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Any other sugar addicts out there who have stopped eating sugar?
Hey Ruth - I believe one reason that low carb works for me is because it is pretty much no sugar...hahaha. I feel so much better off of it and I don't know if it is the grains in the breads or the sugars that were making my joints ache; I just know that within days of cutting them out the aches were gone. I am so happy that you are doing well and very happy to be on this journey with you!
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
Thanks for this information!!
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
I like the splenda too and now that they have it with fiber it is yet another way to get a little extra fiber in my diet.
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
I think Christie (from the group) posted something on this and I think she mixes it with swerve....I could be wrong...but I think I saw where someone said it was kind of bitter to cook with unless you mix it with swerve or something else.
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
For women: Anyone on the Depo Shot with issues?
When I was on the depo I would still have spotting sometimes...typically when it neared the end of the 3 month period and was close to time to get my next shot. My daughter experiences this same thing (as I did) while on the depo herself now. It is a good idea to get checked out but I wouldn't fret over it too much.
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
Confession to Strangers or Trying to get out of Depression
I am not sure if what I will tell you will help you but maybe it won't make you feel alone. First of all your Husband needs some help, and help that you cannot give him. I know you cannot make him but maybe he will find his way there. Have you visited your physician about these feelings? I only say this because I felt that way once and my doctor prescribed zoloft. I didn't take it and I kept feeling that way. I would cry when I got to work. I would feel such a depression some days that I would just think I would die that life itself was crushing me and would end up killing me. I felt that way despite my beautiful daughter. Despite everything. The next time I went to my doctor he said you didn't take the zoloft did you. He then explained it to me like this.....our bodies need seratonin to produce seratonin. If we aren't producing enough then we take what we have to make more but it just doesn't get made. So then it throws us in this vicious cycle that we cannot get out of. No matter how much I knew exercise would create endorphines to make me feel better I couldn't do it. A lot of nights I would be in bed by 7 or 8pm. It was a terrible feeling. I got the prescription filled and wonder of wonders it worked. I didn't have to stay on it body started producing its own seratonin again (eventually) but it did help. I don't know if this may be a compounding factor for you, but it could be and that is why I suggest talking to your physician. The only other thing is maybe set a goal a week....just one and when you do it for a week then add another one. Maybe a 30 minute walk get the endorphines going. I think if you can do that one then when you get home you will feel like doing something more possibly and have that momentum. The hardest part of anything is just starting it. Sometimes the biggest struggle is the effort. It sounds like things are very tough. I appreciate the sacrifices that your husband and family have made for our Country. I do not know you but I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts (because God does know you). I will pray that life will start to look up for you. Please go train. I know you will feel better after you do so. It is just that first effort to get you back there and after that one little step (it seems so huge right now) it will start to fall back into place for you.
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
Ratio's HELP!
Everyone's body is different but the below link may help you. Also, you should check out the Atkins website if you haven't already; lot's of help and information there too.
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
Going out for dinner tonight again
Hi Meeel- I agree you have to maintain some sense of normalcy and do not want to feel like a prisoner to your diet. Try to find out (if you don't already) where you are going and then plan in advance what you will eat. If you are tracking your food then you can plan it to fit in with your daily menu. Or have a snack before you leave so when you get to the restaurant you won't order something that you know you shouldn't because you are starving. Good luck!
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
need a buddy (sounds lonely)
I have found that the habit of eating when watching tv does form a habit so that first couple of weeks it is also breaking the habit. Watching tv = eating something. I keep sugar free jello in the fridge and I eat some every night. It satisfies that craving and that nasty habit that I formed.
by jaime30024 (submitted 5 years ago)
Very ashamed!
I have done it too...I think wow this would really be good and pick it up and take a bite and then in the midst of chewing it I think "this is not worth it nor does it taste that great" and I spit it out. I think you have some good suggestions above, and glad that you had the strength to share this here. Good luck to you....I think the first step in stopping it is revealing it (which you have done).
by jaime30024 (submitted 6 years ago)
My Skinny Jeans Won't Fit...
