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Alcohol absolutely counts towards your calories, and it's incredibly dense. Furthermore, your body processes alcohol before it can do anything with other sources of nutrition. Alcohol also slows protein synthesis, lowers testosterone, and can as we all know cause dehydration. So if you work out, it's detrimental to recovery and muscle growth. A drink or two here and there isn't going to impede your journey, a few binge nights here and there will be a minor setback, but if you make a common habit of it you might want to reconsider your approach. Also make smarter drinking choices:
by ieGod (submitted 2 weeks ago)
Good Genetics, Good Lifestyle Choices, or Drugs?
What are you hoping to get out of it? If you think it'll bring you some fulfillment to share your knowledge you should do it.
by ieGod (submitted 3 weeks ago)
Export food eaten/logged or a report like on the iphone app
The app and website might as well be two different platforms entirely they're so dissimilar. Unfortunately the website/desktop site lacks big time with respect to reporting. Can you not screenshot the app?
by ieGod (submitted a month ago)
Entering foods in to data base.
Commercial pizza? As in, packaged? I thought they were legally required to provide all the nutritional info (micro and macro). If you're talking about home made, you need to track the totals of the constituent ingredients yourself and enter the total. If you're having a portion of the meal, scale the item accordingly. Definitely not user friendly and not necessarily intuitive, I'll give you that. Alternatively you can try adding a 'meal' which basically groups ingredients/components in the fatsecret database.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
Calculating calories for smaller amounts of food
The calories are a consequence of the nutritional components, you can't have one without the other. If you really don't care about the macros (and in my opinion everyone should) you can always 'cheat' when creating a new food and simply add it all as carbs. Calories = total carbs x 4 Total Carbs = (Calories/4) Then enter 0 for the other macronutrients. This is a big cheat, and I don't advocate for it, but it will solve your issue.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
How to figure calories?
You should always enter the raw ingredients, as that's what nutritional profiles are based off of. Sometimes you'll see there is an option to enter the mass of a cooked item, which will give you the scaled calories. In general, cooking *doesn't* remove calories. Your potato is lighter after microwaving due to water loss, not nutrient loss. The calories are the same.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
Amount of calories and exercise to lose weight
[quote=Afurakani]This is how you burn body-fat: #1: Devour Food With A Low Glycemic Load! #2: Devour Food With A High Nutrient Density! #3: Devour A Micro-Feast Every 2 to 3 Hours! If you want, I can send you more details on how to do this...[/quote] #1. Has nothing to do with calories. #2. Has everything to do with preference. #3. Is also just a preference. The total thermic effect of food is the same regardless of meal frequency. The most important thing is just calorie deficit. That's it. It's really very simple. Why do we make up excuses and magic approaches?
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
Would like to see "Other" for loggin food
I agree, having predefined meal separation is very limiting. Being able to add arbitrary categories would help organize their personal diet better.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
If your metabolism slows down as you get older, do you need to do more to lose weight than a younger
abbadabba is spot on.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
If your metabolism slows down as you get older, do you need to do more to lose weight than a younger
Gonna back Diablo's response. If mobility keeps you from exercising, then it's going to fully come down to diet. The quick and dirty: consume fewer calories than you expend in the day.
by ieGod (submitted 2 months ago)
Diet Sodas
[quote=adamevegod1]Diablo, chill dude. Your gonna hurt yourself.[/quote] Nah he's doing good work to dispel misinformation. We need more of that, actually. For example, here's a study published in Obesity, a subset of Nature publishing group (*the* most prestigious scientific publishing group on the planet). Conclusion? Drinking non-nutritive sweetened beverages (i.e. diet sodas, teas, etc) was actually beneficial in terms of body composition for people looking to lose weight versus water. Read that again. It was BETTER than drinking water alone. So anyone that tells you diet drinks are bad doesn't really understand the mechanisms and factors at play, because it doesn't tell the full story.
by ieGod (submitted 3 months ago)
FatSecret can we improve the food search, please?
Resurrecting this because it's still not fixed.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
Editing a Product Size
Agreed that'd be useful, but in the meantime you can create a custom meal/recipe, then add that recipe to your diet calendar and just divide by what you think the portion size is.
by ieGod (submitted 4 months ago)
Daily Calorie Target Seems High
Yeah FatSecret's targets are typically on the high side. I would trust that calculator you linked to first and not worry about the FatSecret number. As an aside, 1kg per week is an aggressive target. I really really don't recommend you dive in on this. It won't be sustainable at ~1200 calories a day for very long. That's insanity for your height/weight. You will be moody, lethargic, angry, lack energy and all kinds of other things. I would aim for 1600 but I would ease into it, decreasing your intake from baseline of 2100 by 100-200 calories per week. Good luck!
by ieGod (submitted 10 months ago)
FatSecret can we improve the food search, please?
So I've noticed on many many occasions that the search results for entering food into your diary sucks. Let's use an example. I like smoked/cured salmon. I like a particular brand of smoked salmon. They sell it at my local costco. It's called [url=http://dominternational.c... Reserve Smoked Atlantic Salmon[/url]. When I try searching for this exact term, this is what I see: [img] Nada. So naturally one might assume I need to add it to the database. If I click on "add new food" it takes me to the screen where I enter new info. Cool. Except that when I click on "Check for Duplicates" magically the item appears. Twice even. [img] If I follow these links I'm then able to add it to my diet calendar. This seems so messed up. If the items in question aren't 'shared' items, why do they appear in search at all? (They're not, by the way, they're shared publicly). Second, because they're shared, why is the search algorithm so broken that it works differently on different pages? Why would anyone want this? FatSecret you guys are running a cool operation here let's tidy it up a little for a better user experience. Ok that's my rant. Peace out.
by ieGod (submitted 10 months ago)
9 Common Lies About Intermittent Fasting
This post reads like a cosmo article. No need to complicate and add click bait, even if some of the points are valid. Diablo's got it, as usual. I do IF when cutting personally. Works great.
by ieGod (submitted 10 months ago)
Stop the Madness
Slow and steady. *thumbs up*
by ieGod (submitted 10 months ago)
Subsitutes for Soda Pop and other Sugary Beverges?
Diet sodas, coffee, sparkling water. Win win.
by ieGod (submitted 11 months ago)
Protein Shakes
I keep protein powder at work and just mix it with water. Some products out there taste pretty good with this combo alone. Some of my favorite ones: [url=https://www.optimumnutrit... Nutrition Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate[/url] [url= Nutrition Diesel Peanut Butter[/url] [url=https://www.canadianprote... Protein Isolate Mint Chocolate Chip[/url]
by ieGod (submitted 11 months ago)
Energy can never be created or destroyed???
Einstein wasn't the one that developed the principle of conservation of mass. Honestly, you probably input more than 2-300g of mass. What else did you eat/drink? Water counts. It all comes from somewhere.
by ieGod (submitted 11 months ago)
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