose 22 lbs a week LOL. oh and I love the picture Karla. You look great!!!:)
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
The biggest loser
What I would like to know is how many hours do the biggest losers exercise ever week??? :roll:
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
How to calculate points?
dry red split lentils 1/4 cup dry. 70 calories 0 g fat 9 grams of fiber So if I eat 1/2 cup dry is it 2 or 3 points?
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
weight in?
Why would it show a weight in for today. I have not checked in to record a weight in. Does anyone have any idea why it would show that:?:
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
So what's on your Christmas List?
I have everything really but would love to have a diamond neckless with matching earings. :lol:
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
Since starting my diet I...
Since starting my diet for the million time but this time it’s for real. He he he. 1. Lost 23 lbs so far. 2. I try no to eat when I am mad or stressed I now recognize my emotional eating and no longer in denial. Instead watch a good show on TV or take a nice bath. 3. I don’t feel like I need food to make me happy and don't waist all my daily points on something unless it is worth while. 4. I don’t cry when I look in the mirror. 5. I look forward to going shopping. 6. I try to be more active- I enjoy doing the re-bounder. 7. I don’t put my self down so much. 8. I am not ashamed to announce my weight to anyone and everyone because I am doing something about it. 9. I look forward to the summer to show off my new body since it’s like I am in hibernation this winter it’s been so cold outside. I think a lot of people will be very surprised. Thank you for all your support its been really helpful to me as I have done better then anytime that I have dieted before .:d
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
My starting weight is 172 lbs :d
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
Wanna RIDE??? -CONTEST!-
I would like to sign up. I need some motivation and think I have a lot to offer as I am now back on track and have been losing steadly. Thanks:d
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
healthy fat suggestions
Try some walnuts, almonds or cashews for a snack. They are really satisfying and filling. When ever I eat them I find that for some reason I never gain weight from them. It seems unreal. But I eat every week about 1/2 cup worth of nuts started eating them from the begining of my diet in may and still lost a lot of weight. While I will gain weight or not lose anyweight when I binge on sugar stuff. Like candy bars, ice cream and cake.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
Great Recipe! A must try!
While looking for some meal ideas yesterday on Zaar I found this recipe and thought I should share it as it sounds so good. Sesame chicken. Serve with 1/2 cup cooked rice and some boiled broccli and you have a great meal. Here is the link: Hope you guys enjoy this one. If I find any other great recipes I will be sure to post it.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
what do you do when... ?
I try and think of what my goals are. And also think of how I would like to look.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
Tuna 2 or 3 points per 6 oz can?
Thanks. I will count it at 3 points. This is becoming more of an issue for me with the points. I seem to be misscalculating the point value for many foods. And that may also be the reason I have not lost any weight this week. So this week I am going to try extra hard to count points correctly.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
Tuna 2 or 3 points per 6 oz can?
A 6 oz drained Tuna Can has 2 or 3 points? For some reason I am not sure it said its 50 calories per serving and the can total was 2.5 servings. If I add up the calories that makes 125 calories. but if I add it seperatly it comes out different. Help.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
Drinking water
Is it posible that I weight more in the morning before eating if I drank a lot of water the day before? On saturday weight in I weight 175 lbs and was 175 till today. Then today I weight myself in the morning and I am 178 lbs. I have not cheated the only thing I can think of is because I usally drink around 8-10 cups water and yesterday I drank about 15-17 cups of water. Has anyone else had this happen to them. Or is it just me trying to find a reason for this weight gain when there is no reason to begain with? I have in the past posted questions and it seems as though nobody would take the time to answer simple questions. So if you answer thanks for taking the time to answer. Your time and effort is very much appreciated.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
point finder? how many points is this
108 calories, 1.5gr fat, 3gr fiber. Thanks
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
What should I eat for Breakfast
try making hard boiled eggs after work or the day before when you have some time so that you can just take them out of the fridge and peal. Also what I do once a week I make 5-6 servings of pancakes on the griddle I use multi grain pancake mix from hogdson mill. They are the best. for 4 points I get 4 huge size pancakes. after placing on a plate to cool I divide and put it in sandwich bags and place in the fridge. In the morning I place in a plate and warm in microwave about 1 minute then pour sugar free maple syrup in between the pancakes and on top. and that is a delicous extremly FILLING. 5 point breakfast. There are days where I can't eat more then 2 of these so that would just be like 3 points. But if your still hungry try it with a green apple they last forever in the fridge and because they are sour it is great for getting your 2 cups of water down first thing in the morning.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
In cooking what can I subsitute for oil?
There is a dish that requires 8 onions to saute in 2 cups of oil. What can i use to saute the onions till they get brown with out using oil? or is there such a thing as light oil?
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
Looking for 1 point muffins
I am looking for muffins that are 1 point. Anything from banana nut, bran, carrot and applesause muffins all recipes would be great. Thank you very much.
by jass1202 (submitted 10 years ago)
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