Ebay is also a good place to get some great deals. When my daughter was younger and "HAD" to wear A&F and Hollister, etc...I used to get some great buys for off of Ebay.
by jaime30024 (submitted 6 years ago)
I think that everyone is different and a plan that one person can stick with and follow another may not be successful with it. Hoping that you are giving yourself a reasonable amount of time to lose this weight, and with that being said I can only tell you what has worked for me. I do Atkins...get the book and read it...keep it with you it will motivate you. Drink the recommeneded amount of water daily. I cut my carbs down to 20 a day and most of those need to come from vegetables. You need to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. If you cut your carbs (that is cutting out rice, bread, most desserts, milk, sodas-unless diet, etc) then that is what works for me. Everyone is different though and there are people that have said they were not successful. It works for me. My weight loss has slowed recently but that is because a lot of junk has happened in the past three weeks and I have not been as strict on the carbs nor getting to the gym. However, I have lost 30+ pounds pretty quickly doing this and not feeling like I am cheating myself. Good luck!
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
Does anyone think that they will ever 'go off' their diet?
I will always try to count and track..even if I have a few days that I lapse I will never stop. I am a product of what happens when I stop...I have been there and done working on correcting what has happened because I did stop.
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
Size Matters?
I look back at pictures of me when I was a 7 and for my frame and build I think I looked unhealthy. I finally got back into my 12's (from about 3 or 4 years ago). I was around 189 in them so they do not fit me perfectly, but better than my other jeans that fall off. I will be happy to fit perfectly into my 12's and maybe a 10 but that would be it.
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
Workout Wear
I usually wear an exercise bra and an exercise top (with built in bra) because I am very top heavy. Then a t-shirt over that. It has been cold here so typically I will wear calf length or ankle length exercise pants or yoga pants. I actually wore a pair of exercise shorts yesterday (even though it was cold). I am glad that you are gearing up for the gym...aside from the physical benefits I think it will also help boost your mood :)
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
diet plan
All great advise and not sure if I can add to it. As someone said for me it was a "switch". Of course, I wanted to lose the weight I gained, I had done it before and knew how to do it BUT the "switch" had to go off. I had to have it in my mind that I was ready to do this. For me it was, "I don't want to die early. I don't want to be on unnecessary medicaton. I want to feel good again." They say 8 glasses of water a day but everyone weighs different. I shoot for 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water a day. I do not drink a lot of caffeine. I picked what worked for me (which is Atkins). Regardless, what my Grandmama always said is true...."want to lose weight, cut out bread and starches and potatoes". Find something and stick to it. Log your food everyday. Log your exercise daily. When you begin to get an idea of how many calories is in something and how much you will have to exercise to burn it off you will begin to ask yourself is it worth it. I do not add salt to anything that I eat. I weight myself daily (a lot of people cannot handle that) so I would recommend weight weekly. You have to find a new way of eating that is not a diet but something you can LIVE with otherwise it will all come back on. You have to use this "weight loss" as a time to develop new habits that will help you maintain your weight once you reach your goal. Oh, and small goals. I think someone else mentioned it...I do 10# goals at a time. They are more attainable. Good luck!
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
Where to Begin?
All of these posts are true to form. You must know what you are eating. When you start recording your foods and getting a little exercise in (record that as well) you may start to look at things as "if I eat this I will have to work this much harder exercise wise". Also, if you aren't drinking enough water it can effect you. A lot of times we mistake feeling hungry for being thirsty. Drink lots of water...that should also help. Good luck!
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
Atkins buddies needed! Working mothers preferred! :)
Sending you a buddy request. I just got married not a year ago. Have a teenager and well it is all in my profile :)
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
FS exercise calculator vs. what machine tells me?
I always use the machine's calculation under the "other" category.
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
Low Carb Camping
lunch meat for the cooler with slices of cheese to make cheese rolls. Hamburgers and Hotdogs (camping staples) are great. Steak or chicken. Bags of pork skins are definitely a must. Slim Jims for a snack is also good to take and already pre-packaged.
by jaime30024 (submitted 7 years ago)
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