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Pictures in my posts
sweet! thanks!
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Pictures in my posts
yeah i wanted to put one in my journal posts....
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Pictures in my posts
how do i attach pictures to my journals and posts? can anyone help?
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Where R U From????
Hey everyone- I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA, went to college in Hawaii and San Francisco, and now live high atop Donner Summit, in the Tahoe area.... Im a California Girl if there ever was one!8)
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
You have got to read this article: Here's a few choice words from some Alli users: "“(I)’ve pooped my pants 3 times today, and sorry to get descriptive but it even leaked onto the couch at one point!” writes one user. It can strike any time — even in the early hours of the morning. One user writes: “(Y)a know how when you start moving around in the morning ya pass a little gas. Well, I did and then went into the bathroom and to my horror I had an orange river of grease running down my leg.” Maybe some of us need the fear of God and public humiliation to stay on track! I can help but LAUGH and LAUGH at how awful these side effects are.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Diet Calendar
Before i found FatSecret, I was using another online diet tool called It is AWESOME and has a HUGE database, or you can simply enter all your own custom foods. It also lets you set nutritional goals, so like if you have to eat 10 grams of protein in a day, or limit your fat intake to 12 g a day, it plots out your intake so you can see what each meal is contributing, and what you ate that day. it also has exercise logs, and has a database of activities, so it can estimate how many calories you are burning in a day- it even takes into account your basal activity. Like i said, i am new to FatSecret, so i am still using fitday in tandem with fatsecret.... I really like how i can set nutritional goals - this is especially helpful when first starting a new diet program- if you are honest and enter every bite or snack you take in a day, it can show how hidden carbs, sugar, and unnecesary UNHEALTHY fat can sneak in ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME. It has helped me get a grasp on what foods are actually super nutritious, and which seemingly good for you things (like that DAMN Special K Protein water :evil: hee hee) are actaully empty calories. Best part- Fitday is another free online service.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Special K Protein Water?
Yeah, i knew it tasted too good to be true:)
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Stomach Fat from stress.
comicrelief- Everything i have heard, and this is from magazines, nutritionists, sports medicine/therapists, and a few trainers i have worked with- you cant really target one specific area to lost weight. It comes off evenly all over the body. However, there are foods and drinks you can have that help with swelling, bloating, and inflamation, which may be a problem you have but dont know it- Stress can cause all sorts of gastric issues, which lead to bloating and inflamation- i know that is something i deal with, as well as my brother and mother.... Everyone deals with stress diferently- some people get migraines, some people lose weight, some poeple gain. Some people bloat, some people work out, some people zone out in front of the TV. Learning to manage your stress may be your solution. HOWEVER_ you can specifically target your stomach area to tone those muscles, but targeting that area to lose fat is another story.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Special K Protein Water?
Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about the Special K "protein water" product. I bought some on a whim, and it tastes really good. Just dont know if the 5 grams of protein it claims are really in there! and if you can realy put protein in water, and if its worth the 8 grams of carbs (sugars).
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Brand new today
Im actually the office manager at a ski resort. I snowboard and learned to ski last season. Being in management doesnt leave me ANY time durring the day to get out and ride or ski. I just have to learn how to actually take my lunch break and go outside. Im on a budget because i would rather sacrifice a big salary than work in a stuffy cubicle for some corporate jerks. My resort is one of the only privately owned resorts left up here, and im willing to take a paycut to work in a casual, fun environment. I think my number one hurdle right now is finding time and squeezing exercise into my day.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Brand new today
I live way up in the mountains, and the closest gym is about 45 minutes away- not nearly worth the drive if you considder the hours of operation are 8am-8pm- fits nowhere in my schedule, plus its about $75 per month. I am on a serious budget, too- i feel your pain. In college i was litteraly across the street from the YMCA- it was $35 per month, with a swimming pool and crazy awesome gym. I LOVED it because i could do yoga there, too. My biggest hurdle is finding something i can do in the house in the winter. I walk almost every day with the dog in the summer, but i totally miss the challenges i could put myself through in a gym. the progression is easier to manage and track- i mean, i can hike a little longer, or go a little faster, but its not like going from lifting 25 pounds to lifting 45. and i have NO business even THINKING about buying crazy equipment for the house.... maybe ill have to break down, get some leg warmers and a leotard, and do some cheezy aerobics dvds.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Double Diet (for you and your pooch)
My dog FORCES me out of the house for a minimum 30 minute walk every day. He's a lab mix- probably with a border collie or sheep dog- because he goes a mile a minute and wakes me up each morning by grabbing his leash and dragging it into the hall. Dogs are the BEST BEST BEST workout buddies- they litteraly HAVE to get out every day- it keeps me honest with my walking and keeps Burton happy. and thats the best. good luck, ladies!
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Water Aerobics
HAHAAA!!! I totally have been going to water aerobics for the past two months, and havnt told ANYONE for fear of massive laughter.... I actually told one person, just a stranger in passing at work (im a bar tender) and they asked if my name was ROSE.... refering to the average age of women that go. I absolutely LOVE going, and i love being the youngest in the class (im 26) because i think the instructor might actually be younger than me. The women are great, and it is a no-pressure, go at your own pace sort of thing. So i can pump it up a few notches and still get an AWESOME workout while staying with the group. The older women are such an inspiration- my worst nightmare is being restricted to a wheelchair-or worse- when i have grandchildren.... the women in my class are awesome and remind me that i have to be active every day of my life.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Can running be taught?
My best friend (who is a SUPER fit runner) and i have a theory about runners and swimmers. Now, triathaletes are obviously the exception to this rule, but all through college, my best friend would run. she'd run on the treadmill, run on the beach, run through the streets downtown. I have NEVER in my life been a runner. Even playing soccer in high school, i was a TERRIBLE runner. HOWEVER, I always swam. I was on the swim team, did synchronized swimming for 8 years, and played water polo for 4. And bless her heart, my best friend, my favorite cross country runner, couldnt swim 100 yards to save her life. It wasnt that she didnt know how, she just didnt have it in her. Just like i couldnt run an 8 minute mile even if there was a pile of doughnuts made out of money at the end. I really believe some people are runners and some people are swimmers. I wish i was a runner, i really do. But what i excel at is swimming. And im all for challenging myself, but running is just something i will never have in me like my best friend has in her- Good on you all for making goals and becomming runners. For those like me, good on ya for finding YOUR zen activity.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)
Brand new today
I have just signed on today with this community. I am looking for some advice- I have never dieted and am really bad at it- i have been trying for the last 10 months, and have lost 10 pounds, which is great. However, that being said, i am pretty sure exercise is the only way i can get weight off faster- I am looking for others with this sort of situation for some advice- There is not a gym in the small town i live in, and it snows half the year, so outdoor activity is not always possible. I LOVE working out at a gym, and since college, when i was working out twice a day, i have put on 40 pounds. Any advice from ANYONE who has had similar results and situations from diet vs exercise would be appreciated.
by huck180 (submitted 10 years ago)

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by sophie-annebergeron on 20 Apr 18 10:08 AM

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